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Posted on September 28, 2020

Law students are not very fond of completing such a task as an essay. Especially when they don’t know how to write a classification essay on criminal justice. You may like it or not but all the hardships need to be discarded and you have to begin to carry out such a task. This task in this discipline is an invaluable experience that will be useful to you not only in professional activities but also in life. In fact, such a task can be very exciting, and not boring as it might seem at first glance.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. If you do not know how to cope with this task, then this guide on how to write a classification essay on criminal justice will help you easily deal with it. Well, let’s write an essay on a good grade together!

How to Write a Classification Essay in Criminal Justice: What Are the Key Features?

It is immediately essential to start with such a feature that this kind of essay requires more serious research. It is vital to be well versed in the topic on which you will be writing an essay so that you make the classification correctly.

In simple words, in this essay, you need to parse the topic into elements and choose those that fit into one category. For instance, Stanford, Harvard, and Yale can be placed in the general category: top law schools. Well, then you need to describe each of them under this category. That is, you need to describe directly what concerns the school of law, and not another direction. Agree, it’s not so complicated, is it?

Well, as for the discipline itself, there are a lot of directions that you can choose to create such an essay. Since this discipline is a system that includes criminals and punishments, detention and representation of criminals before the court. Once you study this direction, it means that you will learn about the internal workings of this system. Well, since this is a system, then it can be safely classified. In general, you caught the essence. Let’s move on to the features of such a task and how to perform it at a good mark.

Which Direction to Choose as a Topic?

If you have been given an independent choice of topic, then choose the direction that interests you the most or the one that you understand better than others. Surely you have such a direction. If ideas do not arise, then you can familiarize yourself with these topics:

  • Drugs in the Context of the Modern Justice System;
  • How Offenders are Classified;
  • Classification of Criminal Gangs Among Youth;
  • Classification of the Justice System;
  • Classification of Juvenile Justice.

If you doubt that your topic is relevant, then look at similar work on this topic on the network or ask your professor. If you want to conquer the professor, then choose an extraordinary direction, which few explores. But only if you are ready for deep analysis and spending your time.

How to Organize a Workflow

You need to organize your workflow in the right way in advance. Discipline decides a lot, and this is not a myth. Therefore, now you will familiarize yourself with the recommendations that will help you correctly allocate time and complete the writing steps. Thus, you can easily cope with the task. Plus, do a high-level essay. And this is possible not only with good knowledge but with self-discipline.

The Wise Time Distribution

It takes time to complete any action. And when it comes to an academic assignment, the issue of time distribution must be approached very seriously. It will be great if at the time of reading this article you have two or three days left. This is the best time to create a text without much investment time.

First, you should start by determining how much time you need to complete the following tasks. You already wrote similar tasks in other disciplines, so you definitely should have an idea of time. So, evaluate the following tasks:

  • Source collection, information processing, and analysis;
  • Writing a template, and full text;
  • Editing and checking the text.

If you do not know how much time you need for each task, then you can leave one day for the first stage, and you can leave writing work and check for the second day.

Decide on a Theme

Since criminal justice is a system, this means that you can find many directions for your task. Choose the one that interests you the most and is useful in professional activities. If you don’t know which topic to choose, then look at similar works. There you can find inspiration which direction to pick out.

Choose the Right Sources

This process takes most of the time, as many sources can be dummies and do not carry valuable information. But unfortunately, an understanding of this may come already when you read a ton of sources. Therefore, choose only fresh materials, such as related articles and research. Be sure to monitor legislative changes. You may find a good source, but the information in it may be outdated. Since legislation is volatile like weather conditions. So regulations and laws will be your henchmen in this assignment.

When you study materials, mark on the leaflet those sources, and pages that are useful to you. So it will be easier for you to find important information later than to search for the necessary statement among a dozen books.

Make Notes Every Time

When you have analyzed the sources, you should start taking notes. Write down everything that seems useful to you. Just write, the sequence is not important here. Also, when you have any thoughts and ideas, write them down immediately. Thoughts tend to be forgotten, and unfortunately, you can lose good ideas. And so you will have everything on paper and at hand. Then from these notes, you can make a good draft.

