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Posted on March 15, 2022

The studying years either at school, college or university are not always so bright as everything usually depicted in movies. You won’t come across only partying all night long, or easily skipped classes with no consequences. Instead, there is continuous stress, exams, your studying progress for maintaining the scholarship, as well as numerous assignments. One may come across many difficulties when it comes to essay writing.

For instance, it concerns your language style, grammar nuances, or specific knowledge of academic vocabulary. You should spend enough time mastering it all or access free essay examples for acknowledging typical educational requirements. Nowadays, free essay samples are widely available online, which students rely on. Some do also make one mistake, they simply surf online for the best essay examples, and copy-paste them. It is always a wrong turn. They serve one purpose – to help a student understand the basic academic expectations from their writing, and research.

This guide is aimed at providing students with the best essay samples. They will help one understand what different types of essays stand for, their formatting requirements among others. Beyond that, you can apply them to a number of disciplines including Art, English, Ethics, and so on. Ready to change your essay writing for good? Off we go!

Top Free Essay Database 2022 – Come and Grab It!

Have a look at our free essay database to find the 2022 samples for your academic writing. Grab writing tips and professional advice on learning brief argumentative, evaluation, classification, and scholarship essays specifics among others. For more instructions, after each type of essay, you can find a link to check the exact example.

If you are not sure about your writing skills, a professional essay is your best way to learn in practice. Have a look at an example essay, learn how it has to be composed, how to present the key point, and provide arguments. With such a professional roadmap in front of you, you will definitely come up with a masterpiece with ease.

The database of essay samples involves the major disciplines and subjects which you can come across in most educational establishments. Starting from common themes when you are assigned to English, ending with hard-nuts-to-crack when it comes to research in History. There are more complex examples alongside grades 5, 6, 7, 8, and so on.

Art Classic English Literature Composition
English Film and Theater Studies History
Literature Music Philosophy
Poetry Religious Studies Shakespeare
Anthropology Economics Ethics
Psychology Sociology Tourism
Women’s and Gender Studies Accounting Business Studies
Finance Human Resources Management Logistics
Management Marketing Astronomy
Biology Chemistry Ecology
Geology Mathematics Statistics
Criminal justice Criminal law Education
Family and Consumer Science Health Care IT web
Law Leadership Studies Medicine
Nutrition/Dietary Public Administration Sports

If you have specific cravings regarding other disciplines, feel free to contact us for more information.

Argumentative Essay Examples

The first type of essay for which you can find examples is argumentative. An argumentative essay is simply a research paper where your goal is to overlook the controversial materials (issue, object, phenomenon, event, etc.), and then provide some kind of evidence, and facts to form arguments against or for that of your position. Prior to building an argumentative essay outline, you can find lots of topics for any liking and preference. Starting from easy-to-approach essays where you speak of the pros and cons of smoking, and ending with more complex topics with evidence against abortions in certain US states. To be the utmost safe with your pick, do double-check the topic for its level of research because some may be so overused by students that you won’t write anything new.

All the argumentative essay sample offerings involve a typical structure with the introduction, researched main body, and conclusion. There will be catchy hooks and thesis statements, detailed arguments that may inspire some debates and negotiations if you declare your essay, as well as the right referrals to the thesis when you write a conclusion.

Beyond that, the argumentative essay format will include some features like examples of argumentative facts, definitions which you may argue, values (how you can provide the importance of the essay), cause and effect perks, and final policies like why a reader should strive to learn more about the topic after acknowledging your essay.

Whenever you pick the right example of an argumentative essay, do ensure it will fit your professor’s requirements. On some occasions, when you are given freedom with the topics, you still need to double-check them to be safe. Otherwise, while acknowledging the examples, you should avoid practices of copy-pasting, since it will lead to plagiarism and poor grades.

Descriptive Essay Examples

A descriptive essay, as its name suggests, is simply about explaining a thing in detail. You can take an object, place, event, emotion, experience for describing, however, by complying with the academic standards. When it comes to descriptive writing examples, you will definitely find the samples that cover trite options like describing places you feel love for while visiting, or more complex ones when you need to describe academically how it is to live in space (you will need to operate space/astronomy terminology, and theories).

Then, with the descriptive paragraph examples, you can check that most students obligatorily involve 5 known senses while describing their objects such as sight, touch, smell, taste, and hear. Why? Because, one has to help a reader experience the piece of writing in full, discovering sympathy or cravings towards learning something new. If your essay does not provoke any senses or emotions, something is going wrong.

The structure for a descriptive essay contains a 5-paragraph outline with the introduction, at least 3 main body paragraphs (if you have lots of information to write about, you can involve 5 paragraphs), and a conclusion. Beyond that, such descriptive essays may be written in two ways – either describing your personal objects, or imaginative. The examples:

  • Personal descriptive essay – places or people you love the most, objects that bear the importance or certain value to you, skills crucial to being successful, and which you possess among others;
  • Imaginative descriptive essay – what it might be like living underground, in space, in a country with Muslim laws among others. You simply write by showing your skills of imagination. Yet, to be honest, such a way of writing descriptive papers is commonly found in elementary and middle schools.

On some occasions, a professor may ask you to proceed with a conceptual descriptive prompt as well, where you will operate with the descriptions of envy, hatred, boredom, and so on.

Some tips for writing a descriptive text example is to make your writing about objects alive, no matter how strange it may sound. Do not focus on providing a literal description of them, but give some of your own considerations. Do use figurative language and strong vocabulary, which might show your expertise in the field.

