Three-Paragraph Essay Example: Is the Death Penalty Effective?

Posted on March 24, 2024

Students usually begin their school and college years with a three-paragraph essay. It has the simplest structure because it includes only one paragraph of an introduction, one paragraph of a body, and one paragraph of a conclusion. As a rule, professors assign this task to teach students how to write a well-structured paper. It is easier for educators to teach students to write an essay that has only three parts. Students understand what to do when everything looks simple. Easy samples are easy to follow. When students master 3-paragraph papers, they will be better at writing 5-paragraph essays and other volume papers such as thesis papers, dissertations, course works, and case studies.

The first paragraph introduces a thesis statement and a hook. A student’s job is to attract a reader’s attention by a striking quote or fact. It is essential to select a great topic that can intrigue the target audience. The second part belongs to the body. There, a person supports the provided statement with facts and shreds of evidence to convince the target reader of the chosen viewpoint. The last part belongs to a conclusion. Its task is to restate the thesis statement and challenge the reader. The best option is to ask a controversial question or provide a problem that readers would like to solve.

Learners experiment with different essay types such as persuasive, narrative, descriptive, and argumentative in PDF and Word formats. Depending on the demanded essay type, a person should start and finish the paper accordingly. The biggest advantage of this paper is its simple structure. The biggest disadvantage of an essay with only three paragraphs is its limited word count. It is impossible to write too long paragraphs because they will confuse the readers. In this case, five-paragraph papers win because they give more space and freedom to express one’s viewpoint. Below one can find a 3-paragraph essay example. It has the following structural components.

  1. Introduction
    Hook (a citation of Heinrich Heine)
    Facts and two-side presentation of the problem.
  2. Body
    Vivid examples of justice and injustice.
    Explanation of why death penalties must be canceled.
  3. Conclusion
    Facts and samples to prove the chosen point of view.

It is hard to speak about things that one has never seen before. That is why a good sample lets students get an idea about how to create a decent paper.

At college, you, as a student, are going to face a large number of essay-writing assignments, and even if you have no problems setting up a catchy topic for your essay now, at a certain stage of a college journey, students are more likely to face such an issue. In this article, you can find some information that could help you come up with a hooking topic for your paper, as well as get a 3-paragraph example of a college essay that would be your practical guide.

When you are searching for a 3-paragraph persuasive essay example or any other practical guide to help you craft a strong essay, this article is what you need.

How Can a Strong Example of 3-paragraph Essay Help You with Writing

Most students do not know how a sample essay on a different topic can help them with their writing. Well, even if you are working on a paper that discusses a different topic, you can always consult such an example to develop fresh and creative ideas. Here are some tips on how to use our example essay.

  • Topic composition. First, let us assure you that professional academic writers with years of experience in the field write all the examples you see on our website. Thus, if you can’t narrow down your topic, you can see how expert writers do the stuff.
  • Structure. At times, it could be a real challenge to write a short essay. Discussing an issue, your imagination can go further and further, and you won’t even realize when you have written a 2,000-word essay. Thus, browse a sample and see how a professional has composed a 3-sentence paragraph example to present the key issue of the paper.
  • Evidence. Learn how to stay precise and clear, producing evidence, and how to deliver your idea to the fullest.
  • Language. When working on a specific type of essay, you may be confused about the language to use. For example, writing a persuasive essay and an essay about yourself will require different narrations.
  • Introduction and conclusion. These parts are essential for they carry the main idea of your writing. If you are unsure your essay has a strong intro and conclusion, read an example and get some insights.

These are just a few reasons to consult a professionally-written essay example when you are working on your own paper. And now, we are moving to the examples themselves.

3-paragraph Speech Example: “Is the Death Penalty Effective?”

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The question of whether the death penalty is effective has gained a lot of concerns. Some people think that it serves as a deterrent against heinous crimes, providing justice for victims and as an example for other people who are on the brink and have some criminal intentions. Studies have shown mixed results: some present potential positive effects of capital punishment, but others show no significant impact on crime rates. Moreover, this issue raises many ethical concerns; researchers wonder how to deal with such cases when innocent individuals are wrongfully convicted.

Talking about this issue, we should pay attention to many factors. First, the financial issue. The death penalty expenses are often substantial, and they even exceed those of life imprisonment. Also, the death penalty question raises issues of systemic bias within the criminal justice system. And finally, we, as a society, should decide if capital punishment aligns with our values of justice, fairness, and human rights.

In conclusion, I think you will agree that the death penalty issue is complex and multifaceted, and it requires careful consideration. While proponents argue its effectiveness, the evidence remains inconclusive, and ethical concerns persist. We must do everything possible to uphold the principles of justice and fairness as well as ensure that our criminal justice system serves the interests of all members of society.

Thank you!

3-paragraph Essay About Yourself Example: “Is the Death Penalty Effective?”

The issue of the death penalty is deeply personal to me because it touches both moral and practical considerations. On the one hand, proponents argue that this is a very fair punishment that can be a good lesson for the person him/herself and their family, as well as can be an excellent example for other criminals. On the other hand, the inherent flaws in the justice system raise concerns about the risk of executing innocent individuals and the potential for racial or socioeconomic biases to influence sentencing.

I have been thinking about the ethical implications of capital punishment for some time in my life. On the one hand, the inner desire for justice claims that the death penalty is a fair price for a person who killed another individual, for example. But on the other hand, the idea of an innocent person being put to death scared me. In recent years, I have become quite skeptical of the death penalty because much evidence shows that it does not really work. In light of studies suggesting that the death penalty has a limited impact on crime rates, I do not think that such a punishment can be a reasonable verdict.

Today, my stance on the death penalty evolved into a firm opposition due to moral and empirical evidence. I believe that well-organized preventive measures, including rehabilitation and education, can be more effective. By cultivating a society prioritizing compassion and equity over retribution, we can show an actual society’s progress.

Narrative essay example: 3-paragraph essay on “Is the Death Penalty Effective?”

Proponents claim that the death penalty serves as a deterrent to crime and teaches other potential criminals that the cost of their actions may be too high. In this case, the government motivates others to make the right choices. On the contrary, the opposers talk about its moral implications, the potential for wrongful convictions, and the lack of evidence proving that it positively influences crime statistics.

Proponents are confident that capital punishment deters individuals from committing serious crimes, such as murder, and the fear of facing capital punishment may influence their evil intentions. At the same time, opposers provide arguments claiming that the death penalty is ineffective as a deterrent and fails to address the root of crime. Most studies show that capital punishment does not reduce crime rates.

Today, the death penalty’s effectiveness in deterring crime and delivering justice continues to be scrutinized. Some deeper examination and research of its ethical and practical implications are needed to present a fair verdict.


  1. What is 3-paragraph example?

  2. This is a real essay, written by a professional academic writer, that could help you create your own paper easier.

  3. How to write a 3-paragraph essay example?

  4. Our professional academic writers constantly produce essay examples for those students who need writing help yet can’t afford customized assistance. You only need to search for the needed essay type or topic and follow the workflow.

  5. Can I copy some material from your example essays?

  6. You can use sample essays only as a practical guide for writing your own paper because any copy-pasting can be considered plagiarism. If you use proper citations, you certainly can use the information from our samples.

  7. Where to find relevant information about the death penalty?

You can consult various academic journals (JSTOR, PubMed, or Google Scholar), government publications (reports, statistics, policy papers, etc.), legal databases, criminology books, scholarly conferences, etc.

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