Now you are all set to start writing the text itself. If you use the above recommendations, then you will cope with the written part very, very quickly. Let’s move on to what should be in your task.

It’s Time to Review the Structure

Now you are close to writing the main text. Let’s get down to the structure. As for this question, everything remains as in other types of essays.

  • Introduction: In the first sentence, you must clearly identify the object, you do not need to immediately mark the classification itself. The first step is to identify the very concept of your classification. Next, you need to write a proposal in which your thesis will be, in which you explain the classification that you will develop in the main part.
  • Body: The first thing to start is to determine how many categories will be included in your classification. As a result, the number of categories will be equal to the number of paragraphs of your work. Do not get too carried away and do a lot of categories. Otherwise, there is a risk that your text will be vague. You should better be more accurate.

Also, remember to follow the logical sequence between each sentence and each paragraph. Let’s say, you can start with less important categories to more meaningful ones or vice versa. Making a mix is absolutely not worth it!

Each paragraph, you must begin the sentence in which explain a certain category and then begin to explain their specification.

  • Conclusion: Make a clear conclusion in which you emphasize all the points. Do not forget to note the types and methods that you used in your work. For each category, make a brief conclusion and one general sentence. Do not forget that in addition to the logic in this part, you should observe brevity.

Remember that the main thing in this task is to follow a logical sequence. Otherwise, there is a risk of mixing in incongruous things.

Useful Tips and a Scheme That Works

Now that we’ve figured out the structure, let’s move on to the main indicators of a successful essay of this type. We have prepared a scheme and an example that will help you move forward.
Let’s look at the main indicators of a successful essay:

  • Your objects are sorted by useful categories;
  • All categories belong to the same direction and are selected according to a single principle;
  • Remember to add examples in each category.

How to find a category?

Many students do not understand how to create categories for such a task. Let’s look at a commonplace example. For instance, you have several piles of books. You can sort them by topic, publication date, number of pages, and so on. Before you begin to classify them, you must decide on what basis you will do it. Do the same with your essay.

When you have chosen a topic, you must clearly decide by what attribute and parameter you will begin the classification. If you do not this, then it will be very difficult for you to write a text.
Here is a good outline that will help you classify: The topic, by what principle is classified, and categories.

Be careful, you should not have new principles of organization. Always adhere to a unified classification, otherwise, you will not fulfill the essence of the assignment. Let’s say when considering US laws, the appearance of Canadian law in such categories is not a good idea.

Tips on How to Check Your Work to Make It Brilliant

When you wrote your classification essay it does not mean that the work is over. It is essential to bring all matters to the end and this applies to the essay. You need to check your text so that the professor does not have a single chance to lower your mark. Our recommendations will help you do this.

Clear Mind

When you have been working on your essay for a long time, your brain is tired. You should take a pause to start checking your text. The longer the break, the better. Then you can notice all the errors. Somewhere you could make a grammatical mistake, and somewhere you could skip a comma. If you immediately start checking, you most likely will not notice such moments. So after a good break, you can safely begin to check the text.

Make Sure Your Essay is Readable

When you write an assignment on such a specific discipline, there is a risk of making your essay unreadable. To check this, you have to read the text aloud. If any sentences are difficult to read, then you need to rephrase them and make them clear. When a professor reads an essay, he will immediately notice such nuances. While you, without reading it out loud, can skip this.

Check Compliance Requirements

Most likely your professor has provided you with exact format compliance requirements. Therefore, it is important to read your text in compliance with the format. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a bad mark.

Make a Final Check

When you have checked your text, you need to pause one more time. Relax, do other things, and only then go back to your essay. Check the text again and only after that you can be sure that your text is ready.

It’s Time to Conclude

You have read the manual that will help you make a great essay. Now you will no longer have questions about how to write a classification essay in criminal justice. All that remains for you is to take the time and follow our recommendations. Most likely you are convinced that everything is completely different from what you thought before.

Yes, this task requires in-depth analysis, examples, and logical construction. But try doing everything that we talked about in this guide and write an impressive and scientifically-supported classification essay in criminal justice.

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