Expository Essay Examples

When it comes to expository writing examples, you are most likely to mistake this type for others. First off, you should understand that it stands for your examination of the subject, the way it is some kind of research. You investigate the picked subject, provide analysis with the existing or acquired evidence, and provide a reader with a brief/detailed report.

What about mistake practices? Depending on your educational establishment requirements, an expository essay may be with focus on compare and contrast, problem-solution, cause and effect, process, and classification research. For instance, if you study journalism, expository paragraph examples may involve the structures for newspaper articles or journals. So, you will investigate the news, and shed light on the existing outcomes of them. As you may guess, you cannot focus on providing personal thoughts but clearing up all confusions to give readers facts, facts, and facts. No biased opinions.

Some tips for students who deal with expository essay definition is to:

  • Focus on third-person narration. You do not need to write about yourself, same as you do not need to provide any advice by using second-person narrations;
  • If you cannot come up with the best report on your object, you should double-check it all with a professor for recommendations;
  • Examination of the objects should be deprived of too emotional language, even when you have so many arguments against them. Stick to formal, strict type of drawing conclusions;
  • If applicable, you can add comparisons, quotations, anecdotes, and third definitions;
  • If you want to make your expository essay even more advanced, you can find and research charts, and graphs. They will help to understand the subject better.

As for the structure, everything is typical – introduction with a strong hook and thesis, main body with at least 3 paragraphs, and more if you add charts, comparison, as well as a conclusion.

Now, a little about the right examples. Try to be interesting to yourself. No need to go for such obvious topics as History of Your Country. Nah. Narrow them – History of Indian conflicts, or History of the Constitution among others. It will cater to detailed research. Then, you can also pick something like these – How to deal with Hiccups? Interesting Facts about Yahoo, Google, Facebook among others.

Narrative Essay Examples

Narrative essays are usually well-tolerated by students because they are simple in formatting, and you have a huge pool for choosing the topics. A narrative essay is a piece of writing where you generally speak of your personal experience or certain morals you want to deliver to the reader. Yet, it should not look like a biography or entertaining tale. You narrate the story the way it reflects some importance on the experience. If after reading your essay, a reader tries to correlate the mentioned experience to their own life, you are most likely to succeed.

Personal narrative examples will involve the plot, characters (you, and occasionally other people), setting, and catchy climax. As for the formatting requirements, they are the following:

  • Everything you narrate should come in chronological order. No need to jump from one experience to another one. Do it the way – cause and effect;
  • You can easily refer to dialogues if applicable by involving third characters. For instance, quotations and direct speeches of the characters involved in your personal experience. Yet, do always add with the utmost caution when you believe the context really lacks them;
  • You should focus on sensory details to provoke interest, sympathy or debates. Try to transfer the reader to your story the way they stand next to you, and experience the same emotions. Again, if you want a reader to smile or laugh during reading, you can add anecdotes which are fit the text;
  • Do not be scared to involve conflicts in the narration you experienced, however, ensure to back them all up with some conclusions;
  • You can also involve flashbacks and flash-forwards;
  • You write in the first person, however, if necessary, third-person narration may be used as well.

A personal narrative essay can be assigned to students who need to demonstrate their writing skills. Otherwise, some professors ask new students who just join the class to introduce themselves to the audience. On some occasions, such a piece of writing may be literally a “selling of yourself” but academically where you speak of your life challenges, and skills you acquired just to show others how you stand out from them all.

Deductive Essay Examples

Deductive essays are very important for students as well as professionals in certain fields just for exercising their deductive thinking. Everything is based around one particular concept, its accompanying circumstances, or clues with which a person tries to deliver an assumption. For example, you see broken glass on the floor and try to understand who is behind its breakage based on facts.

Deductive essay samples should consist of several parts. The first one is the premise which is a known fact or belief which you are going to use for drawing the conclusions. Depending on the topic, you can use several premises. The second part is evidence, which is a piece of information you have before you. Finally, it is the conclusion, which is your generalized analysis of the situation or belief. You simply refer to the introduction. Let’s show you an example:

  • Premise: all lions are animals;
  • Evidence: Simba is a lion;
  • Conclusion: Simba is an animal.

Yes, it is as simple as that. You can use such an exercise for other objects, and situations to train your deductive thinking.

The best deductive paragraph example databases stand for clarity and focus. Every written paragraph should be focused on a particular aspect or point with details, and occasional examples to help readers train their deduction as well. You should not provide a reader with biased assumptions, everything should be backed up.

To make your deductive essay academically fit, you should also remember to use special phrases including – In the first place, In the second place, Additional to that, Yet another reason why Pursuing this further among others. It helps a reader to understand the logic and follow your assumptions again with the chronological order. By taking a topic – A Harm of Friendship, you can speak of your experience by making friends, and providing examples of how it harmed you with facts, and evidence alongside assumptions why it may harm others.

Analytical Essay Examples

When you are assigned an analytical essay, you can come across two of its purposes. First, a professor may expect you to train yourself as a writer, and thinker. Secondly, you can proceed with writing such papers to boost your writing skills and comprehension of certain subjects. For instance, analytical writing examples dedicated to Cyberbullying will involve your research of the phenomenon and its effects on the youth.

Taking into consideration online newspapers and magazines, you can also face such articles with critical analysis that benefit readers. You do not simply read the news, but also acknowledge the sense of what is going on in the world. While writers carry the goal of educating the readers on a variety of topics including politics, economics, art, architecture, culture, and many others.

Typical analytical paragraph example may hint you at a thesis creation or a hook that can draw the readers’ attention the most.

