How to Write a “Who Am I?” Biographical Essay

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Posted on November 2, 2016

Welcome to our third and final guide on how to write a “who am I” biographical essay where you will learn tips on enhancing your writing in order to get your professor’s seal of approval. However, it must be noted that this guide alone won’t help you write a great biographical essay on your chosen topic. It is absolutely necessary to read our first guide, 10 facts for a “who am I” biographical essay and our second guide, 20 topics on a “who am I” biographical essay in order to fully profit from what we’ve prepared for you.

If you’ve read the previous two guides then let’s move on:

What is a Biographical Essay?

When you write about the life and personality of a person, you are in fact, writing a biographical essay on that particular person. You mention each and everything you can gather about that particular person before composing your biographical essay. But before you start composing, be sure to include these characteristics in your biographical essay:

  • Real-Life Subject
  • Thesis that states your thoughts about that particular person’s life
  • Account of major events that occurred within the timeline of the subject
  • Descriptive paragraph of the individual’s traits and personality

What to Do First:

Choosing the Subject First

Choose a personality that is most appealing to you. You should have some first-hand knowledge on this person otherwise you may have a tough time composing your essay.

Gathering Information

Once you have chosen a personality as your subject, it’s time to research his/her life, personality traits and also the possible tragic events that ensued – you need to be well-versed in them all in order to write a great biographical essay. Ask yourself some questions like what part of your subject’s should you focus on the most and whether any major events took place during that time.

Make a Thesis Statement

Since you’ve gathered bits and pieces of information on the personality you chose, you are now ready to write a thesis statement that’s not only focused but also concise and liberal.

Start Composing

Now you are ready to write a biographical essay on the individual you chose as your subject. To organize a biographical essay flawlessly, be sure to cover major events of your subject’s’ life chronologically. In the meantime, you can start writing about some minor events that led up to the major ones, which according to you, were the most significant in his or her life.

Here is how you compose a biographical essay:


In the first few paragraphs, you introduce your subject and lead the audience to your thesis statement, which expresses your idea or thoughts on the subject’s life.

The Body

Before concluding, you must write a detailed account of your subject using the information you’ve gathered. These details must concisely develop your idea, opinion or thoughts on the individual.


The final paragraph of the paper is a restatement of the subject’s life and what he or she has contributed to the world – no matter how large or small as every contribution counts.

Before Submission

It is highly recommended that you use a lively tone, with a vivid sentence construction and colorful details that really speak to your audience on a personal and emotional level. This keeps your biographical essay informative as well as compelling to read.

Before you submit your assignment to your professor, make sure that you’ve reviewed your essay very carefully and rectified any mistakes whatsoever. Proofreading your paper is essential because your professor doesn’t have to see the mess you make during the writing process. It is always better to correct your own mistakes and submit an error-free essay to your professor. This also happens to be an excellent way of improving your general writing prowess, by being your own critic.

That’s it! You are equipped with highly informative facts, plenty of topics to take inspiration from and a writing guide for a biographical essay, so you can write flawlessly. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and start writing.

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