How to Compose a Term Paper on Abortion?

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Posted on May 13, 2008

In biological terms, to abort means to expel a fetus during the early months of pregnancy or to check a disease or a condition during its early stages. As for abortion, the term means the premature birth of an embryo before it is capable of continuing life.

In some countries, abortion is known as a serious crime. It is considered a real murder, if it is allowed to be done intentionally as a life, which is not capable to be born still, is being eradicated with the help of medical expertise. At the same time, abortion can be also be caused by the carelessness of the mother or any accidental happening, when the mother is unable to secure herself or her baby. Sometimes, there is a situation when the mother’s life is in danger. As a result, the doctors recommend the mother and her relatives to abort the unborn baby in order to secure the life of the woman. If it is about securing a mother’s life, abortion is not considered a crime. However, in case the child is aborted for any unauthorized or illegal purposes, it is considered a criminal activity that is prohibited by law.

Most college and university students that major in medical sciences are well aware of the effects and causes of abortion. What is more, they also know about the precautionary measures that a woman should take after abortion. At the same time, they are also aware of the stages and needs of pregnancy. They know what every woman should follow during her pregnancy, but the truth is that a lot of women out there don’t know about the things to do and things to avoid during pregnancy. For that reason, both medical practitioners and students of medicine should write term papers on abortion in order to inform more and more people about abortion, its harmful effects, and the steps that a woman should take after her abortion.

Every country on the globe has different religious, cultural, and legal views on abortion. When it comes to the ethical principles of the issue, people also have different opinions on the removal of pregnancies. For example, some countries like Great Britain and the US have two completely different campaigns related to the pro-choice and pro-life points of view. In developed countries, abortion is officially legalized by their governments. At the same time, a lot of underdeveloped and developing countries do not allow women to do abortions and control every step taken by the medical workers.

Without a doubt, abortion is one of the most controversial issues in modern society. That is why when you’re assigned the task to complete a term paper on one, be ready to choose your side, provide your evidence, and be brave enough to defend your point of view. The topic of abortion includes a range of complex questions relating to not only medical, but also moral, ethical, religious, and philosophical issues concerning the termination of pregnancy before normal childbirth. Now, the question faced by medical students is how to write a term paper on abortion and get the highest scores?

First of all, let’s discuss how to outline a term paper on abortion. If you’re not sure about your writing skills, we recommend choosing a standard structure. Start with writing a thesis statement. It is a piece of information that sums up the key message of your project, as well as supports all of the points you’re going to include in your paper. For instance, your thesis statement might be as follows, “Abortions performed during the first trimester of pregnancy carry fewer risks to the health of a woman than delivering a baby at the end of a typical pregnancy” or “After fertilization, a tiny human individual is now alive with genetic uniqueness that never changes throughout her or his life. This little person has the right to live, and people have to protect this right.” Your thesis statement will help you provide your paper with a solid structure and ensure that you stay focused while writing a term paper. Make certain that your thesis statement concerning abortion is specific, strong, and arguable. As a rule, a thesis statement is a one-line answer to your abortion term paper question.

You have to properly introduce the topic of term paper on abortion. Your introduction should contain hooking information and a thesis statement that should reveal your point of view related to abortion. Typically, your thesis statement will be placed at the end of the introductory paragraph. Even though the topic of abortion is the one that grabs a lot of attention all over the globe, you have to make sure that your readers are interested in reading further once they’re done with the introduction. Use some impressive statistics, such as “In the United States of America, Wyoming has the lowest abortion rate that is 1.1,” “The highest abortion rate in the US is in the District of Columbia (32.7),” or “Less than one-quarter of 1% of all abortions cause major health complications.” At the same time, you can use some facts that your readers will find interesting: “When undertaken by a qualified medical worker in sterile conditions, the termination of pregnancy is one of the safest procedures performed in a hospital” or “The number of abortions is higher in countries where the access to contraception is highly limited.”

Your term paper on abortion should be simple and clear. If you make sure to expose your thoughts clearly and check the recourses like National Health Information Center, Everyday Health, Women’s Health, Healthy Women, everyone will be able to understand your term paper on abortion.

Divide your term paper on abortion into various sections, such as the introduction, the literature review, the effects, the adversities caused by abortion, the reasons for abortions, all legal conditions associated with abortion, your findings, various precautionary measures, the conclusion section, or any other part that seems suitable to you for inclusion in a term paper on abortion. Include only precise and accurate information in your term papers on abortion. Otherwise, your readers may question your professionalism and knowledge of the respective area.

To conclude your term paper on abortion, make sure to restate the main message of your project, and explain all the results that you have found during your research. Provide a brief summary of your findings, observations, and interpretations. At the same time, you have to discuss the limitations and strengths of your research. Finally, provide some suggestions for future research. You will definitely have some because the field of medicine is constantly evolving.

The section that contains references is a must for a term paper. In the bibliography section for your term paper on abortion, you have to provide a complete list of information sources in a proper citation style. If you’re required to provide an APA reference list, here’s how you should format it:

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