How to write an analytical essay? Most experts recommend following the next tips:

  • Choose the right topic that may provoke interest. Logically to assume, no need to analyze obvious themes like the harm of smoking or the benefits of sport. If applicable, ask your professor for some prompts. If also possible, you can ask for really non-trite topics with students’ networks in social media or messengers where they daily share some tips on assignments;
  • Start with the thesis. Remember that a thesis dictates your further analysis. If you do not manage to make it catchy, a reader won’t be interested in acknowledging your paper. You can check the examples to a thesis as well, however, ensure you come up with your own one;
  • Make a list of main points. 3-5 paragraphs are required for the analytical papers. Therefore, each paragraph should involve 1 particular argument and all the accompanying facts and evidence with analysis;
  • Back up your arguments always. If a reader cannot find the explanation to any of your arguments, it means that the analysis has failed. The same concerns the further questions. You should leave a reader fully satisfied with the information;
  • Put it all together with designated phrases and linkers.

When you need inspiration on an analytical paper example, you should ensure to find the samples taking into consideration your grade. The samples for high school and university differ in formatting and academic requirements.

Response Essay Examples

Some classes or educational courses may involve the writing of response essays, which are actually fun. Another term for such a paper is a reaction, and it stands for describing and narrating your thoughts, emotions, or considerations toward something you have read, watched, and experienced.

A response paper example will be focused on the following points:

  • Your own agreement or disagreement with the main ideas found in the book/movie and so on;
  • Your reaction on how those ideas can relate to your own life;
  • Reaction on how those ideas are related to other things you have experienced;
  • Detailed analysis of the author/director and their audience. You can refer to their biographies or find some interesting facts that may fit the context of your text;
  • Final evaluation of how the subject tries to convince readers, and whether it succeeds with such a task.

With one or another summary response essay example, you can see the following phrases that make texts academically fit:

  • I see that/I feel that
  • It seems that/It looks as if
  • In my opinion/To my mind
  • Because
  • A good quote is/A good point is
  • In addition/Additionally
  • For example/For instance
  • Moreover
  • However/Yet
  • Consequently
  • Finally/In conclusion

Your main goal is to correctly introduce the reader to your response. Therefore, you have to focus on making the correct introduction. For instance, it should start with the sentence where you specify the title, author, and publication you read. The second, third, and fourth if needed sentences will be focused on a brief summary of what you have read (Please, do not go into detail because there won’t be any sense of reading the rest). The fifth sentence is your thesis where you agree, disagree or evaluate the subject.

The structuring of your main bodies will fall for – Author and You considerations or Author in contrast to You considerations. The conclusion is easy because you just refer to your thesis. When overlooking critical response essay examples, check also how a writer uses figurative language or a tone.

Informative Essay Examples

Informative essay definition has one simple mission – to educate a reader on a particular topic. You can either define one term or word, compare and contrast the event, analyze information, or provide instructions similar to how-to papers. On the other hand, you do not have to provide any opinions or persuade the reader. You just describe a subject with no evaluation and analysis.

For instance, the informative essay format can be checked by entering the Wikipedia website. All the articles there fall for information essay stylistics. Agree that there are no persuasions or biased opinions. Then, you can find such examples by entering the website of any educational establishment. There will be texts aimed at educating you on the admission process or ongoing exams among others.

Prior to starting the actual writing, you should think of creating an informative essay outline. First off, choose the right topic that relates to your class. For example, educate a reader on famous biologists of the 21st century. You can pick 5 names, and just provide their biographies. Then, try to come up with a thesis that will introduce a reader to your informative paper. A thesis will stand either for one’s acknowledgment of Biologists’ contributions, or their failures in discoveries among others.

Your outline should include basic information without any detailed descriptions. The format of the informative essay needs at least 3 main body paragraphs. So, you can divide 3 paragraphs per 3 biologists. The conclusion will be a referral to your hook or thesis. On some occasions, it is possible to end such a type of essay with a rhetorical question or call to action. Please, double-check such a possibility with your professor.

When it comes to databases of informative essay examples, your target is to learn what the possible topics and language styles are. For instance, one writer can focus their writing on quotations, or even anecdotes. Another writer will add charts and graphs.

When you are done with checking examples, and proceed with the writing, do not forget about such basics as grammar/spelling checkers. On most occasions, Grammarly will be the best solution.

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

One of the most interesting assignments that predetermine inspiration and simply fun, is a compare and contrast essay. As the name suggests, you simply compare and contrast two objects, phenomenons, events, experiences, books, or movies depending on your professor’s specifications. You can use both similarities and differences or just stick to the similarities of the two.

Compare and contrast examples that you can find online may feature such topics as Governmental Practices between two countries. Then, the comparison and contrast of two authors who worked on the same genre. If your professor lets you choose any topic, you’d better write about something that provokes interest to you alone because it will cater to deeper research. For example, if you cannot resist loving K-POP culture today, just pick two music bands and compare and contrast them. If you need a more academic topic, but still want something related to Korean culture, speak of their History taking into consideration the comparison of Conflicts in the 19th and 20th centuries and so on.

A comparison and contrast essay may be written by complying with two structures. First off, it is a block structure where you compare and contrast objects step-by-step. The second structure is point-by-point. You take similarity for one object and follow it by the similarity for the other. The same applies to differences.

To succeed with such types of papers, you need to use particular words and phrases. Most modern comparative essay example databases will involve texts that are powered with:

Comparison words

  • Similarly
  • Likewise
  • Both… and
  • Not only… but also
  • Neither… nor
  • Just like
  • Similar to
  • To be similar (to)
  • To be the same as
  • To be alike
  • To compare (to/with)

Contrast words

  • However
  • In contrast
  • In comparison
  • By comparison
  • On the other hand
  • While, whereas
  • but
  • To differ from
  • To be different (from)
  • To be dissimilar to
  • To be unlike

Ideally, each object should come with 5 features that can be compared and negotiated further on if you plan to declare your essay to the audience. Beyond that, if applicable, you are more than welcome to refer to already researched facts about two objects, and just compare someone’s findings against yours.

