How to Write a Technology Term Paper: Easy-to-Implement Steps

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Posted on January 29, 2019

Struggling with your technology term paper? Most students are afraid of such assignments because of the stress connected with academic writing. In this article, you’ll find some useful technology term paper writing tips that will help you create a fantastic academic term paper with little stress and ensure an efficient writing process.

Follow these easy steps in writing a term paper on technology and you’ll overcome writer’s block and work more productively. We will guide you through the entire writing process and give some useful tips on editing and proofreading. Besides, you’ll find here 20 good technology term paper topic ideas that you can use for writing your own projects. Keep reading.

What Is a Technology Term Paper?

First, let’s discuss what type of academic assignment a technology term paper is. A technology term paper writing is a long essay or a report assigned to students to be written in a college course during a term. It’s a complex task that can help you develop analytical and critical thinking skills and learn to present your ideas in a concise and logical manner. It’s your opportunity to devote your time and think about the topic you are interested in detail and do it in a quiet and focused way. The basic structure of a technology term paper includes 3 parts: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

Choosing a Good Technology Term Paper Topic: Advice from Our Experts

If your instructor hasn’t assigned a specific topic for your term paper on technology, you should carefully consider what topic you would like to use. The best advice may be to pick a topic you enjoy because researching and writing is a long process and you will work with pleasure if you choose a topic that you are interested in. But first, you have to check online and in your school library to find out if there are enough resources available for doing research. Otherwise, you’ll need to select a different topic.

To help you get started, we have made a short list of amazing technology term paper topics. Look it through to get some ideas for inspiration and brainstorming.

  • How Is Digital Learning Changing Schools And Education?
  • Negative Effects of The Development of New Technologies;
  • Impact of the Advancements in Military Technologies on the Wars in The Middle East;
  • What Are the Most Important Programming Languages?
  • How Is Big Data Changing Biology?
  • Long-term Impact of Virtual Reality on Education;
  • Future of Cloud Computing;
  • How Can DNA Be Used For Storing Information?
  • Management of Large Amounts of Information in Data Storages;
  • How Are Technologies Changing the Way We Read?
  • Do Military Technology Advancements Make Our World Safer?
  • Why Is Texting Dangerous?
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution and IT;
  • What Makes People Addicted to Technologies?
  • Impact of Social Media on Family Communication;
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality Technologies;
  • Should Scientific Investigations on Humans Be Limited?
  • Coning and Its Influence on the Value of Human Life;
  • Approaches to Solving the Problem of Genetic Diseases;
  • Discuss Contemporary Organ Transplant Procedures.

When you have chosen a broad topic for your term paper, it’s critical to narrow it so it could fit the word count of your written project. For example, the topic reproductive technologies is too broad to cover it in a school or college term paper so you may write about the regulation of reproductive technologies or about ethical problems connected with infertility technologies.
You have to think about the concrete research question and decide what aspects of the topic you would like to explore. This step is very important and for good reason. Without a specific research question, you will not be able to stay focused while doing research and writing your term paper. If you don’t exactly know what you want to investigate, it will be difficult to develop your argument to the point. You should also think about the title of your term paper and make things even more concrete.

Doing Research and Making First Notes

Now that you have a clear question that you want to work on, you have to find relevant primary and secondary sources that you can use for writing your own paper. You can look for them in your school library or in online databases. Wondering what sources you can use? the commonly used resources include:

  • books that provide a detailed analysis of an issue;
  • reference books that give compiled information;
  • articles from scholarly journals with the latest information;
  • newspapers that can serve as primary sources and provide basic information;
  • authoritative websites that offer the quickest way to find relevant information.

Make notes as you read about your topic. Jot down the key points that can help you organize your argument. It’s better to write in full sentences so that you could understand what you wrote and why it’s important when you start reviewing your notes later. You will need to reread your notes at the planning stage. If you plan to use some ideas for direct citing or paraphrasing, write down all the necessary information about your sources (author’s name, title, the year of publication etc.). It will help you make the list of your sources on the references page.
As you read your secondary sources, you have to evaluate them and decide how they can be helpful for writing your technology term paper. Your research question will serve you as a guide in choosing the right literature on your topic.

Making an Outline

After you have read lots of credible sources on your topic, it’s time for brainstorming in order to create an outline for your technology term paper. You can use such techniques as clustering and mind-mapping to come up with interesting ideas.

Try to make a detailed outline for your writing project because it will guide your writing and help you save a lot of time and overcome writer’s block. Having an outline, you will know exactly what you want to write about so it will be possible to start writing your term paper from any section. When making your outline, you may find out that you lack ideas for your term paper and you will need to do additional research.

