Composition Essay Sample on New Year Celebration

Posted on February 21, 2019

The composition essay represents the area of writing work that requires to create a play, a novel, or a story based on personal experience. The field of work can also reveal the development of the writer in a particular sphere or address the needed issue through the pros and cons mode. The composition essay sample demonstrates the author’s ability to explain the perception regarding a specific topic systematically, show the variety of creative skills, and approach the tasks from the non-typical point. It also demonstrates proficiency in work with required sources and formats. The standard essay contains an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

‘The Pathetic New Year Is a Bliss’ Essay Sample

Holidays represent the most stressful period in the lives of my relatives, colleagues, and friends. The choice of presents, places, time, and packages becomes extremely crucial, and can even outshine the event or celebration. Furthermore, the emotional component also becomes part of the problem. Such gatherings require everyone to remain in the same sector of psychological dynamics. Possible failure in this situation leads to the inevitable storm of questions, that can be too personal, and the unpleasant process of unwanted cheering up. Due to such facts, the level of stress grows to a critical point. Meantime, the best celebrations frequently can be a surprise: Valentine’s Day in pajamas with a close person and a declaration of love, or a surprise birthday party, that brings close people together and shows appreciation for the birthday celebrant. Although my personal experience of New Year’s celebrations always seems to connect with the parties, the evolution of its perception to the point of no celebratory dinner with friends and family leads to the best result of the last years.

Childhood and Family

My childhood was based on the romanticizing of the New Year. Famous pop-songs, films, TV programs, which are dedicated to the occasion, fuss around cooking and cleaning, careful choice of clothes, and all family around the table at midnight represent the details of our old celebrations. The close circle is obligatory. There is no place for any outsider or desire to leave for the other company. Due to such fact, the relatives and bonds become my first impressions of the celebration. All shows, which demonstrate friendly gatherings for the occasion, appear as distant and alien approaches to the tradition. They serve as fantasies of other people. I miss my grandparents and cousins as almost all year we are separated by distances and obligations. While the other kids whine about the celebration as they have to kiss a lot of uncles, aunts, clean their rooms, and be grateful for the unwanted gifts, I am enjoying every moment of these things. The first period of life regarding New Year brings the experience of love, closeness, and first memories about the most important aspects of life. However, the current phase is only the first step towards the realization of the holiday’s true meaning.

The Fall of Santa’s Myth

The following experience is the first hint of a crisis. One part of my family conflicts with the other for an extended period. Furthermore, I learn that the disappearance of the father during Santa’s visits is not a concatenation of circumstances. For some kids, the truth about his figure is nothing. Meanwhile, for me, the fact about Santa’s fantastic nature brings devastation. I am disappointed to learn that there is no Hobbiton. I become sad as parents reveal that there are no analogs of Hogwarts. The brother says that there are decades before any lightsaber will appear on the market. However, New Year after learning the truth about Santa is the most depressing memory of my childhood. Double that with the fact that we remain in the conflict with some of our relatives to understand my mood. During the last moments of that year, we all are not in the best place for the celebration. We do not stay long at the table. The dinner that day is quiet. We do not sing, share memories, or laugh. The current experience brings me closer to the discoveries of this New Year. Nevertheless, I still have miles to go.

How Granny Makes Us a Family Again

The next part is about the reconstruction of the broken bond between the families. However, the price for the restoration is too high. My granny dies due to a heart attack four days before New Year. We all turn into hollow ghosts, which cry, deny, beg the emptiness for forgiveness, and hug each other with shaking arms. Silence fills the place in the house. The lights and talks turn into whispers and sobs. There are no decorations, pop-songs, or presents. Even my little cousins do not ask anything about the gifts. The grandfather moves to our house as he is incapable of living at home, which treasures the memories of happiness. Eventually, we all find the powers to let everything go and start to laugh about the funny stories, in which granny is always young, energetic, and witty. After several years, we begin to celebrate the holiday as in the old times. Nonetheless, the youngest members of the family begin to grow up. We can all feel the tension, as teenagers are less interested in family gatherings. The period ends with adding another detail to the mosaic. The first loss, the reunion of the family, and teenage years change us.

Rebel, Rebel

The following part of my life in the context of the New Year is a pure rebellion. Our house turns into the place of war for my liberty. At the same time, my cousins also start listening to David Bowie’s songs, as the prototypes for their calls for freedom. It is the beginning of Woodstock in our heads. Each New Year during that period is an additional opportunity for the outrage, stupid actions, and bitterness of unwinnable dispute between children and their parents. The taste of freedom seems almost a fantasy. We do not understand the desire of the elder relatives to keep everything as it is. The teenagers see such hope as the display of selfishness. Moreover, we are confident that parents do not take us seriously. We will always remain toddlers in the diapers for them. We hate the songs, we detest the dishes, and we even begin to argue with each other. The war between everyone starts for us. At some point, the celebration in a previous manner becomes unbearable for everyone. Due to such fact, the parents stop their attempts and become the only carriers of the tradition. A new period begins.

