How to Write a Description Essay on Business Communication

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Posted on February 12, 2016

When you write a description essay you want to recognize that the piece of writing you are tackling is something intended to describe a person or thing, something that appeals to all five senses.

  • You want to first pick your subject.
  • Then you want to look for the most dominant details involved in that subject.
  • You want to make sure that you select supporting details that can help you review for the reader that one key idea.
  • Once this is done you want to organize the details in whatever organizational method seems most appropriate to you. You might want to focus on details from specific to general, from general to specific, or in a chronological order. The choice is yours.
  • You want to incorporate description words that help you to be specific and to explore the senses. You never want to just say that something was beautiful. Beautiful is a word that might conjure different ideas in the minds of different readers. In order for your final work to be most effective, you need to be able to describe things with such specific senses and details that every reader who stumbles upon your work will read it and have the exact same image pop into their head. This is the real goal.

The Five Senses
When you sit down to write a description, you should aim to utilize all five senses. By using all given senses you can guarantee that your reader will be put into the exact place you want. If you are writing about a specific location, use all five senses to place the reader’s imagination in that location. If you are writing about a specific food, plant, person, or landscape, use all five senses to place the reader exactly where you want them. Remember that people have vivid imaginations and what someone else images may not be what you imagine. The more details you include, the better it will be for the reader and their experience.

Your goal here is to incorporate as many of the sensory details as you can to give your reader a comprehensive mental image.

How to List Information
If you are unsure whether or not you’ve included enough sensory details, you can use an outline. If you are not sure whether or not you adequately covered the different senses you need to include for your writing assignment, you can also rely on an organizational planning method. To do this, begin by listing the senses you want to cover in your paper. Pick either a Roman numeral, letter, bullet point, or number and then make a list for each of the senses with that. Beneath the different senses, you should use a lower case Roman numeral, lower case letter, different bullet point, or different number to denote each of your supporting details, the insight you want to include, or the adjectives you will highlight in your paper.

**Note: There is not necessarily a right or wrong way to organize your paper. This means that you should feel free to use the outline as a tool to move around the organization, to play with various styles, and to work with different orders of information until you find the one which best suits the purpose of your paper. You want the organizational method which helps you best present your thoughts. **

Isn’t this guide fantastic? Hope it will provide sufficient help for you to complete your assignment. Don’t forget to check our 10 facts on business communication for a description essay as well as 20 topics and 1 sample for paper of this kind of an essay.

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