Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay on Abortion

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Posted on March 31, 2014

Argumentative essays must include certain elements if the reader is to find them effective. It is regrettable if an essay omits key aspects that make it evident that the writer was not informed about the topic on which he or she chose to write. An argumentative essay is like a strategic decision that company managers make: it requires proper planning. At the very least, a writer of an argumentative essay has to dedicate a couple of minutes to draft the topic that will best be tackled in the argumentative essay. What this infers is that not all topics can be discussed academically. In general, argumentative essays cover topics that have conflicting viewpoints or conclusions.

In light of this, it has been noted that many students make the mistake of writing argumentative essays on topics that interest them, but which do not have sufficient back up evidence. The underlying point here is that an argumentative essay is shaped not by a profound belief, but an explanation as to why the writer believes that his/her concept is reasonable. In short, choosing a topic to argue about must be guided by the presence of logical evidence that can substantiate the argument offered.

For instance, when writing an argumentative essay on abortion, start by assessing the benefits and dangers of abortion. You will then take your stand and state, for example, that abortion must be prohibited because it encourages immorality. Do not forget that the sympathizers of abortion have arguable points as to why sometimes abortion is the only solution. This is an important consideration to make during the planning phase. It will help you to gather evidence that refutes any justifications for abortion. Having obtained the solid groundwork for your argument, the actual writing begins. The usual arrangement of introduction, body, and conclusion apply. The abortion argumentative essay will begin with a description of events that may warrant abortion. In the last sentence of the paragraph, the writer will state, for example, that abortion will not minimize pregnancy-related complications, but will instead harm reproductive organs so severely that future child-birth will be jeopardized. The subsequent paragraphs will contain both sides to the controversy. You ought to give details of the dangers and advantages of abortion, afterwards stating which side is the strongest. Provide your own stance and use valid evidence to indicate why your viewpoint is accurate. For your argumentative essay to be more effective, you can include relevant and current statistics. Because abortion is a topic that goes against the teachings and morals of many cultures, it might be useful to support your viewpoint with anecdotal stories. Unless there is a clear limit that has been provided as to the length of your essay, you can include as much proof as possible to add attractiveness and substance to your paper. Once satisfied, conclude with a restatement of your position. Most importantly, avoid poignant language and do not cite non-existent sources or rely on rumors.

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