How to Write a Research Essay on Apache Native Americans

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Posted on December 1, 2015

The research essay is a scientific form of writing, one which is typically done for social science courses or as a follow up assignment to a lab or experiment you conducted. Research based writing is less creative, has more a formal structure, and requires you to back up everything you claim with evidence. Evidence can come in the form of data, statistics, or quotes from an expert in the field, etc…

Research essays require you to spend time, as the name would suggest, researching the topic. Your goal is to learn as much about your topic as possible so that you can support each claim you make and refute any opposition.

When you are working on a piece like this, you want to first brainstorm some topics that are of personal interest to you. The more interested you are in the topic, the easier the research will be and the more passionate your arguments. If you are already familiar to some degree with a topic that is even better because it will reduce the amount of time you spend on background research. If possible, you can always tie in two or more ideas about which seem to you challenging and exciting. For example, you can relate your topic of Apache Native Americans to cultural changes in the US, so long as you present evidence to support your claims.

  • The more facts and data you can present to support your argument, the better informed your reader will be. You also want to ensure that you cover the opposing viewpoint in one of your body paragraphs and in that, refute it with reasoning and facts supported with evidence. For your research essay, you can use superb facts on Apache Native Americans that are written for you.
  • Before you begin the writing process, you need to create an outline as to the points you want to make and find reputable data to support the points. When evaluating evidence, make sure to review the source, the author, and where it was found. Reputable sources generally derive from academic databases, books authored by noted scholars in their fields, and peer reviewed journals. Information derived from such sources will go a long way in supporting your argument.
  • When you start the writing process, you are better off beginning with your thesis statement and your body paragraphs. The introduction and conclusion are both best written after you have a solid middle. The reason for this is that the introduction and conclusion both serve as a summary, to some degree, of the content within the body paragraphs and if you have yet to draft those, you will not be in a good position to write about what you haven’t drafted.
  • For each body paragraph, you want to present roughly the same amount of evidence. If, for example, your first body paragraph is supported by three pieces of evidence (two sets of statistics and one quote from an expert) you want to try and ascertain three pieces of evidence for the other body paragraphs as well. This will provide a more well-rounded presentation.

These tips are prepared for you because it is a common knowledge that writing a research paper takes time and much patience. We hope that they will help you and you will write only the best papers.

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