How to Write a Compare & Contrast Essay in Tourism

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Posted on October 3, 2019

It seems that people compare and contrast different things all the time. Do we want to go to Italian or Chinese restaurant? Should we give preference to city sightseeing or beach vacation? Do we want to go by train or should we book a flight? You understand what it comes down.

When your college professor wants you to complete a comparing and contrasting essay in tourism, what he or she wants you to learn is how to consider two different items, evaluate them and find out what they have in common and in what way they are different. When you know how to compare things in a touristic sphere and to evaluate them like an educated researcher, you will be easily comparing things in your everyday life.

Despite the fact that the structure and style of a comparing and contrasting essay differs slightly from the standard college essay, the paper is still based on the same concepts: you, as the author, have to research your topic, organize your thoughts to make sure your reader understands you and draws some new things from your assignment.

The structure of the comparing and contrasting essay in tourism is similar to the structure of a standard college essay. For instance, you are still required to write a strong thesis statement, but the body paragraphs will differ from the ones that, let’s say, an argumentative essay has. This is due to the fact that you are working with two different subjects and figuring out in what way they are similar or different. That is why you will have to use an organizational structure in order to compare and contrast the chosen items properly. How can you do that? There are two ways that are available. First of all, you can apply the ‘block method’ that implies writing subject-by-subject in the body paragraphs. Second of all, consider the ‘point-by-point technique’ that involves you organizing the paragraphs around various points that you’re making about the chosen items.

Last, your compare and contrast essay in tourism will still need to have a conclusion. This part will still be summarizing the main issues. However, the conclusion in the compare and contrast essay will be also some kind of an evaluation of what you have learned when examining and comparing the subjects. What item is worse? Which one is better? Why did you even decide to compare these two subjects?
Now that you have an idea of what elements your paper should have, go on reading to see how this is going to look like in a paper. In our guide, we will use the ‘block method’ examples. We will check some sample outline that will help you to get the idea of the process.

The Block Method

In a comparing and contrasting essay in tourism, one uses the ‘block method’ in order to discuss everything relevant to one topic at a time. Use this method only if you’re having a really hot discussion of a topic and you believe your audience will find it difficult and confusing to switch between two items. For instance, imagine you are writing a comparing and contrasting essay about the differences between Las Vegas and Paris. Here is how your outline will look like based on the method:

1. Introduction

  • A short introduction to your topic. When you’re planning a trip to some of the biggest cities on earth, Las Vegas and Paris may appear on your list. But what if you are torn between seeing these two cities? They may both be huge metropolises, but they couldn’t have more different types of activities or vibes while you’re staying.
  • Your thesis statement. While Las Vegas has many things to offer to the most demanding tourists, Paris has its special charm of old Europe that you can’t find anywhere in the United States and should be chosen by travelers.