Composition Essay Examples

A composition essay is a piece of writing that may inspire much debate about its purpose and structure. First off, students cannot fully understand what it stands for exactly. Is this a simple essay? Or, is it a paper that should involve research? To help you understand, it is a piece of writing where you can write a composition about yourself or another person. You operate figurative language and assemble words and sentences to deliver a certain point. In educational establishments, compositions may be assigned to students just to check how they write, and what writing skills they possess.

The key takeaways regarding examples of composition writing are:

  • Composition is the art of structuring your words only. If you are at elementary school, a teacher is most likely to check how you deal with logical writing. If you are at a university, you will need to impress a professor with unbiased and complex sentences while delivering persuasive conclusions among others;
  • There are four modes of composition including description, narration, exposition, as well as argumentation. Such modes were codified back in the 19th century;
  • It does not predetermine any research. You do not need to involve any charts, graphs. If you want to, you can add some quotations, anecdotes, or personal stories but it is all optional.

Short composition examples can be represented in the way they deliver a writer’s point of view on the most memorable days or some kind of anger regarding the pandemic among others.

Depending on the set word count, the whole structure of the composition paper will need from you – Opening sentence where you introduce a topic, and your approach, ideas connected to the opening sentence, Details about those mentioned ideas, alongside a closing sentence.

A good example of composition is How I Spent My Summer. With such a topic, students are given freedom in narrating everything they came across that summer, and even how they feel now reflecting on those days. Otherwise, it may be a composition dedicated to your future career where you share your ideas on a profession of your dream or even salaries, why not?

Evaluation Essay Examples

Evaluation essays serve one goal – a student has to provide their opinion or viewpoint on a certain subject or body of work. You start with specifying a summary of the article with the help of a question, and then arguments that are backed up with examples, and evidence. On most occasions, it may resemble a persuasive essay. Then, you can also come across such an assignment as a self-evaluation essay. As you could guess, you will operate on some evidence or arguments regarding your persona such as skills, education, family background, and so on.

The first thing to do while writing an evaluation essay is to come up with a judgment in the form of a thesis. It should determine your primary focus on the essay, and then involve a basic explanation of your work to the reader. Note, you should be convincing but not biased. Only arguments with facts.

Then, you can use comparisons and contrasts as well to back up your arguments. When you critically evaluate essay examples, there might be brief descriptions of objects with their strengths and weaknesses. Upon concluding your paper, you have to summarize all the points and deliver one final thought. A reader should be left convinced after reading. They may develop the desire to learn more about the topic or think of it taking into consideration their life.

Let’s pretend you study hospitality and are offered to evaluate the restaurant. Your paper will definitely need to involve such factors as service, atmosphere, food quality, taste, value, price. Accordingly, a reader won’t need to check other reviews on the restaurant because your paper left them fully satisfied with the whole information. The same concerns brands, cars, mobile gadgets, and so on. Such examples can be accessed with TrustPilot or TripAdvisor, however, do understand that they are not so academically fit.

Cause and Effect Essay Examples

No need to reinvent the wheel with a cause and effect essay, it stands for what its name says. You just define the cause and effect and proceed with writing. It can have both positive and negative causes depending on your liking and preference. You need to ensure that your described causes have effects that are OBVIOUSLY dependent on each other. For instance, if you broke your leg, it makes you sad – sorry for such negativity, however, it demonstrates that both are related to each other. The same concerns the events when you receive a good grade, and it boosts your mood. While if you washed your car, and then it was raining, and you became frustrated, – no, friend, your car washing did not provoke the rain even though such jokes exist.

Then, the causes may provide effects not only on you but other people or situations as well. When checking online cause and effect paragraph examples, you can see, for example, Effects of Pollution topics. You speak of the key pollution causes and deal with their key effects, either on you or the world.

What to consider while building a cause and effect essay outline? Students start with asking themselves some questions like:

  • What causes, and their effects might relate to the subject and impress a professor?
  • What effects should be emphasized the most or the ones which you find the most important for a persuasion?
  • Can you find more than one effect of your described cause?
  • Can you back up your effects with some facts or evidence?

The cause-and-effect essay structure may be presented in the form of blocks. For instance, you have a first paragraph where you describe the cause with its definitions. The second paragraph will serve as a platform to present the first effect alongside some evidence. The third one is again concentrated on the next effect alongside some evidence, and so on. On most occasions, such papers are not very lengthy – 1,000 words are pretty enough.

Definition Essay Examples

If you have ever come across definition papers, you are most likely to have extensive vocabulary knowledge. At least, we hope so because the purpose of such essays is to write a definition on one specific word or term (a professor may also ask to write about a proverb or particular slang word). Yes, you may think – a definition of 500 words, but on a single word? Such requirements are pretty normal. It does not mean that you just copy-paste the definition, but also dive deeper with the word’s origin, and different meanings taking different cultures. Thus, at least 500 words of a word count are reachable.

