Essay Sample on HR Technique during Periods of Change and Uncertainty

Posted on February 13, 2008

It is widely believed that one can fool anybody for all time, one can fool everybody for a short time but it is impossible to fool everybody for all time. This is the focal point of the above statement. I believe that an organization is a long termed project and not just a sort termed profit making scam. To attain success in the long term and attain success an organization must look into issues that would help the organization in the long term. One such issue is to maintain sustainability over a long period of time and to attain sustainability the most important variable related to an organization is Trust with a capital T. It is this trust that helps an organization to be fruitful and develop. By using the word ‘trust’ it is not meant to be applicable to any specific firm or individual. It is not only applicable towards clients and suppliers but it is relevant to everybody associated with the company or organization.

This principle could be formulated into a HR technique that would yield surplus in the long run. Trust is not just about the stake holders of the company but more so it is applicable towards its employees too. There is no meaning of showing a bright future where there is none; rather it would be far more positive attitude to reveal everything that is true about the organization. It is not only a moral approach but a trust building operation that would prove to be helpful in future and a HR manager would never let go a chance to win the faith of a worker. (Mukherjee, 28) Revealing the open truth about the company is the most effective way of taking an employee into complete confidence.

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