The Declaration of Independence Essay Sample

Posted on December 8, 2023

The argument is important in my mind because I consider Thomas Jefferson’s signing of the Declaration of Independence a watershed moment in American history. The Declaration of Freedom was the founding document of the United States and proclaimed its freedom from British rule. “All men are created equal, and they have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” the document reads. These principles of liberty and equality were written into the Declaration, which laid the groundwork for the nascent American republic. Thomas Jefferson had a significant impact on the Declaration through his written contributions. He wrote the bulk of it, thus he is sometimes called a “founding father” of the United States, and his impact may be seen even now.

The statements and the argument flow smoothly. The argument lays out a logical progression of ideas by emphasizing the significance of Thomas Jefferson’s acts. The author makes a case that the principles enshrined in the signing of the Declaration of Independence remain relevant today. The author also highlights Thomas Jefferson’s founding father status and how his remarks have influenced America ever since that tragic day.

There are no logical fallacies in this argument, so yes. By establishing rational associations between events and ideas, the author stays on the straight and narrow path when discussing the Declaration of Independence. The author’s argument avoids the logical fallacy of creating unwarranted assumptions by being grounded on verifiable facts.

This line of argument is sound, indeed. The author’s views are logically tied to the concepts of independence and democracy, as well as to the idea of Thomas Jefferson signing the Declaration of Independence. The author’s reasoning develops from the moment Jefferson signed the document to its subsequent effects on the development of the United States. The entire argument holds water because it has a consistent point of origin and a satisfying conclusion.

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