To help you understand how to approach definition essay structure, check the following tips:

  • You should stick to more complex words and terms. For instance, terminology related to your studied subject may involve narrow vocabulary with words that may contain at least 5 meanings and several origins. Do not take such words as house, love, sky, table – everything is too obvious while defining them;
  • Ensure your picked word can be considered disputable. A word can have meanings that people interpret in their own way. Ideally, if the essay is going to be debated within a certain audience like your fellow students where you can all share your points of view on your word;
  • Pick the words you have a base of knowledge of or experience for. For instance, you pick a complex word which you at least have a basic idea of, and want to discover more perks about it. You alone are interested in writing such a paper;
  • Refer to several dictionaries. Depending on the dictionary you choose, you can come across different meanings of the word. You can all enlist in your paper.

For example, when you do a definition essay outline with the word “clip”, you can find many meanings of it such as video part, hairstyle making, or even a description of a naughty girl taking American slang.

Research Essay Examples

Oh, dear research essay! This type of paper is the one that may make one student tied to the chair in pursuit of hunting ideas or facts for their research. It is not an assignment that can be easily approached in 1-2 hours but one that involves thorough preparation, and many requirements to comply with. Yet, you should not be scared of it because, with the help of research paper samples, you can master everything.

Let’s start with the definition of a research paper. It stands for a piece of writing where you analyze the works of others, and compare their key arguments, thoughts, and ideas with your own ones. Similar to other essays, a research thesis is crucial because you have to demonstrate a brief summary to further your research. While the research essay format and structure are pretty the same including introduction, main body, and conclusion. Since research papers can be assigned to different disciplines, Maths and Physics subjects can also require you to turn to Methodology where your research will involve certain examples to problems solving and so on. If you study Journalism, you are most likely to involve questionnaires and polls to provide detailed research. So, each discipline may contain its own additional materials with research papers.

Note, on some occasions, students may mistake research papers with research proposals. Research papers carry one goal – demonstrate your academic knowledge of the subject and ability to analyze it. A proposal, in turn, is a persuasive piece of writing with which you have to convince a certain audience on the value of the researched object/subject.

To come up with the best research paper, upon proofreading, you have to ask yourself several questions including:

  • Is your thesis clear, logical, and concise?
  • Is your essay well-structured and does it flow from beginning to end with smooth transitions?
  • Do your key arguments and ideas follow a logical sequence in each block/paragraph?
  • Have you used accurate details and facts and avoided abused generalizations?
  • Do your arguments support and relate to your thesis?
  • Do you have any repetitions?
  • Are your sources properly cited?
  • Have you checked your essay for plagiarism?

Classification Essay Examples

A classification essay is a formal piece of writing where you demonstrate your ability or skills while categorizing and generalizing information. You are most likely to need to organize key things or ideas into groups and provide some examples. Yet, you alone decide the criteria for classification or discuss them with your professor or mentor.

The classification paragraph examples will include introduction hints. For instance, you start by identifying the subject – it can be literature genres, types of bad writers among others. You can occasionally provide a reader with a brief but specific description of your classified group – a brief description of literature genres you are willing to speak further on. After that, you deal with a thesis which usually comes at the end of the introduction. It will involve your approaches to investigating your picked group.

The main body part will go around categorizing, and generalizing your picked group again like literature genres. Each paragraph is dedicated to a particular genre, where you also add examples of authors or their books.

The concluding part gives you a chance to refer to the thesis. You need to demonstrate to a professor what and how you managed to categorize and generalize. Yet, please do avoid making one common mistake – students tend to add new information at the end. Then, a reader is like “Hmm, where did this information come from? Did I miss anything?” If you plan to declare your paper to the audience, you can also finish it with a question. For example, if taking a topic of literature genres, you can ask the audience – what genres do they find interesting or hard to deal with? Or, you can end your classifications with a rhetorical question that will bring some food for thought to the reader.

Opinion Essay Examples

An opinion essay is a piece of writing that provides a reader with your own opinion on a certain subject. You discuss it by providing supporting facts for such a point of view. You can add examples or evidence that can back up your vision. Yet, you should understand that you do not need to convince the reader. No persuasion is required.

When you start with the opinion essay structure, you should stick to the following dos and don’ts.


  • Introduce each paragraph with one idea, and dedicate only it, a whole block without involving other ideas;
  • Do use formal style with transition words, and academic phrases or linkers which may help a reader acknowledge all information in order;
  • You can use both first-person narration or third-person narration, in the case you speak of someone’s opinion about the subject;
  • You can provide a reader with quotations if they fit the context and bring any value. If you use them, ensure to learn how to decorate them properly for the text instead of simply inserting them.


  • Avoid using colloquial expressions such as ain’t or gonna. They do not stand for academic style, and may spoil your final grade;
  • Avoid using slang language except for the events when your opinion essay sample focuses on a slang topic. Still, such topics are pretty rare;
  • Don’t use short forms;
  • Don’t use too emotional a vocabulary. Better be short and concise. Simplicity is always appreciated.

With many opinions writing examples, you can see that such papers consist of at least 2 or 3 good reasons to support the opinion. Beyond that, they may involve agreements and disagreements. But, again, do not persuade a reader about one or another idea or push them to accept it. Just present your vision toward it, and explain how it benefits you.

To make your paper look fit for academic style, you should not neglect the importance of linkers and expressions, including:

  • In my opinion, Personally, I think/ I believe, I strongly believe that
  • It is clear that
  • I agree/disagree with, It seems to me that
  • As I see it, In my view
  • From my point of view
  • As far I am concerned
  • I am sure/ convinced that
  • I (dis)agree with the statement, because

Pro tip
This is an essay where you can forget about the “avoid I” rule everywhere. But to keep the text friendly to the reader and not become a broken record, you should balance your “I” statements with clear arguments and explanations. Be sure that you connect those facts into a story and your reader is able to understand it.

