Arts Research Paper Topics & Ideas for the Highest Grades

Even though it can appear that studying arts is much easier than exact sciences such as physics or mathematics, the practice demonstrates that students frequently face particular difficulties with this subject. The reason is that arts comprise multiple branches such as visual, literary, performing, and other arts, and fully understanding and researching them can be challenging even for scholars. Nevertheless, the importance of studying arts cannot be overestimated due to various reasons. Firstly, art allows people to look at the world from a different perspective, to experience someone else’s way of seeing things, to develop one’s creative thinking, and broaden their worldview. Secondly, taking into account that people were creating art throughout the history of humankind, its various pieces represent the experience and culture of humanity at different stages of development.

When a professor demands you to write a research paper on arts, you should decide on a topic first. You have to remember that being genuinely attracted by a specific area of arts is the key to choosing the right essay topic. After selecting a branch, it is essential to narrow it down and dedicate your research to a particular aspect. You can either analyze a specific timeframe, one’s biography, or artistic movement or engage in a thorough analysis of a specific work. Nevertheless, it can be complicated to come up with a topic for your essay, and the following topics may help you choose your direction.

Pro tip

Almost each research paper in Arts requires facts and visual support. They should be introduced in the appendix section or the text. It is necessary to learn academic requirements to find out the format that you need to follow. First, some tutors ask students to introduce both paper and digital formats of pictures, photos, PPT slides, and video snapshots. Second, each element has a format. For example, audio files can be given in MP3, M4A, MP4, or WAV formats. It is better to keep to the requirements not to lose points.

The Best Art History Research Paper Topics

When students look for arts research paper topics, their main task is to find something unique or urgent to intrigue the target audience. The list of topics below can help you get a good idea to discuss in academic writing. Besides, each topic has recommendations that you can consider when preparing homework.

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1. Photography: Is It Art or Just the Result of Good Tools

People divide into two categories – those who think that a photographer must have a gift to take a picture and those who believe that a high-quality camera does everything instead of a person. Though, some people can take good pictures having low-quality gadgets. Give your opinion. Use the appendix to introduce samples of amateur photos to support it.

2. Hidden Secrets in the Top-Best Artworks

Many outstanding artists wanted to hide some secrets in their creations. Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and other mystic artists have created masterpieces, which secrets experts try to find out even today. Research the topic to learn the most sacred information about the most mysterious pictures.

3. Arts and Politics: Can These Two Notions Coexist?

Many artists try to rebel and reflect their viewpoints in street art. Some politicians hire artists to depict their motto, logo, or some essential ideas to influence the electorate. The best decision is to interview street artists to sound convincing and not be affected by someone’s judging and characteristics.

4. Responsibility for Textbook Illustrations

To let students imagine the history the way it was, a book illustrator must pay much attention to details. Therefore, a term paper must be precise and show how book illustrations are essential for the correct presentation of the event, personality, or place.

5. Can Pictures of the Primitive Society Be Interpreted as Artworks?

People of primitive society used pictures and symbols instead of language. Some drawings were done on the stone or in caves that historians can find even today. Is it art? What characteristics should a picture follow to become a piece of art?

6. Weird Art: Who Decides What Things Can Belong to Arts

Many people misunderstand paintings that do not look traditional. Everybody remembers the episode from the movie “Intouchables” when Philippe and Driss discussed the painting that looked like “a nosebleed on the whiteboard”. So, why do people love art? What do you regard as weird art? What is the most expensive painting in the world? What makes it expensive?

7. Manet vs. Monet: The History of the Biggest Confusion

First, these two artists were confused in 1865, though students still do not differentiate between them because of their surname similarity. Learn more about the artists and the styles of their paintings to spot the difference and explain it in your research paper.

8. Digital arts (music, painting, 3D objects)

Technology is an integral part of the contemporary world. No wonder art has involved programs that help to modernize music, paintings, architecture, and other artworks. Is that really art? Can it rival handmade pictures, music, and paintings?

9. Black Life Matters and Art

History always influences art. Musicians write songs to speak about urgent problems. Artists draw and paint portraits of political leaders. Photographers take pictures to capture a significant event or personality. How has the Black Life Matters influenced modern arts?

10. Technology and Photography

True photographers do not require high-quality equipment to take a memorable picture. Today, except for expensive cameras, a photographer usually uses a photo editor to improve the quality of a picture. Should society regard such creations as art? Or does photo processing make it artificial?

Useful sources
Even though some people think that arts are not as tricky as science or other college disciplines, one needs to use dependable sources to write academic homework. These are some websites that you can investigate to learn more about the arts.


Arts paper writing is challenging in case a person is not aware of college requirements and formatting. Experienced students feel like fish in water when they get academic homework. Topic selection is the first step to success. Reliable web sources, research paper services and college requirements always help students find the right way to perform the best paper ever.

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