You should also organize your notes and quotes to determine how you can use them to support the key points in your outline.

Writing a Draft

You have done a lot of pre-writing work so you can get started and put your thoughts down on paper. You can start writing any way you like – by writing an introduction or by writing in the middle. Start with a portion of your technology term paper that you know well. Don’t think about spelling, sentence structure or other formal aspects of writing – just write. You will organize your ideas later.

No one can write a perfect first draft – you will need to revise your notes several times, making necessary changes and improving the content and the logic. That’s why you should save all your notes and versions. Be ready that you can get stuck at some point so instead of staring at the blank screen of your computer, start writing any other portion of your paper you feel comfortable with.

Here are some tips on how to write essential parts of a technology term paper.


Writing an introduction can be a frustrating experience so you’d better write it when you have finished your body paragraphs. Then you’ll know exactly what your technology term paper is about so it will be easier to introduce your topic and grab your audience’s attention.

You should start your introductory paragraph with an interesting quote, an odd fact, impressing statistics or a story. You need to present your research question/thesis statement and describe your approach by explaining the topic and the structure of your paper. Writing a strong thesis statement is important for a number of reasons:

  • It helps you stay focused and clarifies your ideas;
  • It provides a unified structure for your technology term paper;
  • It serves as a hook for your topic sentences;
  • It can be revised if you get new evidence and refine your arguments.

Here is an example of a thesis statement for a technology term paper on genetic testing:

‘Genetic testing has potential benefits for people, providing much -needed explanation for an illness and helping doctors determine the most effective course of treatment.’


The body of your term paper is made of different sections and subsections. Each chapter of your paper should have a title.
When writing each section, you should formulate a question or a specific topic that you want to cover in it. Then you need to write paragraphs that will give an answer to your question, provide an argument for your thesis statement or present the content of your technology topic.

Remember: each body paragraph has to present one idea and develop it in a coherent form through the logical order of its sentences. You have to state the main idea of each paragraph in a topic sentence which typically comes at the beginning of the paragraph. And one more thing – in an academic text, paragraphs never consists of a single sentence.
Your statements should be concrete and you should prove or illustrate them with relevant quotes from primary and secondary sources. To avoid plagiarism, you must cite the sources for all your quotes. This is true for direct quotes and for summaries and paraphrasing as well.

To help your readers follow your argument, you need to give short summaries at the end of each section and use transitions to show relationships between different parts of your academic paper. Don’t forget to inform your readers where you are going.


When the body of your technology term paper has been completed, you need to create a conclusion, putting the results of your research together in a short summary. Besides, you have to draw a conclusion from the results of your research. You can also make suggestions about the further implications of the research you have made.


Create a bibliography page and include all the sources that you have quoted, summarized or paraphrased in the text of your technology term paper. You have to organize your references page according to the citation style specified by your professor (MLA, APA or other).

Revising a Draft

When your rough draft is complete, you should review it from your reader’s point of view. You have to think of your term paper as a whole and check the logical order to ensure that your readers can easily follow your argument and will not have to guess anything.

Next, you should read your technology term paper sentence by sentence and edit the content, style, and formal aspects. Make changes to improve the logic in your paragraphs, fix mistakes in word choice and in verb tenses. Finally, you should check the documentation to ensure that your term paper is formatted properly and meets the requirements of a specific formatting style. You need to make the necessary adjustments until you are satisfied with the logical flow and see that your term paper looks like a clear and concise prose.

Proofreading is the final step of the editing process where you have to focus on correcting minor grammar errors, misspellings, and punctuation mistakes. It’s the process of polishing your final draft and making it flawless. It’s very important for making a good impression on your readers so you should devote enough time for doing it.

Editing and Proofreading Tips You Can’t Skip

  • Put your technology term paper aside for some time. You won’t be able to edit and proofread your paper properly if you have just finished writing and you can skip over lots of errors;
  • If you have enough time, you should edit and proofread your term paper in several short blocks of time. It’s difficult to focus your attention if you work too long, trying to edit and proofread the entire paper at one time;
  • Don’t rely completely on spelling and grammar checkers because they typically have a limited dictionary and work with a limited number of rules. They often make mistakes in identifying errors;
  • In order to stay focused, try to identify only one kind of mistake at a time;
  • An effective technique for checking the spelling is to read your paper backward sentence by sentence. You can also read out the text of your technology term paper loud to hear how the words sound together.
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