How to Write an Exemplification Essay on Myths and Religion

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Posted on September 27, 2016

No one can write in a certain style he or she does not understand and any attempt to do that for an academic essay will definitely lead to failure. Therefore, any student assigned the task of writing an exemplification essay must first know the rules associated with such act and here is a brief explanation of what it entails. The term exemplification means to provide examples explaining something such as subject matter or topic. So an exemplification essay is one that attempts to make use of examples to prove a point about whatever is been written about.

The key to writing an excellent exemplification letter is ensuring that you pay attention to details by using enough examples including facts to support your arguments. For example, if writing on the topic of myth and religion using examples on how ancient mythology found its way into mainstream religion is a good way to show the ties between both terms. Also, note that the examples used must be good and detailed enough to explain your point. So, here are some important guidelines you could put to use when writing your exemplification essay on basically any topic.

Organize with Diligence

First, it is important you understand the importance of organization and the part it plays in an exemplification essay. Organization takes into consideration three important factors; chronological arrangement, ascending and descending order of examples to be used. The chronological arrangement is mainly used in descriptive essays were the sequence of steps is crucial to understanding the topic been written about. In ascending order, the examples provided should be arranged from the least important ones to the more important examples while for descending order the examples should be arranged in such a way that the most important examples are first used to make your point before using the least important ones.

Tackling Myths and Religion in Exemplification

To clearly explain the chronological, ascending and descending order and their use in an exemplification essay let’s use ‘the role of ancient myth in religion’ as a sample topic. And the chosen example to explain this topic is: although, most religions have different creation stories, there is a constant factor which is a divine being, created the world out of nothing’. An observing writer can list three facts from this sentence and they are:

  1. Most religions believe the myth that the world was created out of nothing
  2. Religions believe in a divine being
  3. The creation stories in diverse religions are similar.

Therefore, using the points in ascending other, we have 2,3,1 with ‘2’ been the least important and ‘1’ the most important while for descending order, we have 1,3,2 with ‘1’ as the most important and ‘2’ the least important example or fact that buttresses the importance of mythology to religion.

Exemplify with Discussions

Secondly, clear discussions should be used to lay out examples and connect their importance to the topic chosen. This eliminates the possibility of confusing the reader about the point you are trying to make without distorting argument. Lastly, been organized provides the basis for putting the right things in their places such as the introductory statement, essay body and the concluding statement. So here we come to the end of our guidelines on how to write an exemplification essay using myth and religion as an example.

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