How to Write a Marketing Research Paper

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Posted on July 10, 2013

The necessity of writing research papers is like a ghost persistently following the students in all of the educational establishments. There seems to be no way out except mastering the art of writing research papers which includes outlining, composing, and formatting. The need to write good research papers is quite common among marketing students as well as students in other fields of study. They face the process of researching and writing research papers for their studies in marketing at least several times in their academic career. If you are one of those poor souls, you have definitely to come face-to-face with the challenges of completing a research paper associated with your study of marketing.

First of all you need to choose the topic for your future paper. The choice may be done at the suggestion of your scientific advisor or professor or by you, the author, based on your scientific preferences and interests. The topic selecting procedure should be followed by a careful review of the existing literature devoted to your marketing problem. It is almost impossible to be fresh and unique when selecting the topic, so you will need to settle for the fact that history repeats itself. This means that several marketing researchers have previously investigated the problem chosen by you. You will, of course, build upon their knowledge and do your best to incorporate the already existing works. Be sure to use only reliable sources (encyclopedias and solid scientific magazines etc.), rather than utilizing less than reputable resources.

Once the literature review is completed, you are to state the purpose, problem and methodology for your proposed study. Depending on the purpose of your study, the methodology employed for Marketing research paper may vary. You are welcome to choose a wide range of research techniques (product or package evaluation, advertising research, win-loss evaluation etc.) as well as advanced analytics (choice modeling, sales forecasting) or data collection methodologies (tracking or online research etc.). The selected investigation method will lead you to forming the strategies of your research – first, ranking, and minor ones.

General guidelines for the formatting of your marketing research paper may be provided by you tutor. The tutor will explain to you how the final paper should appear, which aspects are to be touched upon etc. Your paper will be greatly enhanced by the use of such visual aids as tables, charts, diagrams and so on. This will help to engage the reader in your findings and conclusions. The purposeful use of visuals will also lend your paper a scholarly feel.

When the process of Marketing research paper composing comes to the finalizing stages, you are to proofread and spell-check your work carefully. The top-off procedure of “polishing” the paper needs thoroughness and attention. Do not be in a hurry; try to look at the paper with fresh eyes. This will make the process of reading your paper easier and more enjoyable for your intended audience if you manage to correct all the errors.

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