Essay Sample on Wild Birds and Feeding Them

Posted on January 18, 2020

Feeding or watching of backyard birds or wild birds is popularly known as birding. It is one of the popular outdoor activities of people all around the world. Parks, farms, and other peaceful areas have become the popular habitats of these wild birds everywhere. Growing watching and feeding these feathered friends helps children as well as others to explore the fascinating features of nature at their doorstep itself. Bird lovers try to attract a variety of wild birds to the courtyards by offering quality feeding stuff in their premises.

The kind of food offered and the hygiene of the bird feeder are crucial factors in the matter of attracting and keeping wild birds. The variety and number of birds visiting the campus also depends upon the duration, attention, and consistency given by the bird watchers to their colorful guests. Watching, identifying, and classifying wild birds visiting the backyard oasis will help learn about wild birds since they are popularly grouped on the basis of physical specialties like size, feather color, beak shape, and so on.

Feeding the wild birds throughout the year will help attract strange varieties of migrating wild birds that belong to lands of extreme climates. Maintaining small insects and bugs in the garden will help those wild guests stay in the garden since they love to have spiders, mosquitoes, worms, and ants.

Another important thing which makes wild birds stay around your place is the availability of fresh water in every season without any break. However, interesting wild bird varieties like hummingbirds can be attracted to the habitat by offering nectar, red geraniums, coral-bells, and similar stuff.

If you have a garden, you have an opportunity to help birds see this place as a perfect stop in their daily routine. Providing a shallow ‘birdbath’ will really thrill the chirping guests since it will provide them with relief in the hot weather. The point is that water is especially important for seed-eating creatures that usually deal with dry meals and are in need to wash them down. Trees, shrubs, or similar vegetation and an artificial setup of small waterfall producing a dripping sound will present a heaven to those friendly guests. It is important to keep an eye on the birdbath in order to make sure that it does not freeze in the cold season. If you happen to defrost it, you must not use salt because this will become lethal for the birds.

When feeding wild birds, it is great if people do their best in order to let these beautiful creatures of nature build their own homes. If you have already put up some nest boxes in your garden, the birds will definitely find them comfortable. However, it is even better if the birds create their nest spots naturally. Many people provide hedges with solid cover in order to allow birds to create natural nests.

Finally, make sure to make your little friends feel at home in your garden. How can you possibly do that? Well, it is recommended to reduce the opportunities for cats or any other predators to hunt for birds by placing the feeders in a safe place. If it’s the breeding time, people need to make sure to avoid using garden netting. Actually, using garden netting is not recommended in any case. People should place bird feeders away from their places. This will let them reduce the risk of little flying wonders colliding with the house windows.

Offering a calm, noiseless cool habitation will make those little ones stay anywhere since safety and food together defines their life.
What is this situation with feeding wild birds all about? The point is that people who admire nature and love birds have a unique opportunity to see what happens to these wonderful creatures when they’re living in the wilderness. In order to see whether all of your efforts have been effective, it is important for you to track all the changes in their numbers in your garden. For instance, try to monitor what is the impact of very cold or hot weather on the species or numbers of birds that live in your garden. If people do so, they will be able to plan potential changes that may occur in the future and know how to deal with them.

Remember, birds will definitely visit your garden if you provide enough food and a comfortable and safe environment for them.

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