How to Write a Research Project on Computer Science

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Posted on May 23, 2016

When you are writing a research project on computer science it is important that you cover all of the necessary components. You must include all of the following, and anything else dictated by your university.

  • Title Page. The title page is where you list your institution, the title of your report, and your name. In some cases your educational institution might ask that you include the date.
  • Dedication Page and Acknowledgements. Beyond this some institutions may ask that you list a dedication page where you dedicate your research project on computer science to someone alive or living and the acknowledgement page where you write your appreciation to anyone who has contributed to the success of your research.
  • Abstract. The abstract is a synopsis of your research often written in the past tense and consisting of roughly 200 words. You should have roughly one sentence for each of the sections of your research project on computer science with one sentence adequately summarizing what is contained in your work.
  • Table of Content. Beyond the abstract you will be asked to include a table of contents and if you use them, a table of figures or symbols. You might also need a list of abbreviations if applicable to your paper.
  • Body. The body of your research project on computer science is broken down into chapters. The first chapter is often the introduction where you describe the background to your topic, the scope of your project, and the purpose of your research. You want to prevent any details as to why you’ve completed this study. The next section or chapter is the literature review. This is where you review work done by other authors who have contributed in some fashion to the research you are going to complete. You can use this to make comments on what other people have done, where they have left off, where you are picking up, and what gaps in the research exist. The next chapter is your methodology where you resent a summary of the research design, the research procedures, and the population you use. You must detail the data sampling and the data sources accurately while also remembering to list the equipment and the materials you use.
  • Conclusion. The next chapter is where you prevent your results and discussion. You must present the results of your research project on computer science and compare it to your hypothesis, after which you discuss the implications your work has in the grand scheme of your field. Beyond this is the conclusion and recommendations chapter where you offer suggestions for how other researchers could improve upon your study and what recommendations you have to offer your field based on the results of your study.

Following this you must present a list of your references and any extra materials you used during the research which were not included in the body of your work. This is labeled as the appendix and should contain graphs, charts, images, questionnaires, etc…

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