Tips for Writing a Good Exploratory Essay on Anthropology of Mormonism

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Posted on November 26, 2015

The exploratory piece is one writing task that you will come across in the course of your academic career. Many students may be put off when they see the writing task, but understanding what is required of you in your exploratory piece can make it significantly easier for you to tackle.

When you are writing an exploratory essay, your goal is to explain your topic of choosing in a logical fashion. Your goal with this writing is to present a well-balanced analysis of your subject matter, without any opinion or personal belief and only with simple facts. When you

The purpose of this paper is to present a balanced analysis of the subject on which you are writing with no reference to opinions but rather simple facts:

  • Writing in an exploratory piece is a unique assignment one which requires you to structure your format with five key paragraphs. Much the same as a five paragraph essay the purpose of this essay should be an introductory paragraph which has your main thesis, three body paragraphs which support your thesis, and a conclusion which restates your main idea.
  • While you are preparing to complete your essay you should take some time to brainstorm what you already know about your topic (first give a look at our 20 topic ideas on anthropology of Mormonism). Consider what things you do not know and how you need to balance the article. If you know one argument pertaining to your topic but not the opposition you will need to research this. The next step is to conduct thorough research and of course to take notes as you do so. If you write down a quote, a statistic, or effect it is important that you write down the corresponding bibliographic information on your note card. This will save you a great deal of time when it comes down to creating your reference page and your citations. You can always avail of our facts on anthropology of Mormonism and make your essay even better (without wasting time on additional research).
  • You should create an outline so that you can see what information you’re going to present each paragraph in the most logical and organized fashion possible.
  • When it comes down to drafting your paper you must make sure that the most important sentences containing inside your introductory paragraph. This most important sentence is your topic sentence. The topic sentence needs to state your thesis without giving any opinion without taking any position. Your thesis should transition seamlessly into an explanation of what you will address within your paper. Each one of your body paragraphs need to cover a separate point which support your thesis. The sentences contained inside of each body paragraph need to include facts and offer examples that support the topic. You’re concluding paragraph should reinforce the thesis statement and it should never introduce new material. Since this type of paper discusses factual information and not personal experiences it is imperative that you write in third person.
  • When you have finished writing a paper is incumbent upon you to review your work and revise it. Make sure that you provide an unbiased analysis and that you have clearly communicated information to your reader.

Exploratory essay writing is very simple when you know the main peculiarities of this type of academic performance. So, be sure to know the ropes and start writing right now!

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