How to Debate about Animal Experimentation

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Posted on July 21, 2016

We’ve presented you with numerous facts in the guide 10 facts on animal experimentation for a debate which you can use to pick out a topic. And if that wasn’t enough, we went further and have given you a list of topics in our 20 debate speech topics on animal experimentation guide. There is also a sample essay in the last guide which you can use or take pointers from to write your own impressive speech.

There are several things which you need to keep in mind if you want to shine in a debate on animal experimentation. And we are here to help, here is how to debate on the topic:

Your Logic Needs to Be Perfect

Most debaters read from a script or memorize the speeches, but what they don’t take into account is that the stage is a different environment. Anxiety and confidence issues occur to even the best of public speakers, therefore you need to make sure you are familiar with the words coming out of your mouth. If something doesn’t make sense to you, chances are that it won’t make sense to your audience either and this will cause you to lose the round of the debate.

Think of Your Opponent as Your Friend

So you were debating with full force and all of a sudden the opponent raises a concern which you didn’t expect or prepare for, you’ll either choke on the stage or say something ridiculous. Don’t worry this happens to the best of us. The reason why this happens is because in the spirit of competition, you end up thinking that the argument must be replied to with equal force, but end up failing. The best way to make sure your answers are impressive is by considering your opponent your friend, that way you’ll be able to answer the questions raised very easily. Think of the debate as a conversation between friends and you’ll feel far more confident.

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Remember that public speaker who told you nothing great is achieved while being in your comfort zone? Well in the case of one-on-one debating competition, it’s the opposite. Not everyone is a fluent statistic spitting machine gun, and if you get an opponent who’s like that, then it’s not necessary to imitate them. Do it in your style, concentrate on your full stops and pauses, do all that and you’ll surely bring it home.

Flip the Table When the Cards Aren’t Dealt in Your Favor

You are facing an unbeatable opponent or you’ve lost it by making a few blunders and you think it’s over, well you’re wrong. Everyone likes a boxer who gets up on the 9th count and gives a few last minute jabs, same goes for debates. A sudden flip in strategy is a good last-minute winning or face-saving tactic and while you may believe that it may require a lot of courage/experience, you’re wrong. When you’re in a similar position and you’re afraid you can’t do what we’ve asked then you can muster up last minute energy by simply asking yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen, I’m already losing”.

Add A Real Life Story, Or Make Up One

Your speech will become twice as impressive and interesting if you add a personal life story, this appeals to the judges and the audience. If you don’t have a story that fits the occasion then make one up, but don’t get carried away because the opponent might jab at you if he or she senses something is wrong.

There are a lot of arguments against animal experimentation, but every argument that’s against it can also be turned around as well. We hope by now you’re fully equipped to head towards the stage and give a speech that will resonate with the audience, the judges and blow away your opponent.

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