Essay Sample on Marriage: Couples Who Do Not Get Married

Posted on November 1, 2011

Marriage is the practice by which two people who love each other, create their relationship official, public and permanent. It is the amalgamation of two people in a union that putative lasts until passing away do one part. Marriages are prepared in paradise”, but we all want to bring paradise on this earth. Marriage plays an incredibly important role in one’s life. According to times magazine life is so swift moving that nobody has time to squander with his or her relatives. Being a human being everyone wants a second heart to share their pains. Wedding is one’s delusion, which he or she try to fulfill at-least once in their life span.

Logically, when a girl attains a comprehensible age she begins to structure a portrait of her wedding day, the environs they belong to and other wedding parties they attend. In spite of all that, most people are reluctant to the occasion thus preferring to stay together. If you are similar to most people, you ride into married life on dominant waves of love and intimacy that crashed sporadically into self-doubt and apprehension, only to ascend again, stronger than ever. In other words, one understood that you wedded for love. Most marriages come with the responsibility f taking care of children. Men consider themselves masculine and stronger, and are not charged with the responsibility to nurse and take care of children, and women are not comfortable with this (Sullivan, 2007, p. 232). That was the straightforward part. Plenty of research shows that wedding with love is more effective at bringing us together than maintaining us together. It has been found out that in most relationships, women often disagree with the demands of the men, (Sullivan, 2007, p 231).

We may have heard the aphorism, “weddings are easy, it is difficult to maintain relationships, but the truth is that relationships are tough because a wedding is easy. Strong feelings of any manner transmit an illusion of certainty (Seligson, web). With the exception of bitterness, no emotional experience has more illusion of confidence than wedding. The responsibilities and pressures that come with the marriage and family are fewer these days, than in the past, and thus most people choose not to be tied to them (Sullivan, 207, p. 272). The need to feel persuaded is at least part of the grounds why we come to begrudge the people we love the most. The importance of wedding cannot be judged by the manner the society perceive it, but how deeply an individual craves for it. Since marriage is a long-term union involving two people, this ritual is given its owing importance throughout the earth (Cherlin, 53). Contrasting many one-time occasions, wedding does not cover the comfort of the entire community but few persons.

Those who contain lethargy towards wedding should understand that wedding across the boundaries does aid a lot in creating concord between two different creed and ethnic group. There is a variety of wide religious doctrines concerning wedding, which reflect a lot on its abiding importance. Apart from portraying a pleasant scale for cementing the bonding among two people, the marriages cover up definite social prospect of the populace. While to some wedding is an underpinning of the organization of society, some considers it mutually a physical and spiritual acquaintance that endures into (Davis, web). Though marriage has lost its grips to many people, in the society, most people choose not to wed.

The interested have been vested in the common interest of the couple living together but not necessarily getting married. That is according to the article in the times magazine. There is no contraction agreement that can replace the vows that are exchanged between two people. All other monetary support cannot be graced to replace the glory that dwells in a wedding. The round rings are not just symbols of beauty but a reminder of the lifetime commitment a person makes to the partner. Wedding is not a bylaw but an act of willingness. It is a Voluntary commitment of oneself to someone. Wedding is the best cement of any marriage. A wedding is symbolized by signs like the presence of a wedding ring on a couple finger, but most couples are afraid of the commitment that comes with the wedding (Sullivan, 2007, p. 102).

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