Benefits of Fully Transformation from Retail Business to Online Project Sample

Posted on October 2, 2023

Paper Requirements

Academic level – Undergrad. 1-2
Type of paper – Project/Assignment
Topic Title – Benefits of fully transformation from retail business to online

My topic: Benefits of fully transformation from retail business to online

For this discussion question, you will work with a peer in your class to review the points below which will be part of your Module 6 Professional Assignment #1.
Using the topic you chose in Module 1, create a research design that would utilize secondary analysis. Include the following in your design.

– A problem statement
– A purpose statement
– Two to five research questions

Project Sample

Problem Statement

The retail sector has recently transformed as numerous enterprises have shifted from traditional brick-and-mortar outlets to online sales. Due to a delayed response to this phenomenon, retail enterprises are encountering specific difficulties as they strive to sustain their competitiveness and significance in the market (Davis-Sramek et al., 2020). Scholars primarily concentrate on investigating the consequences of e-commerce. However, comprehensive research on the enduring consequences of a complete transition to online sales is lacking (Chetioui et al., 2021). This informational void poses a noteworthy obstacle for retail businesses aiming to introduce innovations and maintain an edge over their rivals.

Purpose Statement

In this investigation, I’m exploring the advantages of completely transitioning from a conventional brick-and-mortar retail establishment to an online operation. Lately, there’s been a noticeable movement toward e-commerce, driven by the growing incorporation of technology and its appeal to customers. I’ll delve into pre-existing data relevant to this subject through secondary analysis. I aim to uncover discernible trends and patterns that are connected to the advantages of making this transformation.

Research Questions

  1. What are the financial benefits of fully transforming from retail business to online?
  2. How do traditional retail and online sales’ customer preferences and behaviors differ?
  3. What are the operational advantages of a complete transformation to online sales?
  4. What are the potential drawbacks or challenges associated with a complete transformation to online sales?
  5. How do retail companies successfully navigate the transition to online sales?


Davis-Sramek, B., Ishfaq, R., Gibson, B. J., & Defee, C. (2020). Examining retail business model transformation: a longitudinal study of the transition to omnichannel order fulfillment. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 50(5), 557-576.

Chetioui, Y., Lebdaoui, H., & Chetioui, H. (2021). Factors influencing consumer attitudes toward online shopping: the mediating effect of trust. EuroMed Journal of Business, 16(4), 544-563.

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