Persuasive Essay Examples

A persuasive paper stands for presenting a certain point of view on a subject with evidence and facts to convince a reader. You can either want to affect one’s opinion about the subject or simply sell a product or service if taking into consideration marketing specializations. The major pitfalls which may await students are that they may abuse emotive language and images as evidence. There should be arguments and examples. If applicable, you can operate on quotations.

The best approach to write such papers is to overlook persuasive writing examples online. You can check how writers persuade others, and what language style or just words they use. Then, to come up with the best persuasive essay outline, you obligatorily need to possess knowledge about persuasive techniques. As of now, there are 4 main techniques:

  • Repetition

Have you ever noticed that some ads and commercials tend to be so repetitive in words or phrases? Otherwise, you can sing a commercial song for the whole day. It is annoying, however, it affects your purchasing tendencies. You are most likely to choose that brand over others when you are offered a choice. When it comes to essays, you do not need to repeat the same sentence in each paragraph, however, you can repeat it using the other words among others.

  • Storytelling

It is a known fact that most people comprehend information better when it is presented through stories. Try to involve personal anecdotes, or third-person experiences, challenges in an abstractive way to shed the light on your persuasion topic.

  • Involve Dissents

We are all pretty cynical people, so using the dissents in your essays might provoke debates and more and more arguments. Encourage the reader to negotiate your key ideas. While they are too focused on disagreeing with you, you can provoke interest in the topic which might be your primary goal of the paper.

  • Call to action

Finally, the call to action serves perfectly. They work the same as with ads and commercials when the host triggers you to catch the deal while it comes with a 50% discount. An essay can end with a rhetorical question that pushes a reader to learn other works of the author among others.

Scholarship Essay Examples

What is the most serious essay type? Some students may say that it is a research paper because it predetermines much time involved in picking the right topics, evidence, ideas, methodology. It is partially true. Yet, those who want to pursue the education of their dream but do not have much money also name – scholarship essay.

How to define such papers? A scholarship essay stands for a piece of writing where you speak of yourself in pursuit of persuading the college/university commission to pick you rather than other candidates. It might be very tough because the popular specializations are usually powered by huge competition. Therefore, students either prepare such papers in advance or reinvent the wheel by copy-pasting others’ great descriptions by mimicking them as if they are their own.

The scholarship essay examples about yourself might involve such topics as:

  • How will this college/university scholarship change your life?
  • How have you contributed to your previous educational establishment/community?
  • Tell us about yourself. It can be family background, information on your existing knowledge and skills, and so on;
  • Tell us about a time you failed and what you learned from it. Speak of the challenges which you managed to overcome and how;
  • What are your academic and/or career goals?
  • What impact has sports/science had on your life?

Logically to assume, you have to be very sincere. If you believe you do not have any outstanding skills or backgrounds, it does not mean you cannot impress the commission. Do always remember that simplicity is the key. Do not try to copy-paste someone’s life to persuade them but try to decorate your ordinary abilities into something very magical or extraordinary.

Use strong and emotional language (you can check it with one or another scholarship essay sample), but do not try to provoke sympathy for you. You do not need to have a profile of a poor student but a motivated one to move mountains with the help of a scholarship.

Exemplification Essay Examples

As the name suggests, an exemplification paper is fully about providing examples on particular subjects. You add examples just as supporting material to clarify an established generalization. The key to mastering an exemplification essay is to use enough detailed examples of a subject to help a reader get rid of misunderstanding regarding it. It means that you act as a dictionary, but a more detailed one.

As of now, you can find an exemplification essay sample with brief and comprehensive examples. Brief example papers are usually assigned to younger students to check how they understand the studied terminology or subject. More comprehensive examples are used to illustrate more complex ideas and subjects and assigned to middle/high-school students.

How to approach exemplification essay outline?

  • You have to come up with an interesting topic. For example, ask yourself – What generalization do you want to exemplify? You can pick something like this – How do animals interpret human speech? What are the happiest nations in the world? Naming the predator plants, What are seashells made of? Or, just relate to your subject or ask for some recommendations from your professor if applicable;
  • Determine the purpose. Decide alone what you want to deliver to a reader or whether you want a reader to acquire the desire to learn more about your written subject;
  • Determine your audience. In simple terms, think about how your audience can feel about you generalizing certain objects. Whether it may offend them or not;
  • Make a list of examples in the outline. It might be anecdotes, facts, statistics, and other materials that support your exemplification.

Please do ensure you understand the difference between exemplification and definition essays. Because the first one is intended to support the terms/objects/phenomenons with examples, while the latter one is focused only on providing the definition of them.

Extended Essay Examples

Extended essays are typically assigned to students at the end of the year. IB extended essay examples will involve around 4,000 words with a proper structure, but with a topic of your own choice. Most students tend to write them on literature or history topics because they have a lot of research and analysis around them. Yet, you can always pick a topic related to other subjects which you love the most or which are applicable. For instance, with science topics, you have an option to organize some kind of experiments to show more evidence and arguments. If you study Maths, you can dedicate extended essay format and structure to solving one or another arithmetic problem.

Nowadays, there are several established criteria that you should follow while writing extended essays. Based on the new guidelines (dated back to 2016), they are the following:

  • A research question
  • A cover-page
  • A table of content
  • An introduction
  • A main body
  • A conclusion
  • A bibliography

All the above-mentioned parts should be included on an obligatory basis.

