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Posted on August 30, 2022

Topic selection for academic papers is always a challenge for both students and educators who want to obtain a new educational degree. Nevertheless, it is necessary to depend on the target when looking for ideas. For example, essays can be abstract and concrete. Speaking about case studies, they are always concrete. It is impossible to find good biology case study topics knowing nothing about the peculiarities of this assignment.
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So what is a case study? According to VeryWellMind, it is “an in-depth study of one person, group, or event.” In other words, students study a certain case that usually contains some controversial or new information. Then, they compare it to the existing investigations and conclude what value it has brought and how one can use it to benefit. Here, you will get useful tips from experts by means of providing biology homework help, interesting topics, and sources to use in your case studies to get the highest degrees.

How to Search for the Best Case Study Topics for Biology

The most difficult task is to find something unique that others have not discussed before. That is why students repeat each other. It is OK if they present the same topic differently. The problem is when students plagiarize. So, how to select the topic correctly?

Step 1. Read a Lot and Vary Sources

Only knowledge gives birth to decent research ideas. Students should not concentrate only on one source type. It is better to read different scientific periodicals such as magazines, newspapers, and journals. Except for periodicals, one should also read books, watch the news, and TV programs to research the problem from various angles.

Step 2. Biology is not Primitive

Biology has mainly three branches:

  • microbiology,
  • zoology,
  • botany.

However, this discipline covers other aspects of things that we have on Earth. In general, it has over 35 branches, including Anatomy, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Genetics, Immunology, and more. So, to find a worthy research idea, one should read different sources. It is not enough to know the structure of the human body. It is necessary to be aware of chemical processes that take place in the human organism, the interaction of humanity with the environment, and more to become a competitive scientist.

Step 3. Select Only Reputable Sources

Nevertheless, learners should not trust everything they find on the Internet or in magazines and newspapers. One should be ready to differentiate between fake and verified information.
The first thing to consider is to check the source. It must be reliable. The table below provides the difference between the non-credible and trustworthy literature.

Dependable literature Non-dependable literature
Almost all articles have been reviewed not long ago. It means that authors correct mistakes or add new information that has been recently discovered. For example, some sources lost their credibility when they forgot to change the number of planets connected with Pluto’s status. The last upgrade of articles was more than 10 years ago. The site or the printed source lacks updated information, so it cannot be trusted anymore.
Authors have scientific degrees or a good reputation among journalists. Unknown authors or bloggers who use any sensation to attract the attention of the target
The source is published by educational or governmental institutions. The website or literature belongs to commercial institutions.

It is easy to spot decent biology case study topics for an erudite person who reads only reliable literature about different branches of Biology. The list below has links to trustable sites that have proved their reputation with years of well-researched publications.

Step 4. Brainstorm

After a person learns new ideas, it will be necessary to take a piece of paper and reflect on all ideas there to see which one deserves attention and can be well-researched.

Step 5. Choose Several Case Studies and Apply the Received Knowledge

The last step is to choose a concrete case study and research it. The received knowledge helps students highlight the problem and highlight its value by using facts.
To know how to do that right, it is better to study samples and informative guidelines like the ones below:

Top 20 Biology Case Study Topics

Jacob Lee Top-10 Writer at

The worst thing that students can do is to ask their tutors to select the topic instead of them. Teachers will consider them losers who are too lazy to research. We help our clients find a bunch of brilliant ideas to introduce to a teacher and show that a student is promising.

As soon as you read trustable sources and examine sample papers, you will be ready to choose the best biology case study ideas. These are some examples for students to regard before writing.

  1. Lyme disease as a trigger to autoimmune diseases
  2. The connection between the body temperature and the life duration of mice
  3. Mutation of Covid-19: reasons and consequences
  4. Is cow’s milk good for children whose mothers cannot lactate
  5. Is there any way to treat hormonal imbalance without the intake of hormones?
  6. Triggers of amnesia and its treatment
  7. The latest studies on a child’s brain activity during the first weeks of pregnancy
  8. Does the fetus feel anything during the abortion?
  9. Cloning risks, benefits, and unexplored fields
  10. Does modern medicine ruin the law of natural selection among humans?
  11. Are GMO products harmful to the environment?
  12. Favorable and harmful plants to keep at home
  13. Why is it so hard to grow healthy products without the use of chemicals?
  14. Do plants suffer viral diseases? How do they spread?
  15. Is it possible for a predator to become a vegan?
  16. Differences in organisms who live in seawater and freshwater
  17. The difference between a Western blot and ELISpot
  18. Is it possible to improve the work of the human immune system
  19. The difference between a human and an animal DNA
  20. The influence of radiation on animal DNA

Students can repeat the topics, but better prefer other case studies. For example, two students choose a topic about the influence of sildenafil interactions on the human body. The first learner can describe a case study about the combination of sildenafil and heart pills and the other one can describe the effect of sildenafil and COPD medicines. So, they should search for case studies that describe trials where volunteers combined drugs and were supervised.

Pro tip

If you are afraid to upset your tutor with the wrong or primitive topic selection, it will be nice to introduce a couple of ideas to your tutor before writing a paper. An educator will evaluate them and tell you what idea deserves deeper investigation.


Searching for the best case study topics for biology is time and effort-consuming. A case study is a project that involves many stages and requires subject awareness from a student. Sometimes, selecting a worthy topic without someone’s help is too hard. Experts on are ready to help with your case studies 24/7 because a stunning case study topic is the first step on the way to A+.

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