How to Write a Business Report

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Posted on April 23, 2013

Writing Your Business Report
What is a business report should be the most important question one needs to ask, because if you do not know this answer you would have already failed. Business reports are concise documents that will inform the reader about certain facts by summarizing and analyzing the details or various situations a business might find itself in. The business report is then used to make recommendations to whoever requested the report be drafted in the first place.

Before you begin writing a business report it is important to find out who your audience is and what the fundamental purpose of the report is, this way you will ensure that you will meet the requirements expected. This is achieved by firstly reading your assignment carefully. It is helpful to jot down what you believe the audience would already know, so that you do not bore them; also it allows you a chance to see what key points need to be covered or described in detail. Next, you will need to determine your goal or the purpose of the business report, in short what your audience need to know once they have read your report. Keep in mind that you must respond to all the aspects asked of you when assigned the task of writing a business report. Typical reports include the following sections as a bare minimum: Terms of Reference, Procedure, Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations, but this will also be depend on the report you are writing. The nice part about writing a business report is that you are allowed to use charts, graphs and short bulleted lists to allow quick communication of information that is important to your business report.

Proofreading Your Report
It is advisable to proof read your business report carefully, and if possible ask other co-workers to read through your business report and to make notes where they find things a bit unclear or a little too emotive. Take these notes under review before finalizing your business report as it is quite easy to include things that do not pertain to the information wanted by the audience. In the end you want to create a report that is easy to read, concise and factual which any busy business person would be able to glance at in a hurry and obtain the gist of the report presented.

When writing a business report it is important to remember that you must write in an objective and non-emotive tone and above all else, what you write must be factual. Generally the use of verbs and adjectives are not found in a business report as the facts presented in the report are supposed to persuade the audience.

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