Academic Guide for Students: How to Write a Deductive Essay in Business Studies

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Posted on October 10, 2019

Many college and university students seem to get terrified when they get to know their professor assigns the task to write a deductive essay. Different thoughts are just killing them. They get stressed only when they hear ‘deductive essay’. But you have to remember that there is nothing that complicated when you write a deductive essay! The main point is that the author has to write enough materials on the subject of the essay in order to clarify the main data.

Writing this kind of college essay has a couple of goals. First of all, you have to present points of view and information that is well-known, and then use strong reasoning to give clear explanation and conclude the paper.

When writing a college deductive essay, you have to base your strategy on a certain concept. You’re required to introduce a range of topic-related circumstances and premises, together with different clues. This is what the experts call ‘deduction reasoning’.

The word ‘deduction’ comes from mathematics and logics. It is a sort of reasoning when the author uses some general statements in order to produce logical conclusions about facts. Taking into consideration the fact that Aristotle was the first person to use this technique, we can state that this method is old and tested by time.

You, as the author of the deductive essay in business studies, are supposed to do a strong research or the topic that you chose or were assigned. Accordingly, the materials that you will be using in this type of writing is crucially important. It must be convincing and relevant.

When you work on your deductive essay for business studies, the most crucial factor is to support every deduction of conclusion that you make. The very last conclusion of the writer should be based on his or her experiences and feelings.

The projects requires you to apply your critical thinking skills, which means you must have a great grasp of English if you want to provide your college professor with a paper that is easy to understand. In summary, working on the college deductive essay needs your:

  • ability to format and cite the text correctly;
  • ability to think critically;
  • time that you will use to produce a high-rated project.

All in all, a college deductive essay is a great way to evaluate the achievements of a college student in the subjects like business studies. Your writing will demonstrate how competent you are in analyzing data and reaching an accurate and logical conclusion regarding a certain concept. Deductive reasoning itself always derives from a particular notion, that when attached with some signs of information, enables you to come to logical conclusion about that information.

Set the Tone of Your Writing

First of all, you have to think about the tone of your deductive essay. You have to do it objective and factual, as well as always stay honest when you give your judgements. In other words, it is important to avoid the subjective points of view.

Next Step – Choosing Your Topic

Do not underestimate this step! You have to be very attentive and serious when you select the topic for your deductive essay. Business area includes a huge amount of concepts that you can investigate, but you need to be careful. First, don’t choose the topics that can make your readers go emotionally unstable. When you take risks and decide to write on such topics, you have to be ready that you will have to be always objective. Second, your deductive essay topic has to be interesting and relevant to your readers. This means you have to choose a significant and non-emotional topic. For example, you can write about:

  • The Importance of Small Family Businesses;
  • Market Dominance: The Impact on Economic Performance;
  • Ethics In Business: Is There a Pragmatic Approach?
  • Politicized Economies: From Monarchy to Mercantilism;
  • From Unhealthy Habits of Personnel to The Productivity of Labor in Business;
  • From Business Personnel Selection to Assessment;
  • Advantages of Employee Compensation;
  • The Importance of Maternity Leave.

Writing Premise

The first part of the deductive essay writing process is the premise. This special technique is effective due to the fact that it makes the topic of your paper more interesting and attractive to your audience. The author has to use this method in order to create the conclusion. It is possible to use several premises as well. When the author provides some hints on what he or she will be discussing in the text, he or she has an opportunity to ignite the interest in target audience.

Do not forget that your deductive essay’s introduction must clearly explain the main purpose of your paper together with the problem that you will be disclosing. It is important for the author to provide the background of your topic. Examine your main question and background fully because this paper should be based on facts.

Don’t choose rhetorical questions or controversial statements. For instance, if your topic refers to discriminatory treatment in the world of business, use the following introductory sentences: ‘The companies in business world should operate equal opportunities policies and protection for all workers’. Even though this statement is broad enough, it is clear in meaning. Your target audience will definitely agree with it. Then you will have to add more general details in order to present your topic.

