How to Write an Argumentative Essay on Medicalization as a Social Concept

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Posted on April 4, 2016

If you are writing an argumentative essay on medicalization as a social concept, there are steps you should follow.


  • As you begin doing research for your argumentative essay on medicalization as a social concept it is important that you have certain questions in mind. These questions should drive your research with precision and guide your overall paper. Use libraries and the internet to your advantage. Both have viable resources available. If you do use the internet be sure to double check any web address you put as a reference. After you type it into the reference page, click on the link and see if it leads to the page you want it to lead. The worst thing is to write it down incorrectly and have your grade suffer as a result.

Time Management:

  • When you sit down to work on your argumentative essay on Medicalization as a social concept, make sure you are using your time wisely. The best amount of time to set aside to work is a solid forty five minutes of time. The brain can actively focus on a single task for forty five minutes before you need a break. So if you have two or more hours to dedicate to your work it is best that you set a timer for forty five minutes and then take a five or ten minute break in between. Then return and complete the second forty five minute set. During your breaks make sure you walk around. Get up and move about. This will encourage blood flow and help your mind to be more creative. As you get up and move around make sure to observe your surroundings. Mere observation during your breaks will go a long way towards helping you to be a good writer.
  • If you are going to an entire day set aside to work on your writing you should aim for a solid five to seven hours of writing. Do not write for more than seven hours. Remember too that every day you spend on your work should not be dedicated to writing. Mix and match research with organizing and writing. If you are unable to focus or having trouble writing creatively, then spend your time doing something else related to your paper like your bibliography.


  • Develop a thesis that captures your response. Your thesis is a statement which expresses your response to the question at hand, or the argument you are going to make about Medicalization as a social concept. It should express the complexities behind your topic. It forms the foundation of the paper. It needs to be stated clearly in your introduction, and then referred to multiple times throughout the body of your text.
  • When you are done writing the body of your text and have crafted every argument it is time to write the conclusion. Many students simply repeat the content they have in their introduction. Unfortunately this is not adequate. Your conclusion should put your arguments or research into context. It should show the role it plays in the big picture and encourage the reader to reflect on the issue or on future research paths.

This guide should help you put your emphasis on aspects that are appropriate for such genre and matter. Don’t forget to also check our 10 facts on medicalization as a social concept for an argumentative essay and also 20 selected topics with 1 sample essay.

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