Then, even by overlooking an extended essay sample, you should understand that the writing will always be supervised. It means that each student assigned to such papers has a mentor who double-checks the work and gives recommendations. For example, once you finish the introduction, you give feedback to a mentor. If approved, you move to the main body. If not approved, you work on redoing it all. On most occasions, you can alone choose the mentor in your educational establishment. For example, one subject may be taught by several professors. You can pick one even if they are in charge of another group. During the process of writing an extended essay, you can also change the mentor if you believe something is going wrong, and you do not find them helpful.

College Admission Essay Examples

A college admission essay may resemble a scholarship essay, however, it carries another purpose. With scholarship essays, you focus on getting funds to cover the tuition fees, while admission essay examples demonstrate that you just seek a chance to enter the educational establishment. A college or university might have huge competition for certain specializations, so you have to show the admission committee that you are the one who they look for.

Otherwise, educational establishments may simply require college admission essays as a part of the application. It can be your CV or brief biography of you as a student.

When checking all online college essay examples, you can see that structures do not differ much from other papers. There are always introductions where you speak of your name, age, area of residence, a goal for pursuing one or another career, or education, as well as some catchy hook to why choose you. Then, it is the main body where you provide a reader with a detailed explanation of what you can contribute to college, or what you have contributed to previous education facilities. Then, you can also describe your strength, skills, or personal experiences that stand you out from others.

To help yourself while writing a college admission essay, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why me?
  • Why did I choose this college/university?
  • Why should I study exactly this subject?
  • What are my career goals?

Since it is an essay about you, you write using first-person narration. Yet, try to avoid starting every sentence with I, I, I. Try to make it more diverse in terms of language expressions, and some kind of linkers to help a reader understand what you stand for. Then, do your best to avoid slang and too emotional language. You should focus on the facts about yourself, rather than any pity.

Diversity Essay Example

A diversity essay is crucial for the college admissions process. Nowadays, one or another college may ask a student to submit either a personal statement or supplemental essay. The personal statement is your main focus where you explain who you are, and what you really care about. It stands for 500 words on average. The supplemental essays are school prompts that involve around 100-400 words only, and they are used to assess your fit for the applied educational establishment. What is the connection to diversity essays? Some colleges allow students to submit a diversity essay alongside those two to boost their chances. It stands for a better understanding of your persona. You have to show your exclusive skills, backgrounds, or just strengths that are hard to meet with other people.

For instance, a common diversity statement sample may hint you how to present your unique family background. Let’s pretend you come from a very secret or undeveloped community, and you just want to share your culture with other students. Or, during your life, you acquired such skills that can be found only with military people or spies, no jokes. It can be everything that radically differs you from other students. But, the purpose of such a paper will be to show your willingness of educating them to others or contributing in one or another manner.

On the other hand, let’s say that if you believe you are a pretty ordinary person with no extraordinary description, it does not mean you cannot be classified as a super diverse person.
Just think about yourself taking into consideration such things as interests, hobbies, talents, perspectives, values, opinions, experiences, languages, family, personality traits. Maybe you are the one who has the ability to learn several languages simultaneously, and end up with advanced levels of them within two months, why not?

Alice Farmer Top-10 Writer at
For people who have any particular values or personality traits, it can be really hard to write about these things. Different reasons force them to keep personal details silent, but we can help you deal with that uncertainty and hesitation to write a great diversity essay and increase your admission chances. We’ll be really glad to assist you without any additional questions.

Explanatory Essay Example

An explanatory essay is a piece of academic writing where you present some point of view or opinion on a certain subject, event, situation, or experience. They are pretty the same as expository papers. Upon dealing with the explanatory essay format, you should understand that there is no obligatory rule of agreeing with the point of view you are writing about. Your single goal is to report a certain situation and offer a reader an analysis of it. You can operate on other opinions too, because the more evidence and facts are, the better.

It is also crucial for students to avoid any type of criticism or biased statements. The same concerns some kinds of persuasions which are unnecessary. Do remember that as the name of the essay suggests, your task is to explain something. While it is up to a reader to agree with your explanations or refer to other sources. However, do your best to provide detailed explanations, or what’s the point of your writing?

Usually, the author of the explanatory essay decides upon a set topic and then approaches the issue from a specific angle. In most cases, this angle is complicated and gives room for discussion. The author presents a point of view of his or her choice that fairly explains why a certain outcome was reached.

The explanatory writing examples may go around the following:

  • Defining Friendship or Relationships. You provide some considerations on a chosen topic without any biased arguments;
  • An ideal job for me. Explain what you think of the best job where you can contribute your skills the best?
  • An Admirable Person. We all have role models, and you can dedicate this paper to explaining what such a person should have;
  • An ideal vacation. The same as other things, you can explain what stands for the best vacation.

As for the explanatory essay format, there will be an introduction, main body, and conclusion. You will need to format it double-spaced, in Times New Roman with no italics. Everything is standard.

Personal Essay Examples

Today, a personal narrative essay may be assigned for a number of reasons. For instance, high school and college students write them for college admissions when they need to share some personal stories. Then, it can be a paper where you introduce yourself to fellow students during the first classes. Finally, it can be a great exercise for students who just resumed studying after summer where they speak of what changed about them during the vacation.

Speaking of its definition, a personal essay is an academic piece of writing that aims at describing important challenges or lessons gathered from a student’s life experiences. You can pick either one or several significant events but speak of them taking first-person narration style. Beyond that, they have a conversational tone that may enhance the connection between you and a reader.

How to write it properly?

