How to Write an Argumentative Essay on AIDS Prevention Organization

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Posted on November 19, 2015

The argumentative essay is, as the name would suggest, one wherein you preset an argument substantiated by evidence. You want to ensure the reader sides with you when all is said and done.
For this, the organization of the argumentative essay is one which is somewhat fixed in that you must have the standard introduction, body, and conclusion.
In the introduction, your goal is to provide the reader with your thesis statement, or the side that you are going to take in the argument. After this, you want to provide your reader with a roadmap that lays out where they will travel while delving into your work. This is where you want to present to the reader what key points you have to support your argument with.
For example: if you want to make the claim (or thesis) that exercise is good for the body, you need to present reasons why. Your reasons might be:

  1. that exercise improves cardiovascular function;
  2. that it increases strength and flexibility which helps to maintain your muscles, tendons, and ligaments for longer, and …
  3. …that it releases endorphins and removes harmful stress chemicals simultaneously, flushing the bad chemicals from your body and replacing them with good chemicals.

If these are your three supporting statements, you want to list them for the reader. But don’t reveal all of your supporting evidence for these statements; that comes later.
Once you have your introduction, you must provide a transition for your reader such that they can easily move from the introduction to your first point, which is that exercise improves cardiovascular function. In the body of your argumentative essay, you must keep one point per one paragraph. That means that three points listed above must be divided into three paragraphs. Inside of each you must provide the evidence (with proper citations if necessary) to support your claim.
Sticking with the example above, you might provide scientific evidence that explains how exercise causes the heart to pump blood, and in doing so, it carries oxygen and nutrients to the rest of your body, something that keeps your body sustained by giving each cell what it needs to replicate.
This process has to be repeated for each supporting point you present.
It is important to note that if there is strong opposition to your thesis, it might behoove you to acknowledge the other side of the argument and explain why that side is flawed.
For example: one might claim that since the heart only has a finite number of beats in a lifetime, exercise only speeds up the heart beats and leads to a shorter life. However, science indicates that exercise allows the heart to beat rapidly for a short period of time and then maintain a slower regular heart rate the remainder of the time, thus elongating the lifespan.
Once that is done, you must seamlessly transition into the conclusion. It is here that you not only reiterate the points you presented in the body of your work, but you also remind the reader of the supporting evidence you presented with each point. This is the best way for you to remind the reader why your claim was valid, or why the opposition’s claim was flawed. If you can’t make up topics for your essay, look through the ones on AIDS prevention organizations. Moreover, you can make use of 28 facts on AIDS prevention and make your paper even better!
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