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Posted on August 25, 2022

A composition essay is an academic paper where the most essential part is the proper structuring of the paper. It does not mean that one neglects the content. It means that students should disclose arguments of composition research essay ideas with the help of logical structuring and backup. Nevertheless, topic selection is also essential because it helps a learner catch the reader’s attention. Here, you will find everything you should know about essay structure, formatting, and topic selection.

Pro tip

Sometimes learners try to figure out the difference between an essay and a composition research essay. When a teacher assigns an essay, the task usually has some strict requirements. A composition research essay is more about creativity because a student can select the topic and presentation style independently.

How to Structure an Essay to Meet Academic Requirements

Each research paper must introduce the problem, discuss it, and provide a smart conclusion. Consequently, academic papers always have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. If a college tutor demands, a student should also add a list of used sources in the required formatting style. Each structural part has academic requirements that students need to keep to.

The best way is to prepare an outline and mark what you want to highlight in each section. A well-developed plan lets a learner remain concentrated on the topic and the task and organize a paper properly.

Composition Research Essay Ideas


When students write an introduction, their main job is to orient the reader. They introduce the message using a hook. It can be one of the following tools:

  • joke
  • quote
  • question
  • fact
  • 2-sentence story

If a student should write a 1000-word essay, an introduction must be only 100 words (10% of the total length). So, it is necessary to be picky in the word selection. Moreover, a student should intrigue by the beginning but not retell the value of the whole paper. One needs to give a hint to make the target audience read the paper till the end. The core message should be conveyed with the help of a thesis statement.


This part is the longest one, so one should divide it into paragraphs. As a rule, experts use three paragraphs to reveal the essence of the topic. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence. It is necessary to use facts to convince the reader of the chosen side presented in the central argument.


Summarizing and restating a thesis statement differs from what students provide in the introductory part because a person has already read the explanation and idea development in the body. So, a student should either put a full stop or give suggestions for further research. To satisfy the reader, it will be a good idea to finish writing with reference to some event, a quote, a short story, or a question.

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I always tell my clients who try to create research papers independently to start with the body. When students finish it, they know the true value of their paper. Due to that, they will be able to write a catchy and informative research proposal, introduction, or abstract.

Top 20 Composition Research Essay Topics for College

Unless a tutor assigns a specific topic and essay type, a student is free to prefer the writing style and idea depending on personal preferences. Speaking about the essay type, it may be a narrative, descriptive, argumentative, or informative style. Consequently, it will be necessary to tell a story, describe something vividly, prove the argument, or inform the audience about something or someone by using dry facts and statistics.

When the matter concerns composition research essay topics, students should either select topics that closely relate to their discipline or deal with personal interests. For example, one can tell a story about a girl from space. The only requirement will be to compose it correctly. These are 20 sample top topics in different disciplines at your disposal.

  1. What makes smartphones less vulnerable to bugs and viruses than personal computers? (Technology)
  2. The image of evil in different religions? (Religion)
  3. Does postpartum depression really exist? (Medicine)
  4. The most effective ways to prevent depression and suicidal thoughts in teenagers? (Psychology)
  5. Pros and cons of refusing fast carbs in daily meals (Health & Nutrition)
  6. The analysis of top songs on radio charts (Music)
  7. How does global warming affect the environment in your hometown? (Environment)
  8. Salaries and career growth of LGBT representatives in the XXI century (Social Issues)
  9. The danger of TikTok challenges teenagers without parent’s control (Social Media)
  10. What is the difference between soviet and student-oriented education? (Education)
  11. What is the phenomenon of Harry Potter? (Literature)
  12. What are the top reasons why people refuse to take Covid vaccines (Sciences)
  13. Wars where America participated but did not send its soldiers to participate in it actively (History)
  14. Why most autistic children face language challenges (Linguistics)
  15. What is the most effective method to teach small kids Mathematics? (Mathematics)
  16. Can wars be called the best political instrument to make the followers obey? (Politics)
  17. Is the diet of girls and boys the same in weightlifting? (Sports)
  18. The worst legal systems in the world? (Law)
  19. Mistakes to avoid when creating ads for products (Business and Marketing)
  20. Are there any moral problems concerning abortion for atheists? (Ethics)

Students should not hurry when selecting composition research essay topics for college. They should research and read different types of trustable sources to become aware of trends and mainstreams in different life areas. This list includes top-rated sources for academic writing.

  • Jstor (journal)
  • Google Scholar (online search engine)
  • The Guardian (newspaper)
  • The Economist (magazine)

Two More Tips from Experts for a Perfect Composition Research Essay

Before students proceed to write such an assignment for the first time, they should study decent samples. Examples of academic papers can be found on the websites of various universities and writing agencies. gives not only samples but useful guides as well.

All examples have a proper format, structure, and topic presentation. So, a student should not only select a worthy topic and write a well-organized essay. Another task is to format it and correct grammar and contextual mistakes if there are any. APA and MLA are the most popular formatting styles with a distinct 12-size font (usually TNR) and double space. They differ in referencing, so students should either study the requirements or use citation generators to create in-text citations, a list of used sources, and/or footnotes. Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and Quilbot are great tools to enhance the quality of the text.

Final Thoughts

Composition essay writing is challenging if students know nothing about it. They should analyze the assignment and check what extra things to include, such as references, a methodology, an abstract, an appendix, or a title page. Topic selection is the key to success because many teachers give more points for the content than for grammatical or formatting parameters of a paper. Though, they are significant, too. Writing agencies like help to make everything top-notch 24/7/365!

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