How to Write an Evaluation Essay on Medical Ethics

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Posted on May 26, 2016

The purpose of writing an evaluation essay on medical ethics is to demonstrate the quality of a particular place, product, service, or program. You might also want to demonstrate the overall quality of any of the items above. Any valuation you produce will have some form of opinion if you do it properly but the goal here is not to come off as highly opinionated but instead to effectively evaluate something with reason and lack of bias. The key to making this happen is to establish criteria which you will then use to make clear judgments based on fair evidence.

  • Criterion. Criteria means you establish what an ideal service, products, or place really is. You have to demonstrate to your reader what they should expect from an ideal outcome. Having a clear list of criteria is what prevents your evaluation from seeming more like an opinion piece. For example, if you are evaluating a medical classroom, you want to establish what criteria will make a good school classroom such as the quality of education, the deadline, the teacher, and the interactions used by the teacher and student. You then apply this criteria to the specific classroom you are evaluating for your evaluation essay on medical ethics.
  • Judgement. The judgment section of your evaluation essay on medical ethics is where you establish whether or not the criteria you listed is met. In other words, you judge the product, place, book, or thing for what it actually is. You take the criteria you established as ideal and evaluate whether your topic or Target meet this standard of quality or whether perhaps it exceeds the standard of quality.
  • Evidence. The evidence is where you provide support for the Judgment you made. If your judgment is that a particular class does not consistently offer high-quality education, you will need to support this with evidence to show how you came to this conclusion and why that conclusion is sound.
  • Structure of Your Essay. Generally speaking every paragraph in your evaluation essay on medical ethics will focus on one criterion, followed by one judgment and the supporting evidence. Because of this it is important that your evaluation contain several different lists of criteria and judgments. You must also make sure that you offer a thesis at the very beginning such that your reader knows what your evaluation is going to be. Once again, you want to clearly state what your criteria, judgment, and evidence will be so that the reader understands when the evaluation is mostly positive and when it is mostly negative.
  • Picking Your Topic. If you are allowed to select your topic, it is important that you focus on something specific and not something vague. When writing about something in the medical field or the field of ethics, you don’t want to cover just medical ethics as a whole. You want to cover one specific aspect not a range of similar aspects. The more you know a topic before you start the easier it will be for you to establish the necessary criteria, judgment and supporting evidence.

This concludes our guide on how to write an evaluation essay on medical ethics. We hope you enjoyed it and proudly follow it up with our 10 facts on medical ethics for evaluation essay as well as 20 topics and 1 sample essay.

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