How to Be More Critical in Your Essay on Environmental Health

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Posted on September 26, 2016

For those who have been assigned with the academic task of writing a critical essay, the following questions usually come to mind. What exactly does my teacher need me to do? What is my professor looking for? And what can I do to achieve maximum marks? The answer to these questions will be provided in the following paragraphs as well as tips on how to go about writing more critically on diverse subject matters such as environmental health and development.

A critical essay is relatively a brief written paper on a much discussed subject matter but in this case, you are expected to write something original, creative and analytical on a well-known subject according to your observations studying it. Therefore, a critical essay must make an original observation about any assigned subject matter while answering the question “why does my observation matter?”

So before providing tips on how to write a critical essay it is important to first understand the different formats in which a critical essay can be written. The first format is the:

Descriptive Critical Essay

A descriptive essay is one that answers the question of the importance of a subject matter and what is the best way to get messages about it across to an intended audience. For literary works you may have to select a popular feature and try to explain why it’s important or not to its field while for something like environmental health and development, you will have to choose an important fact such as “the effects of environmental health in child development” and proceed to answer questions concerning the importance of discussing this topic.

Evaluative Critical Essay

This type of critical essays focuses on its question of why it is worth discussing or reading or alternatives, if the work is bad and why there is little or no need to consider studying it. Here, it is important that you write in such a manner that explicitly states which part of the divide your argument falls on.

Interpretive Critical Essay

The interpretive essay is the most common kind of essay assigned to students in an academic institution. The essay focuses on the meaning of a subject matter or text and why it is important to study the subject or work as well as the need to write or discuss its importance. Therefore for a subject matter such as environmental health and development, the interpretive critical essay is the best way to go about writing or discussing topics that fall under this subject matter.

So how does one get started with writing an interpretive critical essay? Once you have been assigned a topic or chosen one—you can check this list for inspiration on topics covering environmental health and development—the next step is acquiring as much knowledge on the chosen topic as you can find.

Next, select facts that show the importance of your chosen topic and make certain connections that will help you write a critical essay describing why you find your topic or the study of your topic important to the environment. Lastly, ensure you include an expressive introduction, a factual body of work and a solid conclusion in your written work.

So here we come to the end of what it takes to write a critical essay on environmental health and development. Don’t forget to check our 10 facts environmental health and development and 20 topics for a critical essay on the subject.

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