How to Write a Presentation about Health Economics

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Posted on June 6, 2016

One of the simplest assignments your instructor may task you with is creating a presentation. If the subject you are creating it for is as interesting as health economics, you will definitely have fun in the process.

However, there are two things you need to know in order for your presentation to be truly effective: Our set of selected facts and topics for creating a good presentation on health economics. The following lines will give you a quick idea of both so that you write your own quickly.

An Outline for Presentations

If your instructor does not provide you with an outline of their own, consider the following to get a good grade.


Your introduction should entail a greeting to your audience as well as an overview of what you are going to cover. It should cover the following four aspects:

  1. Attention-getter
  2. Statement of Your Central Idea
  3. Importance of the Topic
  4. Main Points You Will Cover


The body of your presentation is where you will discuss the topic in detail. Therefore, you need to have main points as well as supporting arguments. Here is what each slide (or set of slides per point) should be structured like.
Main Point 1: Begin with a declarative sentence about the first idea for your topic
Supporting Point: Include evidence to support your main point.
Sub-Supporting Point: Further add support to ensure more credibility. You should have at least two of these.
You can have up to three main and supporting points if needed, but try to focus on two to give the subject justice.


The conclusion will restate your main point as well as concluding statements. You need to wrap up neatly using the points below for guidance.

  • Summary of main points
  • Restatement of the central idea
  • Closing statement related to the introduction

Tips for Writing a Good Health Economics Presentation

In addition to the outline above, you need to keep in mind the following tips for your instructor to give you a good grade.

  • Focus On One Topic

While you might think that you can impress your instructor by talking about various topics, your presentation will be disoriented and unimpressive. Though you can come up with sub-topics for your current topic, make sure the content does not spill all over the entire concept of health economics.

  • Ensure Equally Timed Slides

There is no magical number for the amount of slides you can use for your presentation. Instead of worrying about this aspect, make sure to give each slide equal amount of time. The audience will not lose interest when they see a uniform flow between the slides. Also make sure to cover the content on each slide in a timely manner to avoid seeming too rushed.

  • Opt for Balanced Content

You need to divide your research into balanced slides so that the audience does not get overwhelmed. If you have two bullet points on one slide and 15 on the other, your presentation may seem too rushed. If you are going to add graphs or diagrams in the presentation, make sure that there is not much text in the slide next to the diagram.

  • Keep Your Slides Sweet and Simple

Animations and transitional graphics are a hit and miss. While they may attract some people, others may hate them. Less text, organized content, no animations, and a simple presentation is your safest bet as they appear more professional.

Keep these tips in mind and your presentation about health economics will definitely be a breeze. If you need help coming up with a topic, check out our 10 facts on health economics for a presentation or the 20 topics on health economics for a presentation.

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