Anti-Semitism Essay Writing

Posted on August 25, 2010

Anti-semitism is a word that is used for those people who are against Jews or Jewish communities. It is a discriminatory word that became very popular during and after the Holocaust. Although this word became strong during this time it was not a new word for Jews. The word anti-Semitism has been around since the time of when early Greeks and Romans reigned. This book explained how the name Jew originates from the word Judah, one of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel.

These tribes were persecuted by the Greeks and Romans and then separated throughout all parts of the world. Being spread all over the world they had no place to call their homeland, therefore people in the communities where they settled called them “the others”. Another strike against them during these times were their lack of one religion to worship from and this also contributed to their criticism.

During the reign of the dictatorship of Hitler is when the world started their negative thinking towards the Jews. Hitler put the blame of the financial hardship of Germany on the Jewish people, which began the hatred of the Germans towards the Jews. This started Hitler’s support from the German people, but not all supported him completely on his actions towards the Jews and their torture. Some of the German people who did not side with Hitler did not make it aware to anybody during the time of the Holocaust because they too would have been treated as a Jew even though they were not. The non-supporters later came out after Hitler’s defeat and admitted to helping the Jews escape their deaths and torture by transporting them from warehouses, abandoned schools and even in their own homes. Even though the non-supporter’s efforts were strong Hitler’s reign still was able to kill 3.5 million Jews.

One of Hitler’s allies was Joseph Stalin a Russian Dictator during Hitler’s Reign. Stalin was at first a supporter of Jews and had hired many into the governing body of Russia. After finding out about all that Hitler was proclaiming Stalin then began to strike against the Jews in Russia, first by firing all government employees that were Jews then by taking away their right to their own religion. These acts led to an outbreak of terrorism towards the Russian authorities and government agents by the Jewish people. With the Jewish religion being abolished by the Russian dictatorship most of the Russian Jews were wishing to leave their homeland just to be able to worship their own religion. Most Jews were denied their request to emigrate.

After the Holocaust and during Stalin’s Dictatorship in Russia most of the Jews from both countries that were awarded emigration flocked to the U.S. mainly for the purpose of freedom of religion. The American people were seeing the over abundant amount of Jewish emigration and were getting concerned about an over population of Jewish communities that could then over populate America and take over with their own way of living.

America didn’t only offer Jews a place to worship without worry of prosecution, but the discrimination against them also followed them to the U.S. Groups such as the Skinheads or the KKK were enveloped with the growing amount of negative acts against them. Some of these acts such as attaching hate notes to bricks or rocks and throwing them through the windows of Jewish homes. The KKK also went as far as lynching a Jew if they had found that a Jewish person had done something wrong in the community or even just a rumor of such. American teenagers were also getting into the act of terrorism by vandalizing the homes of Jewish families. When the juveniles were captured and taken in for questioning the officers were finding out that the kids had no idea why they were doing such acts, but could only say that all they knew is that certain acts of vandalism would be upsetting to the families. History books only skim the history behind Judaism and the Jews that is why kids are just doing these crimes out of spite and for no other particular reason.

Even in modern day America discrimination does still exist. Through all the equal rights laws and freedom of religion there will always be groups of people who will think their way of life is better which brings hatred and terrorism.

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