Domestic Violence Research Paper: “The XXI Century Problems” – 20 Topic Ideas

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Posted on April 5, 2018

Domestic Violence Research Paper Topics

When a professor assigns you a paper to write, you might be given the option to choose what you want to write about. Other professors will give you a broad topic, such as domestic violence. This means that you can choose a smaller category within the overarching topic.

This is easier said than done. Deciding on an essay topic can be one of the hardest parts of the entire essay writing process. You have to make sure that your idea has plenty of research and information that you can include in your paper. A strong topic with good evidence makes for an easy research paper.

If you need to write a research paper on a topic related to domestic violence, take a look at these topic ideas:

  1. What Role Does Today’s Economic Situation Play in Domestic Violence?
  2. Recent Efforts in Domestic Violence Prevention Plans
  3. Why Is Intimate Partner Violence Currently One of the Leading Causes of Domestic Violence?
  4. Domestic Violence in Same-Sex Relationships
  5. How Are Family Members Affected by Intimate Partner Violence?
  6. How Have Government Solutions for Domestic Violence Improved Over the Past Decade?
  7. The Connection Between Economic Abuse and Domestic Abuse
  8. Long-Term Effects of Domestic Violence on Millennial Victims
  9. What Types of Technology Are Available for Noticing and Reporting Domestic Violence Situations?
  10. Negative Impacts on Children Who Witness Domestic Violence in Their Homes or in Movies
  11. Up-and-Coming Treatment Options for Domestic Violence Victims
  12. What Kind of Role Does Social Media Play in Domestic Violence?
  13. How Does the New Rise of Feminism Help or Hinder Domestic Violence Progress?
  14. Is the Stigma of Men Being Abusers in Domestic Violence Situations Changing?
  15. How Does Violence in Current Films Influence Domestic Violence Statistics Today?
  16. Are Current Laws Against Domestic Violence Being Enforced? What Needs to Be Changed for Better Regulation?
  17. Is There a Connection Between Domestic Violence and Violent Video Games?
  18. New App Development for Domestic Violence Rescue Situations
  19. Current Domestic Violence Statistics and Treatment Options Around the World
  20. What Is the Current Correlation Between Domestic Violence and Social Status?

Those are some of the best topics that you can use for a domestic violence research paper. You can choose just one or combine a couple of the ideas to create your own topic for research paper writing. These themes can spark new ones as well. Maybe they highlight an area you hadn’t considered exploring! To get more ideas to disclose in your paper, have a look at 10 facts about domestic violence that could come in handy to hook the audience.

Sample Essay: Domestic Violence in Same-Sex Relationships

With same-sex relationships and marriages on the rise, some questions have arisen, especially relating to the structure and roles within the relationship. People on the outside often wonder which heterosexual relationship challenges occur in same-sex relationships. This uncertainty can sometimes lead to confusion and misconceptions, specifically in domestic violence situations. Though it may seem as if domestic violence only occurs in heterosexual relationships, it is just as prevalent in same-sex relationships in various ways and for several different reasons.

Firstly, it is necessary to realize that every relationship, regardless of its members, has a different structure. These various roles can influence who might be in control in a relationship or how responsibilities are distributed. These factors apply to couples of all types. Because of this, a power struggle can always become a possibility and may result in domestic violence. Often, the control continues to rule over the relationships. In these situations, the victim feels trapped and cannot safely escape from a threatening relationship. The control can be too much for the victim to handle, or they might feel like they cannot speak up about their lack of voice in the situation. This is true no matter the partners are of the same sex or not.

Secondly, same-sex couples are the subject to all of the same challenges as heterosexual couples. There are family problems, work issues, personal struggles, and more. Certain relationship types do not protect people from these natural difficulties. One major contributor to domestic violence and abusive situations is often an economic status. Again, it is important to note that this can happen to any person or couple, regardless of any other demographics. Financial and economic issues lead to tension and arguments in some cases. This can, then, progress to violence. These events usually arise in lower-income homes, but that is not always true. While low-income homes are more susceptible to domestic violence, there are still plenty of well-off couples who experience violence within their marriage or relationship. Having enough money and resources is not protection against abuse.

Thirdly, it is critical to mention that there are fewer abuse treatment options available for those in same-sex relationships. Homosexual individuals are not necessarily excluded in these places, but there is no clear mention of them being welcome. This can also be true of male domestic violence victims. Most of the time, treatment is geared toward women who are leaving abusive situations. Because of this, homosexuals of all types, and men as well, can feel excluded. There is a stigma surrounding domestic violence that pairs getting help with weakness. In general, this is one of a few things that keeps men from seeking out help. This can appear in homosexual partnerships too.

Additionally, it is important to consider who the abuser is in same-sex partnerships. There should be equal treatment opportunities for all people, regardless of their gender or their place in a relationship. Sometimes, if a female is abusing someone, there will be little to no sympathy. This also contributes to the action taken on the issue. In lesbian relationships, bouts of domestic violence might be seen as a catfight. This misinterpretation of the potential violence leads to unresolved problems. A woman is doing the abusing does not delegitimize the entire act of violence.

In conclusion, there are more than a few important aspects of violence to consider specifically in the same-sex relationships. Most of these issues arise in heterosexual relationships as well, but they are not often recognized in the same way. This can be displayed through fewer treatment opportunities or issues that involve victims being taken less seriously. These include things like power struggles and gender roles that are present in all types of relationships.


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