How to Write a Deductive Essay on the Role of Music in Creativity

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Posted on September 7, 2016

In the first of our guides, we discussed 10 facts on the role of music in creativity for a deductive essay, which was followed by the second one 20 topics on the role of music in creativity for a deductive essay. This final guide discusses what you need to take into account while writing the actual deductive essay on the role of music in creativity.

When your professor asks you to write a deductive essay on the role of music in creativity, the objective is to understand your knowledge on the subject. Deductive reasoning is dependent on a unique concept, which is developed through strong assumptions based on certain clues.

Deductive reasoning requires weighing in factors, comparing them with one’s knowledge and then drawing conclusions. To accomplish this, divide your essay in three parts:

The Premise

It’s your basic fact or belief on which you’ve based all your assumptions in the essay. You can have multiple premises throughout the essay but they all need to be connected.

The Evidence

You’ve made your arguments but what makes them true? You’ve given the premise and on that platform you’ve made your arguments, but what should follow are pieces of evidence. You need to make sure that your readers are not only reading interesting banter, but also banter that’s backed by solid facts.

The Conclusion

The premise could be considered as your thesis, which must have taken all the space in your first paragraph. Then you went on with your arguments along with the evidence. The last paragraph is your conclusion summarizing it all. It’s recommended that you connect this academic essay with your future research work; you can show readers that you’ve come this far but going further would require expertise that you don’t possess at the moment.

Deductive essays must be heavily personalized, meaning that you need to showcase your own findings every time you quote from research or a book. This can be both exciting and worrying, because you don’t know whether your arguments and assumptions will be appreciated by your professor. However, we assure you that if you’ve done your homework on this, you’ll be striking all the right chords with your readers as well as your professor.

If you want to impress your readers, make sure your essay on the role of music in creativity is clear and focused. Every single paragraph should be focused on a specific aspect. You can give examples of previous deductive successes and satisfy your readers that through this art, great things can indeed be achieved.

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