Introducing Your Evidence

In this part of your deductive essay in business, you will have to present a certain example that is undeniably vital for this type of paper. You have an opportunity to take it from somebody’s story or real life example. After you write your thesis statement, you have to give your main argument supporting it with proven facts and examples. This evidence will serve as a reliable proof for the thesis statement. What is more, the author should use various scientific findings in business world that will add some academic tone to the deductive essay. It is important to mention that your supporting paragraphs should include detailed explanations of the essay’s main purpose.

If we take the same example with discriminatory treatment that we talked about before, for the evidence you can talk about the real examples of discriminatory workplace treatment. For example, you can mention that there are numerous types of discrimination that workers face such as religious, gender, age, racial and pregnancy. You will have to mention that workplace discrimination can come in many ways. This will prove that the companies in business world have to provide equal opportunities policies and protection for all workers.

The Conclusion

In a deductive essay, approaching the logical conclusion has to be the last goal of your work. After you have examined and analyzed each of the concrete examples and general facts, you have to prepare your final argument. If you are not sure that you have given enough proofs, you have to get back to the evidence stage. The thing is that you have to be totally convinced that you have provided a sufficient amount of convincing facts for the conclusion.

If we use the example with the workplace discrimination, it is possible to mention in your conclusion that business companies should take care of every employee. Even though this example with the workplace discrimination is too simple, your readers will have a clear idea of the deductive reasoning that you’re using in your writing.

In case with the deductive essay in business, your paper shouldn’t end at the dead point. For instance, the closing paragraph of yours may look forward to the future and include some interesting ideas for the researchers that they might undertake at some point. Don’t necessarily write in a positive manner – your essay shouldn’t be obligatory positive. If your research revealed any negative outcomes, do not hesitate to provide them in the conclusion.

The important thing about the college essay of the deductive type is that it must have clarity and sharp focus. All the paragraphs that you write down must be clearly organized with you discussing one particular thing and giving details, examples and explanations why your conclusion is as it is. Your support should be strong and organized in a logical way, as the failure to give good supporting arguments will result in this part looking unrealistic and far-fetched.
When all is said and done, when writing your conclusion, you need to make sure that your deductive arguments are:

  • Valid. All the deductive arguments that you use are valid when you can come up with the conclusion that flows from the premise.
  • Invalid. Your arguments are considered invalid if your conclusion does not flow from your premise.
  • Sound. In case the premise that you provided for the deductive argument is true, it can be called sound.
  • Unsound. If you see that your premise of the deductive argument is not true, then you are dealing with the unsound one.

Some Useful Tips to Write a Deductive Essay about Business

  • Think about what you’re going to write in your paper before you start writing it. This will help you to choose the most appropriate and attractive argument style for your deduction.
  • As for the introduction of the deductive essay in business: keep in mind that the beginning part is the most important in the process of writing, especially if you’re dealing with the deductive essay (the one where your task is to give a reasonable conclusion that is based on the logical thinking of yours). For that reason, think twice before you include your thesis statement in your essay – it has to be strong and sound strong for your readers.
  • You have to use the language that is appropriate for this type of writing. Depending on the topic that you decide to research, the terminology that you use, the writing style that you have, you will have to use the suitable language.

Edit & Revise Your Paper Before Submission

A huge number of students do not like the idea that they have to spend some hours on revising their deductive essays. What is more, many of them are not the huge fans of business studies, which is one more reason why a lot of boys and girls just skip this important step.

But it is significant to note that if your deductive essay has many grammatical mistakes, your readers will definitely notice and focus on them instead of being interested in your content. Don’t be like that. Never get lazy when you know it is time to re-read and revise your paper. If you can’t do it yourself and there is no one around to help you with it, use online services that check grammar, punctuation and general style of the text. Finally, if your deductive essay is free from errors and you have used all the business terms appropriately, your chances of getting the highest grade increase.

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