How to Write an Expository Essay on Addictive Foods

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Posted on November 25, 2015

The expository essay is one of four key forms of academic writing that you will encounter during the course of your academic career. This is a style of writing whereby you are asked to clarify or to explain the subject, or topic. This piece of writing is one where you can explain to your readers a process, where you can analyze and then compare different items, or where you can define a relationship or describe it based all on evidence and examples. When explaining how a process is completed, you might show your knowledge of that topic in an unbiased and objective fashion such that you present details and supporting facts. No matter the topic, your goal is to convey to your reader the information in the best possible fashion and explain all of your ideas coherently.

When you are crafting your expository essay you have to remember that this type of writing is a unique form of writing which is much more creative compared to alternative writing styles and is something that gives you the opportunity to really explore a more personal topic.

Below you’ll find something that you should remember when crafting an expository essay:

  • Make sure that you have multiple topics on hand and that you review all to or three potential ideas before you set out on your finished product. For this task you can take our sample topics on addictive foods. The reason for this is because while you might have what you think is the perfect idea you could come to find out midway through your project that there is insufficient evidence to back up this idea. By having two or three ideas on hand you can easily convert your efforts to something else if one of them falls through. This will save you a great deal of time later on
  • You want to brainstorm before you start writing. Take some time to brainstorm different ideas and after you have your thesis, different subtopics that you really want to cover in the course of your paper. For example, you can surf the Internet for additional info or use our facts on addictive foods which will greatly help you in your next step.
  • Take time to create an outline. The outline is very important to the overall success of your particular assignment. With a great outline you will have a wonderful first draft. The outline is an opportunity for you to make sure that you have covered all of your bases and that you have sufficient evidence to back up each of the point you’re making. It is also an opportunity for you to move the organization around until you find organizational format that works best for your particular situation.
  • After you have written your first draft you want to step away from the final product for at least one day if possible. Taking a break of this magnitude will allow your brain sometime to get away from everything is been working on and refocus. Once you return to your paper you want to examine the content for overall coherent structure and content not simple grammatical or sentence based errors. After you played around with the overall presentation and made any edits you want you can return to examine it on a sentence by sentence basis and check for smaller errors.
  • Review a sample. A sample will show you exactly what it is you need to present and how.

We hope that these tips will show you the right direction which you are to follow. Use these guidelines for original essay writing in college or university!

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