Essay Sample on the Role of Black Citizens in Elections

Posted on February 27, 2008

Blacks or African Americans have gone a long way since the slave trading days, pre-civil war. They have successfully re-invented themselves into productive and rightful citizens of the United States. They were given right to vote and the Blacks history against Republican candidates became a tool that Democrats took advantage of in balancing the political power, by using Black votes, which composed a whooping 15% of the voting populace, against the Republicans. As stated by Walters, “Black presence has often been decisive in determining the outcome of presidential elections” (Walters, 1).

However, even though Blacks were given such freedom to exercise their voting prowess, they are still considered a minority and don’t hold any important representations. They are merely used as tools, a strategic ploy by the Democrats to attract more votes and win more points through the support of the Black citizens over their rivals, the conservative Republicans.

“The cost of social (permanent racial minority) status based upon an imperfect social contract for Blacks is that rarely has it been possible to participate in crucial decisions such as the selection of national leadership in a manner which reflects the “interests” of Black (interests defined here as both racial preference and race-related issue preference) through what is called “sincere” or “straightforward” voting (Walters, 3).

In addition, racism still plays an important role in determining whether American citizens are ready to accept a Black President. This matter can be traced back to the pre-civil war roots and although Blacks were given freedom, they are not yet free enough to take over or make a crucial point in US Presidential Elections.

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