How to Write a Classification Essay in Business Studies That Is Worth the Best Grade

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Posted on September 29, 2020

Business is the heart of the today’s world economy. With classes in business studies like economics, accounting, management, finance, marketing, students usually have an opportunity to get to know more about all business aspects. If you decide to study business, you will be required to choose one or more of the areas that we’ve just mentioned.

To write a classification essay in business studies, the first thing you need to know is what a classification essay actually is. Basically, classification essays are written to divide and classify different events, items, people or terms into particular classes. In a classification essay, the topic sentence provides the idea of different classes while the main body describes them and supports with examples.

How to Start a Classification Essay in Business Studies: Key Points

Before you begin to write your paper, it is important to create an outline. The outline includes the main idea of the essay and becomes some sort of a road map for your future writing process. In a classification essay outline, you have an opportunity to think better whether you want to stay with the chosen topic, how many subtopics should be included, as well as which examples are appropriate to include. A lot of college students tend to ask themselves, ‘What kind of plan of action should I develop to write a classification essay?’ To accomplish a high-grade essay, you have to do the following:

  • Select the topic for your classification essay;
  • Think of the categories that your topic might contain;
  • Write down similarities and differences regarding the chosen categories;
  • Arrange your essay in a logical order in order;
  • Write down your conclusions.

Categories must be carefully considered and weighed in order to avoid messiness; otherwise, your paper would look incomplete.

How to Choose an Amazing Business Topic

One of the most important criteria for a topic for your classification essay in business studies is that you have to be able to break it into several categories because it is the main aim of the project – to explain the chosen topic though dividing it into several categories.

Once you realize the key goal of your classification essay in business studies, it is time to think about your potential topic that will enable you to collect enough materials. At this point, you have an opportunity to change your topic if you’re not sure about your classification opportunities in it.

The process of selecting a topic for your classification essay in business is important because your title is the first thing that your readers see. When looking at your topic, your readers will decide whether it is worth reading or not. In case you are not sure if you can choose the right business topic yourself, then you can use our method. The following steps you will have to take in order to come up with an engaging topic that can be classified.

  1. Comprehend the topic. It is the most important thing to do at this stage – to clearly understand the issue that you’d like to address in your business essay. Learn more about the chosen subject to see if it can be easily divided into categories. For instance, if you’d like to write a classification essay about business activities, you might consider an opportunity to divide your topic into the following categories: accounting, finance, manufacturing, marketing, research and development.
  2. Select the narrow area. Business has many different sub-field and you can’t classify them all because this way, your essay will be never-ending. It is important for a classification essay author to find a narrow area, divide it into categories and address each.
  3. Brainstorm. We recommend college writers to search for fresh ideas for their business essays. Remember that the more ideas you have, the easier it will be to decide on the best topic for a classification essay. If, for instance, you write a classification essay in business studies on ‘Business Tendencies 2020’, we recommend you to stop at a particular niche, such as mobile internet or artificial intelligence.
  4. Get rid of unnecessary ideas. You have to do your best to submit a classification essay that includes no redundant ideas.
  5. Choose the final and the most engaging topic. You have to select the title that will be interesting to both – you and your readers.

In the process of brainstorming, you will see that there’s no need to choose complex and challenging topics for a classification essay in business studies. In order to write a classification essay in business studies, you don’t have to be an expert of the niche or choose complex topics to work with. All you have to do is to be creative and consider an original approach to the things that might look humble. We have provided some of the classification essay topics for your business studies project, so if you can’t choose one yourself, you are welcome to focus on any of the following titles:

  • Forms of Business Leadership;
  • New Businesses Funding Options;
  • Types of Business Negotiations;
  • Types of Business Managerial Skills;
  • Different Ways of Saving Business Funds;
  • Types of Bosses;
  • Communication Strategies Used to Handle Business Conflicts;
  • Business Decision Strategies;
  • Business Dynasties;
  • Types of Crisis Management Personnel.

