30 Thematic Essay Ideas

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Posted on December 27, 2021

The most common type of work that students face is essays, or more precisely, writing a thematic essay. Pupils get lost when they are told the phrase, “Choose a topic for your essay yourself.” Let’s open a secret: if you can’t come up with it, that’s absolutely normal. This article was written to help all students who cannot come up with thematic essay topics. Today will be reviewed thematic essay ideas.

General Essay Writing Guidelines

An essay is always divided into three parts: the introduction, the body of the essay, and the conclusion.

  • Introduction. Many people wonder how to write an introduction to an essay. The most laconic here will look like a story about what the reader should expect. Present your topic and outline the main points.
  • The main part. The main rule of this part: more examples and arguments. Before writing a thematic essay, you need to read many sources with information, analyze the collected information and put it together.
  • Conclusion. In this part, you must summarize all the information and complete the essay. You can simply rephrase what you said at the beginning if you can’t think of something. The main thing is not to repeat yourself unnecessarily.

If you have any difficulties with writing a thematic essay, you can always use examples from the Internet.

Writing Ideas

  1. Tastes Don’t Argue Or Modern Fashion Problem
  2. Public Transport Etiquette
  3. Family Values in Different Countries of the World
  4. Differences Between The Cultures of The Nations of the World
  5. Overpopulation Problem And Its Solutions
  6. The Problem Of Alcoholism
  7. Problems of the Modern World and Ways to Solve Them
  8. Parenting: Difficulties and Ways to Solve Problems
  9. The Problem Of Large Age Differences In Relationships
  10. Disease Problem
  11. What is Love From The Point Of View Of Different Sciences
  12. How to Understand Body Language?
  13. Choosing a Profession: Basic Difficulties
  14. Why Are There Difficulties When Choosing a Partner?
  15. The Dream of Becoming a Doctor: How to Realize?
  16. Is the Journalist Profession Dangerous?
  17. Should the state cover the costs of children
  18. School Years Are Great
  19. The Influence Of Society On The Formation Of A Child’s Views
  20. Importance of Books
  21. Should I Read?
  22. Reading and Erudite – Synonyms?
  23. Difference Between Marketing And Digital Marketing
  24. Modern Marketing Wars
  25. Top 5 Ways To Spend Time With Friends
  26. Top 10 Ways To Motivate Yourself
  27. The Solution To The Job Shortage Problem
  28. Guide: How to Get Fame
  29. The City of Dreams
  30. Contemporary Music Vs Classics

Final Word

30 essay topics were reviewed today. Among them, you will definitely find what is right for you. The main rule is to interest the reader from the first lines. Then any topic will instantly become interesting. Practice is another important point. Not a single case is complete without practice. If you practice, the essay will eventually cease to be a difficult task. Essays for 1000 words, if you try very hard, you can write in an hour and a half. However, such a volume is not always given, usually, this figure is much less.

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