How to Write a Critical Essay on the Dangers of Antibiotics

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Posted on December 11, 2015

A critical essay is, as the name would imply, a critical piece of writing. With this unique writing task, you want to analyze your text, or your article, or film. If your teacher has reviewed an article in class about the harms that are associated with antibiotics, or you read a book on how people today are building immunity, then you would want to focus on this precise text. Your goal here would be to present an examination or critique of one part of the text, or the whole text itself, or even to situate the text in the context of the bigger picture. If you are, for example, writing your paper on a popular book, you might critically analyze the tone of the book and how the tone influences the overall meaning. If you watched a documentary on antibiotics, you might provide a critical analysis on one of the main symbols, themes, or the music used in the documentary and how that shaped the reception of it.

Selecting the Topic

In many cases, it might behoove you to critically analyze the literary or film techniques employed by the writer or producer to see how they directly or indirectly influence the themes of the piece, the outcome, or the impact. If you can’t decide on the topic, you can use sample topics on the dangers of antibiotics prepared specially for such situations. If you want to use a book or an article as your basis, keep in mind that a short journal article might not show both sides to an argument because it is a specific niche, and it would then be your job to place the context of the article into a broader context by reviewing the time of the publication, works previously done by the author, or even what peer reviews were published before or after that might have led to this piece.

Making Connections

When exploring the concepts related to antibiotics, your goal in this style of writing would be to highlight the various dangers associated with them. Check out the facts on the dangers of antibiotics that precisely fit this topic. Some things which seem, and often are, positive and beneficial can bring with them serious dangers if they are not used in the proper fashion. Even mundane items like drinking glasses, if broken, will suddenly become dangerous. This is true of almost all things, and is most certainly true of antibiotics.

Review the Piece

To get started, sit down with the piece you are reviewing and read it through or watch it again but take notes as you do. Some people argue that if you change the font of the text (of course if you are typing your essay on your laptop), you’ll see most of the mistakes. You can try this method to edit your piece.

Take Notes

You want to take notes on the main purpose of the piece, the main ideas, what things about the piece are confusing, what the author’s purpose was, and whether the piece successfully achieved its aim or not. By taking notes like this, you are already training your mind to critically analyze the work. As you look over your notes, keep your eyes peeled for patterns or for problems. See what problems with the work stand out, or what patterns you found throughout the text and try to find some solutions. If you noticed that one person interviewed for the opposition was brash, but the other interviewee in support of the author was kind and likeable, make an educated guess as to why that was. You want to keep your written analysis here on why certain elements in the text were effective or why they were functional and offer the reader evidence to support that claim.

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