How to Write a Stellar Research Proposal on Financial Accounting

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Posted on October 30, 2017

In our third and final guide, we’ll be discussing tips on how to write a research proposal on financial accounting. Research should be your foremost priority because you have to be clear about the topic you’ve to investigate. Opting for a topic which interests you is a wise move.

When composing a research proposal, students find it hard to confront certain difficulties. They must be sure that their proposed research is plausible and can be carried out within the period allowed and the costs that will go into finding an answer for the arising issue shall also be kept in mind.

This is how the structure of your proposal should look like:

Research Proposal Details: Make sure your project is well detailed and covers all the important aspects of the topic. Other than this, make sure there are plenty of research questions thrown in the proposal.

You should be sure of the aims and objectives you are trying to accomplish with the help of your research. Pen them down in the easiest and most understandable way possible for your advisor, though you do not need to explain detailed methods at this stage.

You should know how to demonstrate your views clearly and in a persuasive way. Persuading skills are a plus as it would persuade your advisor that you can accomplish what you intend to in your research proposal.

Consult With Your Advisor First: Being a student, before compiling the research proposal, consult with your counseling committee or your advisor to look into the necessities of the research proposal.

You need to consider the factors such as your university requirements and formatting standards. Some questions to answer are:

  • Does the counselor expect an abstract in the proposal?
  • Are you supposed to create a table of content at this stage?
  • Is the hypothesis required?

You should know how you’re going to prove your point in the proposal because it is all about making the committee believe that you’re capable of doing research. Make sure you ask yourself the following questions before submitting the proposal:

  • Is it well presented?
  • Is there a need to express the research proposal chapter by chapter because the topic you chose is vast and requires more explanation?
  • Have you clearly stated the area of study and the topic you’d be researching about at the beginning of the proposal?

Summarize your project: You should prioritize in explaining the aims and goals of your research proposal which can be done by summarizing your entire proposal under one paragraph.

Your proposal should be qualitative and easy to comprehend. Here’s where your skills come into play. Being creative and persuasive in your proposal is what you should be focused on.

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