How to Write an Informative Speech

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Posted on December 1, 2009

Often students will need to learn how to write an informative speech sometime in the last couple of years of high school or first couple of years in college. Writing an informative speech has two primary considerations – length of the speech and flow. When first learning how to write an informative speech, students make the following two errors – length of speech is too short/too long or the wording selected is difficult to give due to the words being unnatural to the speaker.

You may want to write your speech quickly and using the higher language and sentence structure that gets you the best grades in your writing classes; however, how to write an informative speech is completely different from how to write a professional paper. You will need the words on the page to flow naturally, and your question is: you may write that way, but do you speak that way.

Read your paragraphs aloud slowly while you work on your paper. Single paragraphs where you will evaluate the sentences, structure, and terminology along the way using a criteria that finds a common ground between your normal speech patterns and the need to sound educated during your speech – do you normally speak in long sentences, or short sentences, can you pronounce all the words in the paragraph or are a few taking a little longer to come out correctly, and will you be able to maintain a strong flow or beat through the talking.

Finally, check the time of your speech by reading through your paper quickly, because barring interruptions, if this is your first time giving a speech you may find yourself either stumbling or reading too quickly while in front of an audience. All the practice in the world will not make up the 30 seconds of silence while you wait for your time at the podium to end.

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