How to Write a Research Essay on Celtic Christianity

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Posted on February 18, 2016

The research paper is a one which is based on research, as the name suggests. If you are searching for interesting ways to start a research paper on Celtic Christianity, look over these useful tips:

  1. The first tip is to select a good topic related to Celtic Christianity.

No matter what your idea might be, chances are, multiple articles have already been written about the broad subject matter and as such you need to focus your efforts on a much more precise question or a much more precise statement. You want to take a few words, one or two, from your broad subject or idea and replace it with something that is more specific. By replacing one or two words with something more specific you can create a much more precise topic. For example, rather than researching “soil nutrients” you can research one specific nutrient such as phosphorus and rather than researching “organic matter” you can research one particular type of organic matter such as food waste. By adding a few more specific words you can make your topic much more concise and you can convert it into a complete sentence which will function as your thesis statement. You want to make this statement as precise and arguable as possible.

  1. Once you have your topic on Celtic Christianity, it is time to find a more specific thesis, something which is guided invisibly by the decision to narrow down and refine your topic.

You want this thesis statement to be something which tells the reader exactly what the purpose of your work is in a single statement. You should not have a thesis that goes beyond one or two sentences no matter how large the overall assignment is.

  1. Craft a striking introduction.

The thesis is important, but it sits at the end of the introduction and the introduction is perhaps one of the most important parts of the essay on Celtic Christianity because it is the first thing a reader sees. In many cases it is recommended that you spend roughly 20% of your effort on the introduction compared to the other components involved in your writing. The reason for this is simple: you want to open with a striking statistic, fact, or otherwise awe inspiring quotation from an expert in your field so that you can grab the attention of your reader and really hook them. Without this hook you won’t get them to keep reading the remainder of your work, and all the efforts you would’ve had put into the writing will be wasted.

  1. Use the Right Citation Format

Look over your syllabus for information on which citation format you should use. Your teacher may not have included what they expect from you in the assignment details because they had posted it in the syllabus. If you have this opportunity, you should note that typically, research based writing is more scientific in nature. It often requires you to conduct a literature review, present your findings, and explain how you came to those findings. As such, the most appropriate formatting method for this situation will more often than not be APA. However, if you are more comfortable with another style and have the freedom to select that style, feel free to do it.

We hope this guide will help you make a great essay. Don’t forget to check our 20 topics for a research essay on Celtic Christianity as well as our set of 10 facts for one of such topics. If you need professional writing assistance from experts you can buy research paper at CustomWritings writing service.

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