How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay on Evolutionary Biology

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Posted on January 11, 2017

When you want to write about the “whys and whats” on a specific topic related to Evolutionary Biology , you are actually tasked with understanding the cause and effect of that particular topic/subject. This is what writing a cause and effect essay is all about. You are indeed telling your audience the whats and whys of a specific subject and sharing your own thoughts and opinions along with it. Let’s take two quick examples here:

  • Why Should People Spend Most of their Time Reading Books?
  • What are the Effects of Artificial Sweeteners on our Bodily Health?

You must have a pretty good idea by now.

There are only three techniques to organize and outline a cause and effect essay. In order for readers to know they’re reading a cause and effect essay on Evolutionary Biology, you must follow one of these outlines to assure that your content is the way it should be, format-wise:

1. “Multiple Causes, One Effect” Pattern

When you have to explain multiple causes that result in a singular effect, this is the pattern you should be using in your writing. In this pattern, you explain the cause that took place and then talk about its effects. You do this repeatedly according to the causes that you have on board.

2. “One Cause, Multiple Effects” Pattern

In some cases, you might want to describe one cause and how it led to multiple effects. If that’s the case, choosing this method is your best option.

In this pattern, you explain the cause, why and how it took place and then share multiple effects that ensued. Remember, describe the effects and the cause thoroughly and make a chain so that it’s readable and the reader can maintain a link between the cause and the effects it produced.

3. Domino Pattern or Causal Chain

Finally, the third and last pattern is the afore-mentioned one which is the most commonly used patterns by students. It’s also recommended by many professors because it provides a smooth flow of language and retains the attention of a reader. Here’s how it goes:

In this pattern, you first discuss the cause that took place and then describe the effect it had, backed by and reasoning and explanations. Then again, you discuss another cause and describe the effects that followed. This is how the rest of the essay follows; depending on how much you want to write on Evolutionary Biology , it can be a really long essay or a short one.

Writing a cause and effect essay on Evolutionary Biology by following any of these patterns would ensure that your essay is readable, understandable and retains the attention of the reader, making him/her aware of what you are talking about. It’s highly recommended that you use transitions between the causes and effects to blend in words more naturally and make the flow even smoother. Here are examples of such transitions:

  • So,
  • Since,
  • Because,
  • As,
  • One reason why…
  • Consequently,
  • There are several other reasons as well; in fact…

Keep in mind that without a good conclusion, your essay won’t make a good impression on your readers. In order to make sure your essay is well-written and admirable, you should restate your thesis and highlight your own feelings and thoughts about Evolutionary Biology.

That’s it! After reading our guides 10 facts on a cause and effect essay on evolutionary biology and 20 topics with a sample essay, you will be equipped to write a superb cause and effect essay on evolutionary biology on your own, without any flaws or hurdles whatsoever.

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