  • Decide on your focus. You can speak of the significant challenges and their impact on your life. Ideally, you should describe the challenges which you have managed to overcome because they indicate that you know how to deal with struggles;
  • Create the outline with the key ideas for the paper. Since your main body is most likely to have at least 3 paragraphs, ensure to dedicate each 1 your situation, event, or again challenge;
  • Use linkers and academic expressions. Instead of repeating simple I, I, I, go for I think, I suggest, To my concerns, My personal opinion, My attitude;
  • Avoid slang. Even if slang is an inevitable part of your life, and it describes you the best, do remember that you write academically, and a professor will analyze and evaluate your writing skills;
  • Do not forget about editing and proofreading. Such papers are usually taken for granted when it comes to grammar and spelling. Because students again think that it is some kind of personalization. Nah, prior to submitting your personal essay, double-check it with the Grammarly service.

Process Essay Examples

A process essay is simply a how-to paper where you provide some kind of advice, instructions, or guidance on a particular thing. They are very common in educational establishments, but also in companies where employees are assigned them. For instance, you can be asked by your management to write a guideline on how to make a web design of the landing page. Or, at college, you can be asked by a professor how to write a dissertation within the shortest time possible. So, everything will depend on your requirements.

The key perk of such essays is that you should always remember about a particular order. Let’s pretend you write a recipe for a cake. If you miss mentioning the need for adding the eggs, the cake won’t be “fluffy”. If you forget to mention that after the introduction, a student has to proceed with the main body, a student will write a conclusion.

One or another process essay sample will definitely involve such phrases as “further”, “then”, “next”, “first”, “last”, “finally”, and “initially”. It is really important for them to provide a reader with the flow of thoughts. Other important criteria to comply with in your process essay are:

  • Smooth narration. Do not jump from one paragraph to another without concluding your ideas. The same concerns, do not jump to the main body if you did not narrate about your thesis and a hook;
  • Focus more on third-person narration. No need to repeat I, I, I. Always imagine in your mind the instruction that relates to YOU recommendations;
  • If possible, ensure to provide detailed descriptions of each step. While if you do not need to add more details to simple statements, no need to add watery information in pursuit of reaching a word count;
  • Do not copy-paste someone’s ideas. Such tendencies lead to plagiarism. Then, they lead to a poor grade. Then, they lead to poor self-esteem, and so on.

The best variant for you to remind yourself on how to write process essays is to refer to samples with this database. If you experience difficulties with the topic, you can borrow a topic too, however, ensure to do your own research.

Reflective Essay Example

The last description with examples falls for reflective essays. They stand again for an academic piece of writing where a student examines or reflects on their experiences in life. You can write about some challenges you have had before, situations that have changed the perception of your life, or particular things such as friendship, relationships among others.

Depending on the audience, the reflective essay sample may have different formats. For instance, a paper for a college will predetermine some writing techniques where you help a reader analyze your challenges, and experiences with you. While if you write such papers for a magazine, you have to always refer to journalistic requirements which may draw certain audiences’ attention the most. So, when you rely on a particular reflection paper example, ensure you are on the same wavelength with the writer.

Then, one or another reflection paper sample may be based on reflecting on theory. It means that you are asked to read a book, and then reflect your own ideas, and considerations on it taking into consideration the information from the previous researches, and reviews.

The best reflective writing example vocabulary stands for the following phrases:

  • For me, the most meaningful experience was when
  • At first, I questioned whether…and alternatively this might be because of
  • This means that
  • This is similar to…because
  • This makes me feel
  • As a next step, I need to.

Otherwise, do not forget about simple linkers used with other types of essays like Furthermore, Moreover, Beyond that, I suggest, I believe, I think among others.

When you are done with picking up the topic, and writing, you should not forget about the importance of editing and proofreading. Your own reflection on certain subjects is great, however, if that reflection is full of mistakes, my friend, you are in deep trouble. To not beat about the bush, use Grammarly or Hemingway services that help you correct grammar and spelling mistakes, alongside fixing hard-to-read sentences.

How to Understand Whether Examples Are Good?

With the database of essay-type examples, you can rest assured knowing that any pick stands for high-quality and error-free writing. Yet, since the samples and examples just serve one mission – to help you understand how an exemplification or classification essay may look, you should always stick to your own language style, analysis, and research. How to choose the best example:

  • First off, and obviously, you have to find the right type of essay you are currently assigned to. If you are assigned a definition essay, proceed with its above description and find the link to the database where examples may be found;
  • If possible, you can find the essays with the same topics you choose for yourself. Therefore, it will be even easier;
  • Overlook all the examples taking into consideration one’s style, tone, vocabulary, formatting. Then, you can check whether the essay involves some auxiliary materials like charts, graphs, quotations, real-life examples among others;
  • Try to make a list with the catchy phrases found within the essay, and write them down into your existing outline. After that, you can write them into a final draft. Note, it does not concern full sentences but only some phrases, and linkers;
  • Write down the theses from many essay examples, so when you proceed with your own thesis, you will have a basic idea of how to draw the reader’s attention.

If you experience some difficulties when it comes to the topics, you can find the designated database for them too, again covering all possible educational subjects and disciplines as well as their fit for different types of the essay.

Feel free to refer to this article about the most common types of essays, and their examples, which have been prepared by professional writing experts with years of experience. All the examples are error-free and do not contain any plagiarized sentences or examples. If you manage to find an example that fits your existing topic, and essay type, please do abstain from copy-pasting it because a professor will check your paper with a plagiarizing tool, while you will get a poor grade. For more guidelines, feel free to contact the customer support team, and be consulted on your requirements regarding school, college, and university assignments.

We’ve spent hours collecting all these examples, hints, and recommendations for you to use these materials as universal guidelines for your academic writing. We hope we haven’t missed a thing in describing how you can succeed with any type of essay. And remember, if you have a feeling that any particular topic is too much for you, just drop us a line, and together we surely can make it work.

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