20 Culture Research Paper Topic Ideas to Impress the Audience

The creation of a culture research paper is an excellent possibility to dig deeper and gain some extra knowledge from a variety of fields of knowledge as culture unites all the things that were created by people during their conscious existence.

Pro tip

It is essential to stay objective when describing a topic about culture. For example, males who support the anti-feministic movement find it hard to speak about female rights and their protection. So, one should better add facts to avoid the presentation of a personal viewpoint. Every culture has its priorities that others have to respect.

The investigations of culture are probably among the most interdisciplinary activities as one topic can be studied from various aspects, and the results of the same research title can be totally different depending on the aspect and means of exploration.

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20 Culture Research Paper Topics that Will Impress the Readers

  1. Is there any creature who can have the same cultural values as human beings?
    We think about humans when speaking about cultural values. What is culture? Do animals have their own culture?
  2. Do politicians influence the culture and traditions of their or neighboring countries?
    People follow those who speak about things they want to hear. Culture is bound more to the traditions and customs of a certain civilization. How can politicians change them? Is such a change beneficial?
  3. British culture vs. the culture of its ex-colonial countries such as South Africa?
    History tells us a lot about invasions. Mega countries always tried to spread their influence on other territories. As a result, we have got people who live in Africa but follow British traditions. What is the difference between indigenous Britons and assimilated ones?
  4. What cultural traditions would you never accept when living in another country?
    Different nations live differently. Clothes, celebrations, and beliefs are usually stereotypic. Some traditions are unacceptable for foreigners who start their life abroad. For example, Indonesian couples are prohibited to take a shower or a bath three days after marriage so as not to wash off luck. Such tradition might be problematic for Europeans who got used to taking a bath daily or even several times a day, especially in hot weather. What traditions contradict your principles?
  5. Cultural stereotyping and its influence on the behavior and clothing of its representatives
    Too many stereotypes do not exist anymore, though other nations are not aware of that. What cultural stereotypes have vanished?
  6. What are the positive and negative aspects of subcultures?
    Representatives of subcultures rebel against the system. Is it a positive or a negative phenomenon?
  7. How does pop culture influence the immature psychology of teenagers?
    It is easy to influence teens who seek new impressions and experiences. How dangerous are influencers? Give examples.
  8. How do representatives of pop culture protect the rights of the vulnerable?
    Music, movies, and other art types have their themes and goals. How do representatives of pop cultures protect the rights of the homeless, penniless, disabled, and other vulnerable people?
  9. Peculiarities of non-verbal communication in western cultures vs. eastern cultures
    Different nations use gestures and mimicry to convey their verbal message. Are these non-verbal tools different in eastern and western regions?
  10. What makes cultural behavior normal?
    What is culture? Who creates norms? Is it OK not to follow them?
  11. Attitude to females in different cultures
    Europeans and Americans prove that women have the same rights as males. What about India, North Africa, and Islamic regions? How do other countries treat females?
  12. How do different cultures treat Afro-Americans?
    Black-skin individuals have to fight for their freedom and voice. Do they have privileges in some countries?
  13. Culture and beliefs: ups and downs in religious movements
    Democratic countries let their people express their religious views freely. Is there any intolerance of minorities today? What were those in the past?
  14. Culture and traditions in the eyes of disabled people and LGBD representatives
    Can everybody follow the rules and standards of culture and is it really obligatory?
  15. Gender roles in the XXI century: do we still keep to them?
    Do men make houses and women make homes or vice versa?
  16. Burial rituals in different cultures
    Why do different cultures bury people differently? Explain by giving examples and facts.
  17. Does cultural diversity help commercial people rule their business in a better way?
    “Only white women required”. Do such requirements hurt employers? What is the role of cultural, gender, and racial diversity in a workplace?
  18. Should pedagogical universities add Cultural Tolerance discipline to their curricula?
    Some pedagogs negatively treat students who represent other cultures. Should teachers pass some ethical exams before teaching children?
  19. Is it normal to raise emotional men?
    “Real men don’t cry”. Is it a correct upbringing?
  20. Influencers who bear authority in eastern and western countries
    What is the role of political and social media influencers in eastern and western cultures? Who are they? What values do they support?

To prepare a worthy research paper about cultures, you should have good samples and guides. This list has almost everything you need.

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Except for proper structuring and formatting, academic papers about culture should also contain verified facts from reputable sources. These three websites post useful and catchy facts to use in your culture research papers.

The topic selection is essential. Students show how knowledgeable they are when giving a research paper proposal to their tutors. Only innovative ideas get agreement and let students get the desired grades. Nevertheless, it is significant to evidence the introduced topics and avoid fakes that lead to failures. If students highlight a worthy topic decently, they will succeed.

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