How to Write a Computer Science Research Paper

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Posted on August 15, 2013

When asked to write a computer science research paper, or any research paper, one should always keep in mind that a good research paper is one that clearly spells out the problem it is addressing and the results achieved from carrying out the research. The research paper should also elaborate on what has already been done in an attempt to resolve the problem and identifying new developments aimed at solving the problem more efficiently. For instance, if one is writing a research paper on describing novel technical results, one may decide to explore the four available types of technical results – (1) namely the algorithm, (2) the system construct, (3) the performance evaluation, and (4) a collection of theories.

Such a paper would focus on sufficiently describing the detailed results with the aim of establishing and demonstrating the validity of those results. The paper would also identify novel perspectives of the results or point out things that are not so obvious about the situation or problem. The paper would also identify the importance of the results of the research being written about with the aim of indicating how these results improve or impact on the problem.

A typical research paper, such as one on computer science, should begin with an abstract which is typically a paragraph of about 150 words. After the abstract is the introduction which, just like the abstract, should be brief and serve to introduce the problem, outline the solution, and give a clear statement pointing out the importance of the problem and possible solutions to the problem. After summarizing the problem, the next thing would be interpreting any related work. This is the place where the writer points out any other works that are similar to those used in the research paper.

Once the introduction of the research paper is complete, the writer should now embark on writing the body of the paper and this should entail writing about the problem being covered by the research paper, the approach the research paper takes in attempting to find a solution to the problem, and the results of the experiment conducted while trying to understand the problem and seek viable solutions to it. Finally, the body of the paper is the main part of the Computer science research paper and it contains the most details about the essay. It should contain sufficient motivation and should also have some examples that illustrate the issue being discussed with the aim of enabling the readers to understand the issue better. The essay should then end with a conclusion.

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