Creative Writing Example

Posted on September 30, 2011

Creative Writing on Problem Definition:

Sally’s sister Sharon who lives out of the country was visiting her for a week. Since Sally lives in a small one bedroom apartment, her sister would spend the night in the same room and bed with sally. When Sharon woke up the next day, she had bumps and welts all over her neck and arms and felt a little ill which she attributed to jet lag. That night, Sharon could not sleep as she felt sensations on her face, arms and neck.

Upon turning the lights on, she saw small reddish brown insects on both her arms. They looked thin, like crinkly paper with their bodies covered in short golden hairs. Some were bloated and dark red, looking like blood drops while others were flat like a piece of paper. There were some insects on the bed and while others crawled on her sister’s body. There were small eggs in crevices in the bed and clusters of colorless tiny bugs and large reddish brown bugs in many areas of the bed frame. Funny though was the fact that Sally did not have any of the bites marks on her body.

When the two sisters went to the local chemist to discuss the problem, the chemist told them that he suspected that they were bedbugs. Upon inquiring regarding the characteristics of the insects, he confirmed that they were bedbugs, and he had a cure for them. He explained to them that bedbugs can be found in many places including fancy hotels, college dorms, laboratories, hospital airports and the home. They are now more common than they were before because of globalization. With people and goods travelling in greater numbers and more widely, the bugs move from place to another. Sharon wondered why they only bit her and not her sister. The pharmacist explained that there are different reactions to bed bug bites. Sally does not react to their bites while Sharon does, and that is why there are swellings and welts on her hands and face.

Stink Bug

Before he could prescribe any pesticide, the chemist explained to the sisters about another bug referred to as a stink bug. The stink bug is a small bug with a stick, which does not bite people but offends them by its smell. Stink bugs creep into nearly every room and smell a little like a skunk when crushed. Some people say that they stink like sweaty feet. Although they do not bite nor carry health risks, they stink terribly and cause discomforts in a home.

They love to surf from one room to another and move around because they jump into suitcases and clothes. They can, therefore, be found virtually everywhere including hotel rooms, airports and homes. They have the capacity to lay about eggs at each laying round. They are a nuisance both in and outdoors and remain outdoors on warm days and indoors during the wintery periods. They sometimes re-appear in the warmer, sunny periods during winter but disappear to emerge again in springs.

Stink bugs excrete from their thorax glands liquid that smells offensive. In case of an attack by predators, stink bags produce this liquid which puts off the threat from their lives. In small groups, they cause little harm to plants, but in larger numbers, they cause significant loss. Recently the bugs have proliferated Middle Atlantic states and damaged vegetables and fruits. They leave large holes in crops in places like New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

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