2. Body paragraphs

  • Topic sentence about Item A. From movie-perfect scenery like the Eiffel Tower to historic places like Notre Dame de Paris to fun activities like Moulin Rouge, the chances are you will never get bored in Paris.
    • Claim 1 about Item A. Here the author might state something about how stunning Paris is with its outdoor activities, and then say that nothing can beat the view from the Eiffel Tower.
    • Claim 2 about Item A. At this point, the author might write more about the history of Paris and how different districts have a huge significance in not just this part of the country, but the whole France.
    • Claim 3 about Item A. On this claim, you have to write about how fun the City of Lights is. It is important to mention Auteuil Greenhouse Gardens – the historical garden that gathers different kinds of gardens together, and the apartment of Victor Hugo – a famous French writer whose place has also been converted into a museum. At the end of this claim, you have to provide a transition sentence to make sure your readers won’t get confused when you start discussing Las Vegas in the following paragraphs.
  • Topic sentence about Item B. Las Vegas is the source of never-ending entertainments. The city has many different restaurants and at the same time it has the same charm that Paris is known for. But it is harder to get around in Las Vegas.
    • Claim 1 about Item B. At this point, you should list all the advantages that visiting Las Vegas brings in. Make sure to mention all the places like Bellagio, Grand Canyon National Park and the High Roller at the LINQ. We should mention how the city is typically sunny and has lots of casinos that make it fun to enjoy the weather and get some quick bucks. Make sure to mention some of the most popular restaurants and cafés such as Edge Steakhouse, Kabuto and Steak ‘n Shake.
    • Claim 2 about Item 2. When you provide this second claim about your Item 2, make sure to talk about how many visitors would like to visit some of the biggest local casinos when they are in Las Vegas, but usually they realize how difficult it is to find the parking place there and how easy it is to lose all the money.
    • Claim 3 about Item 3. At this point, the author should discuss how hard it is to get around the American city. Even though there is some public transport, it is not enough and you have to rent a car when you’re in Las Vegas. What is more, the traffic gets pretty bad at times. At the end of this claim, you should provide a transition sentences in order to move to the comparison paragraph without sounding like there’s something lacking.
  • Topic sentence that links Item A and Item B. Even though both Paris and Las Vegas have reasonable advantages, if you have to choose which place to visit, your preference should be given to Paris, that’s for sure.
    • What things are similar between these two items? Here the author should write something about how two cities are attractive to the visitors and that travelers will likely have some fun in both places.
    • What things are dissimilar between these two items? At this stage, you should talk about how the USA and France have two completely different vibes and that, in the long run, Paris has more historical, cultural and fun things to do than Las Vegas does.

3. Conclusion

  • What conclusions can you draw when you compare these two items? At this point, you have to say something about why it is highly crucial to ensure you properly consider where you’d like to spend your vacation. The thing is that you have to guarantee that you will have fun and spend your money wisely. Clearly, Paris would be the best choice for the reason that the visitors would have much fun without all the big city stress that Las Vegas in known for. Moreover, the travelers would have more time to get to know the city.
  • Is there any further research that you have to do? At this point, the author might say something about how important it is to compare places from your list when you’re planning to go somewhere.
  • Is there the third item that the author should compare the two items to? You have an opportunity to briefly mention that there are many other fun places that one can visit in the United States of America or Europe.

Read, Read, Read!

If you believe you can write a compare and contrast essay in tourism without reviewing additional material, make sure to think twice. It is a very bad idea to work on any kind of college project without thorough reading. This will most likely lower your grade. Before you begin to work on the paper, make sure to check all possible sources. Read research papers, articles, journals, blogs, books or anything else that is related to tourism and your topic in particular. Jot down notes in order to check them when you are in the process of writing. This will help you for sure.

Use Compare & Contrast Transitions

In case with the comparing and contrasting essays, there are some expressions, words and phrases that help you transfer from one argument to the next one with an element of comparing and contrasting between them. When you use these expressions, you give your readers an opportunity to see if the items are different or similar easier, faster and with no confusion included. What is more, they also specify what kind of conclusions you have drawn, and make your paper look complete.
Check out some of the contrast identifiers: on the other hand, otherwise, unlike, yet, whereas, on the contrary, contrarily. Also, pay attention to the comparison identifiers: in like manner, similarly, likewise, in common with, also, as well, in the same way.

Writing comparing and contrasting essays in the sphere of tourism can be challenging and frightening for most college students. But the truth is that when you know the basic rules and principles that exist, you realize that these papers are easy to deal with. The process requires some planning and time. Make certain to check and read carefully reference materials. In the process, you have to write notes. After that, create the Venn diagram or Idea Chart to ease the process of preparing and writing a compare and contrast essay even more.

You, as the paper’s author, have to keep each paragraph to the point and concise. Always remain fair even if you do not agree with this or that statement and be unbiased. If you do sound biased, be ready that your grade will appear lower than you expect. Without a doubt, you have the right to make some judgements in your conclusion. However, don’t provide the unfair outcome to the matter. After all, tourism is a very interesting sphere, which means you will find a lot of impressive materials that will be enough to write a complete comparing and contrasting essay.

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