Code of Conduct and Academic Standard Research Paper Sample

Posted on November 20, 2023

An academic integrity violation from the ‘Code of Conduct and Academic Standards section is cheating, attempts to cheat, or helping others cheat. This includes dishonest conduct when completing an exam or quiz and unauthorized use of academic or technology resources to gain undue advantage in an academic exercise. A code of conduct violation is falsification, forgery, and alteration of information, including documents used in admission and eligibility to the University or official institution documents. This has serious consequences because it involves dishonesty in the admission process. Students should observe the fundamental codes of conduct and academic standards that guide their academic practice and individual interactions on campus.

Plagiarism is using another person’s ideas, work, or literary works without giving them the credit they deserve and instead presenting the contents as if it is one’s original creation. It involves copying contents from scholarly articles and websites without acknowledging the original author. Plagiarism undermines the principle of honesty and integrity, which affects intellectual creativity and innovation.

Students plagiarize for several reasons, including academic pressure, time constraints, desire to score high grades, and inadequate understanding of proper citation. Because of the academic pressure to present well-researched assignments, some students resort to plagiarism. Also, the time constraint is fundamental since students will resort to copying and pasting when they have limited life left for submission. Again, the limited understanding of proper citation is likely to cause plagiarism. Addressing these issues through educational support and communicating expectations helps address the negative effects of plagiarism.

Students can avoid academic dishonesty in group work by integrating multiple perspectives and using peer reviews when handling group discussions and assignments. As an individual, a student can use various plagiarism tools to ensure no content is reproduced without proper citation. Individual students should also take it upon themselves to ensure they understand the proper citation guidelines and acknowledge every author and resource used in their scholarly research or other academic works.

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