How to Write 5-Paragraph Essay on Worker’s Remittance

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Posted on February 23, 2016

When you are writing a 5-paragraph essay on Worker’s Remittance there are a few key things you want to keep in mind. Like any writing assignment the purpose is to persuade your audience that the opinion you have or the information you are presenting is the most accurate. You want to think of every writing assignment that you have of this nature as a persuasive piece or an argumentative piece. Your job is to persuade your audience.

  • The 5-paragraph essay on Worker’s Remittance is the most common piece you will write and every piece that you compose throughout the duration of your academic career will build off the skill set you learn for this particular piece. You, of course, need to select a topic from the broad notion of “worker’s remittance”, something which you can manage in just five paragraphs. With such limited space it is incumbent upon you to refine your topic to just one small aspect of worker’s remittance with three supporting details for that small aspect. You will likely need to refine your first topic idea multiple times.
  • As the name would suggest this particular writing assignment contains five paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs serves a specific purpose.

    1. Introduction

The introduction is the beginning, where you introduce to your readers the purpose of your task or your thesis statement as it is better known. This is where you present your hypothesis and where you present a quick summary of the information that you plan on explaining with further details in the body of your paper.

    1. Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs should each contain a specific point that you are making to support your thesis statement. Each point should be separated into a different paragraph because all 3 points have their own paragraph. You want to have a topic sentence for each paragraph which explains the topic of that particular portion and then you want to present supporting evidence that you have found. At the end of each you want to include a transitional statement to move to the next.

    1. Conclusion

The conclusion is the final paragraph. It is here that you have to remind your reader of what information you presented on Workers’ remittance and what evidence you had to substantiate your claims. You have to make sure that you leave the reader with a strong ending note because most readers retain the conclusion more than the rest of your work. This is your final opportunity to share with the reader your thoughts and to convince them that your side is the best. This particular area should work in tandem with the introductory area to frame the middle. Both should summarize the information that is contained in the middle but the difference is the introduction merely summarizes the topic sentences while the remainder of the information you present within the body is summarized inside of the conclusion.

This information should give you all the means you need to write a 5 paragraph essay on worker’s remittance. Backed up with our 10 facts on this topic as well 20 topics and 1 sample essay it will result into a solid academic paper for you.

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