Freedom to Explore

The friends among my neighbors, who have no parents at home during New Year, become the symbols of the next step in the context. While the part of the evening remains a tedious family gathering, the second part turns into the time for the new and exciting experiences. There are so many things that happen for the first time. The head frequently spins due to the richness of shifts. We all learn how to develop a bond beyond the family circle. Our attempts are clumsy and timid. I do not understand that I repeat a similar path, which is familiar to my parents. I concentrate on my own perception, experience, and emotions. I am not prepared to listen to the words of wisdom. The stubbornness and overconfidence of freedom make my head go round. I am drunk with everything. Due to such facts, the experience, emotions, and mistakes grow in numbers equally. At some point, I understand that there is a need for a stop. Nonetheless, my maximalism pushes me and makes me move even faster. The last New Year in the period brings the understanding of the need to stop. Meantime, young blood still requires more events and people.

Two Feet in the Different Galaxies

The ending of the teenage years and college become the following point of the evolution. I am still partly and simultaneously in the fuzz of the parties and the coziness of the pajamas. I spend several hours during the day with my family. The meeting is warm, we do not argue anymore; my enjoyment from seeing the relatives slowly returns, and I am not very happy to leave the warmth of my home in return of the sticky tables, questionable drinks, attempts to find any free spot to sit, and a fake smile for the whole evening. I begin to understand that I am getting too old even for a more luxurious party. I do not enjoy spending a large part of the following day in bed due to the late return. Moreover, I am no longer thrilled with meeting some interesting strangers, who will attempt to kiss me at midnight. Hygiene is more valuable for me in such a case. Finally, the search for my drink in the glass jungle on the table is torture. The last drop becomes the weird guy and his two-hour tale about the lost pack of chips in the mall.

The Mighty Crew

At my final stage, I understand almost everything about a successful New Year. Several hours before the celebration represent the feast with relatives. I’ve been on a diet for a year as I want to remain fit. However, the menu contains all the forbidden delicacies, which speak to me in my dreams as during holidays I am fed up with the restrictions. After the warm celebration with family, the time of the closest friends comes. I take a cab and arrive at my friend’s flat. We know each other since elementary school. There are no strangers among us. We love each other for years. The group shares various experiences. Some of them are not pleasant. However, all episodes form us and bring closer. We laugh, almost do not drink, and talk over various dishes. The members of the group are happy to be with each other even without gifts. We think that the tradition will remain no matter what. Nonetheless, I forget the most important lesson, which enforces the experience with each stage in the context. Then, the next part of my journey regarding the New Year begins.

The Power of a Cold Pizza

Several couples break up, some relative families decide to celebrate abroad, numerous friends fly away with the same desire, and the uncertainty about my vision of perfect celebration blurs. The year is all about various events. The solitude seems an excellent idea. I buy the tickets, book a room, and pack my bags for a couple of days outside the familiar bubble. However, the cold in the last minute becomes the first sign of the upcoming hell near midnight. In several hours, the support department aids to return the money. The swimsuit is replaced by a blanket, cough syrup, and a cup of warm tea. The awful condition leads to a severe argument with parents. It is too late to change anything. Therefore, I end up alone, in bed, and with pizza. I look outside the window and hear the voices of people celebrating. The thought finally comes to my head. I can be alone, in a poor state, and without any exceptional attributes. I will love my closest people with the same power, I will understand the problematic areas of life better, and I will not get hysterical. Such New Year brings up the best of me.

New Year becomes more and more important for my life while its celebration moves toward high simplicity. Childhood, fables about Santa, quarrels between families, the death of grandmother, teenage riots, first experiences, understanding of the perfect celebration, close people around, and holiday with pizza become the points of my development and growth as the person. The custom evolves and shifts with me. Moreover, the approach to the holiday, which seems pathetic in romantic movies, turns to be a miracle. You are not alone if such day in the calendar does not contain large parties or people. The day is a day. In the morning, you will remain a beloved boyfriend, precious son, a close friend, and favorite colleague. Stopping and concentrating on personal achievements, areas for improvement, feelings, and silence is bliss for a modern person. We all should not waste it in favor of pop-culture and stereotypes about holidays. I hope that my personal experience will be useful for the readers and will save time.

The present composition essay Sample covers the writer’s experience regarding the evolution of New Year’s celebration in the context of own environment and a fixed timeline. It engages all the elements that are crucial for the indicated type of academic work. The author utilizes various periods of life to demonstrate the complete development of the perception. Furthermore, the perspective enforces the central idea of an unconventional approach to the holiday as a perfect path to happiness and opportunities. The selection of the topic, writing according to the format instructions, and utilization of the personal experience aid to produce a perfect composition essay. We hope that the current sample reveals helpful tips on how to create a high-quality paper.

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