How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay on American Culture

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Posted on December 4, 2015

A five paragraph essay is a standard essay which, once learned, serves as the foundation for all other forms of writing. This format is important to learn because it will help to structure nearly all academic writing assignments going forward.
To begin a five paragraph essay, you need a topic. In some cases, your teacher will give you one, in others they may allow you some leeway in the selection of your topic. With the topic in hand, you need to formulate a thesis statement. The thesis functions as a single statement which presents the purpose of your paper. It should be the first or last sentence in your introductory paragraph which is where you will introduce the points you are going to make in support of your thesis. There are three body paragraphs inside of which you can present three key components to support your thesis. If, for example, you are claiming that American culture has changes a lot, you must present three key findings each in a separate paragraph to support that idea. You might explain it on the example of music in the first paragraph, art in the second paragraph, and cinematography the third paragraph. The conclusion is the fifth and final paragraph where you remind the reader of the three points you made and what evidence you had to back them up.
The structure for all 5 paragraph essays is as follows:

  1. Introduction. This is where you introduce your topic, where you provide your reader with an idea of how your essay will be organized and what three points you will be making to support your claim.
  2. First body paragraph. This should encompass one of your three points with evidence. This evidence can come in the form of data, statistics, quotes from experts, logic, or reason, from reputable sources.
  3. Second body paragraph. The same details for the first body paragraph are true here, such that you need to support your claim with evidence.
  4. Third body paragraph. Again, the same details for the first body paragraph are true here, insofar as you must support your claims with evidence.
  5. The last paragraph. This is where you remind the reader of your claim and what three points you brought up in your body paragraphs.

These are general guidelines that will be greatly helpful in producing an academic paper. But if you want to make your assignment even worthier, then read our facts on American culture or use the topics that are prepared beforehand. This way you’ll optimize your writing process to the maximum. If you still need professional writing help from experts, feel free order a custom essay online at

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