As you can see, the list presented above includes some variety of topics that you may choose for your classification essay or that may help you come up with one on your own. All you have to do is to take a look at each topic – who knows, maybe you will find something that will interest you? Or, you can find an ideal topic for a classification essay on the websites like,,, etc. No matter what topic you decide to choose for your project, make sure to find a unique angle on it to avoid an overdone title.

Make Your Research

To begin to work on your classifications, you have to make sure that you’re provided with all required materials and data related to your topic. Look for the relevant literature in your university library, search for online articles on the internet or other sources of information. The more information you find the easier it will be for you to compose a high quality classification essay in business studies. As a variant, you can check some of the business classification essay samples online. Thus, you will be able to assess how much information this type of paper needs and how you should structure your assignment.

Choose Your Categories

With the chosen business topic and needed materials at hand, you can now create your categories. You may be tempted to choose them randomly, but you will be sorry about this decision later. Instead, we recommend you to take your time and ensure that every category that you select is logical and makes sense. For instance, if you have provided a separate category for corporations, it would make sense to stuff it with examples like privately owned or government-owned, profit or as nonprofit, and so on instead of populating it with partnerships or franchises.

Introductory Paragraph

Just like in case with any other essay that you’re assigned in university, the introductory paragraph of a classification essay in business studies is the part of the text where you describe the group, people, event or term that you are going to classify. For instance, restructuring state enterprises, business partnerships, statutory companies, financial services, and so on.
From the very beginning of your classification essay, you have to remain clear and logical. What is more, you have to include the so-called hook – something appealing to the readers of your essay to make them interested in your classification, as well as state the purpose of your project.

At the end of your introductory paragraph, you have to place your thesis statement – the small version of your essay that shows your readers how the author of the project approaches and classifies the chosen topic.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs that you include into your classification essay are provided to discuss your thesis statement more thoroughly. In order to cope with this part, you need to supply each of the body paragraphs with a topic sentence that informs your professor on what category this paragraph includes. The description that goes after the topic sentence explains your topic sentence and shows you more on the chosen category. You have to arrange the body section of the classification essay in business studies so that your readers understand your logic just by looking at the way you order your text. It is necessary to describe each category in a manner that you mention it in your thesis statement.

Do not forget about smooth transitions between the body paragraphs. Your task is to make sure that all the body parts are logically connected and support the topic. In other words, if you decide to write a classification essay about a business company limited by shares, you have to include body paragraphs about publicly traded or privately held companies, and make sure your body doesn’t include unrelated information about accounting or any other business sub-section that has nothing to do with your original topic. It also lets your readers see that your work is complete and based on a well-done research.

Conclude the Essay

Conclusion is the part where your classification ends and you summarize your work. The final paragraph of the classification essay in business studies is usually linked to the set of categories that you specified in your introduction. You can provide a short summary for every category or mention the limitations that you faced in each. In other words, you have to use your conclusion to show what exactly made you do this classification and why it was important to divide the chosen topic the way you did it.

When you refer back to your body section, you can mention the items that you classified by using the numbers of the body paragraphs or the categories. For example, you can use the phrases like ‘the first category’ or ‘the fourth type’.

One important thing that you have to keep in mind when you write a classification essay in business studies is that the categories that you provide must be not only logical but useful as well. What is more, each of the classification point should be supported by good examples that illustrate your topic and your categories.

Review Your Work

After you are done with your classification essay, it is time to check it and edit it. We understand that usually university students do not have enough time to edit and proofread their papers. However, it is as important as any other part of the writing process.

Read your classification essay aloud. When we’re working with the same sentences for a long period of time, we can simply lose sight of the whole paper and miss a lot of mistakes. Read your paper or ask one of your friends to do it for you.

Keep in mind that a classification essay in business studies shouldn’t include any inappropriate langue, including jargons, unsuitable jokes or pompous phrases. Sometimes, students try to sound more educated or add some sophistication to their works, but this kind of language will only spoil all of your writing efforts. As a rule, you might just end up sounding primitive to your professor. If your classification is strong, logically structured and supported by related examples, you do not need to include pompous sentences and word combinations. After all, business is the sphere, where you have to use elegant and precise vocabulary.

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