How to Write an Exploratory Essay on the Nacirema Culture

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Posted on December 23, 2015

Exploratory essays are a unique piece of academic writing because, as the name suggests, you are meant to explore new territory (academically speaking), examine a problem and find new ways to solve it. In that sense, your goal is to explore a unique aspect of something that you can improve upon or solve. Some points to remember:

  1. Your essay should really focus on a question or a problem, and not so much on a key idea.
  2. Your essay should analyze multiple solutions to the problem during your writing and in doing so, indicate the strong and weak points to each potential solution before concluding as to which one is best.
  3. Your essay should also be written in the form of an impromptu paper or a retrospective paper. The retrospective one is smoother but the impromptu one appears more natural.

This type of writing is a way for students to learn more about a concept on their own, something which juxtaposes having a teacher try and explain the topic in class. This is a chance for students to learn in a new and exciting way, in a way where they have complete control over the learning method and the content which is covered. Students are also forced to find active solutions.

Exploratory essays should follow the organization listed below:

  • Introduction
    This is where you first define your topic (in order to choose the right topic, consult our suggested ones based on the Nacirema culture). You can do so by describing an event, describing a concept, asking your reader a question, or quoting an authority figure or a piece of relevant research. From that point onward your job is to explain the issue and tell the reader why it is important. You also want to touch upon the ideas that exist for solving the issue, or what solutions you have in mind.
  • Body
    Here is where you provide the reader with additional background details. If you can’t find enough information for this matter, consult the guides like ours that contains facts on the Nacirema culture. It is also where you analyze one of the points you presented and then compare it with the other points you are presenting to the reader. Remember to look for and present solutions. If you do not agree with the existing solutions to the problem or topic you are covering, you can always present your own and tell the reader which solution you think is the best.
  • Conclusion
    This is where you want to reiterate the content which you presented in the introduction of your paper, but you want to avoid simply repeating the same information and instead rephrase it with the new evidence you presented in your body. Use this time to make sure you have answered the question adequately and share whatever thoughts you have about the decision.

Remember that the exploratory essay is one where you must explore the concept or topic, find the solutions to it, and not simply recite something that is already well-known. Make sure you have gone that step above and beyond and not simply pointed out something which is wrong, or bad, but instead provided legitimate steps which can be taken to rectify that problem.

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